Crash gambling was first released in the mid-2010s, and since then, it has become the most-played online casino game. The crash games are based on cryptocurrency principles. You can bet with digital coins and enjoy secure gambling. Unlike traditional casino games where they’re prone to being manipulated, it is not possible for players to manipulate crash gambling. Therefore, crash gambling is associated with big wins and devastating losses. This is why it is necessary to play the game responsibly.

In this article, we will discuss crash gambling and the smartest way to play crash games.

A Brief Overview of Crash Games

Crash gambling is a type of online gambling which has been in trend for many years. Casino players have made a major switch from regular casino games to crash games due to their thrilling and exciting gameplay. Crash gambling game is the most fast-paced game compared to other casino games. The game rounds are rapid and quick with nerve-racking experience. The player never knows when the game will crash.

The players have to bet on the trajectory of the rising crash multiplier. The ultimate goal of the game is to cash out the earnings before the multiplier crashes. The player has no idea of what will happen in the game, and it is completely unpredictable. The crash games are based on Provably Fair RNG. But, at times, the players who wait longer can crack a massive win with high multipliers rewards. Crash gambling is a game of nerves; all you can do is make a timely payout or play strategically by taking risks.

The best thing about crash games is all the payments/transactions are made with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the players will enjoy enhanced security and privacy while playing the crash games without worrying about their funds and personal details.

History of crash gambling

The roots of crash gambling come from traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Dice, etc. It is a new and upgraded addition to the online casino gambling world. The first online crash betting game was released in the year 2015. The crash games were the ones that gained popularity in less time. It started spreading to different regions across the world, attracting expert gamblers.

The reason behind its historic popularity is due to its fast-paced gameplay and chances of winning massive cashouts. Now, there are top-rated crypto casinos offering crash games on their site. Since its invention, its popularity has driven so high that every casino site offers access to crash gambling.

What are the types of crash gambling games?

There are two major types of crash gambling games such as traditional crash games and online crash games. There are no significant differences between traditional and online games. Gamblers have their own preferences for choosing crash gambling. Let’s discuss the crash game types in detail.

Traditional Crash Games

The traditional crash games involve a physical machine where the multiplier generates. The players have to place bets on the multiplier’s outcome. The game will crash when the multiplier reaches the predetermined threshold. Examples of traditional crash gambling games are “Fish Hunter” and “Cherry Master.”

Online Crash Games

Online crash games are similar to traditional crash games. The major difference is everything occurs entirely online. Here the multiplier is generated based on RNG – random number generator. The game will crash when the multiplier reaches the pre-programmed height or odds. It is completely unpredictable, like the traditional games. The top examples of online crash games are Aviator, Plinko, etc.

How to play the crash games smartly?

BTC365 Crash Casino Online Bitcoin Casino
BTC365 | Best Online Bitcoin Crash Casino

Crash games hold the potential risk of losing earnings as the multiplier can crash anytime. This is why the players need to play smartly. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with the online gambling world to enjoy crash gambling. Playing rightly will help you to minimize potential harm. Here are some of the smart tips to play crash gambling responsibly.

Set down the limits

Many players do not set limits and play rigorously, risking their entire ban roll. It won’t take much time to empty your account if you do not manage your bet limits. Beginners must especially learn to set limits on their bet size. Moreover, it is necessary to limit the time and money you are willing to spend on crash gambling. Set a certain limit, follow it in every game round, and avoid exceeding it. It will keep you satisfied with good earnings and minimize loss.

Never chase losses

Players practice chasing their losses, but not always will it work in your favor. It can lead to more potential losses at times. When the player tries to recover the losses by increasing their size, it can lead to more significant losses. It won’t take much time to empty the bankroll, and you won’t reach minimum winning chances at times. So, the players must accept that loss is a part of online gambling, and you cannot recover it every time. It is better to take a break and play the next round responsibly. 

Know when to walk out from the game

This is the most important part of crash gambling. The player must know when to cash out and leave the game. Rather than waiting with the hope of reaching the highest multiplier, it is better to pay out and move. Also, the players must recognize when to stop, and it doesn’t matter whether you are on a  series of winning streaks or a series of losses. Walking away will help to prevent losing money and being addicted to the game.

Always play in control

Concentration and focus are necessary for crash gambling. It doesn’t matter whether you switched to auto cashout or auto bet option. It is important to concentrate and keep an eye on the multiplier. Avoid playing crash games under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It can harm your decision-making abilities and lead you to lose your concentration. Therefore, always play in control to avoid losses.

Seek help when necessary

Do not hesitate to seek help when you are confused with the game. It is better to take gambling tips from expert players. The online casino platforms have customer support centers to help players and guide them. Educational resources, for example, blogs section, are also available to better understand different types of casino games. Beginners can go through them before starting the game.

Moreover, there is a lot more to learn in the free-play version. It is similar to the crash games with all the features readily available. Moreover, if you feel online gambling is turning into a problem, reach out to professional help for support.

Make Your Crash Gambling Journey Worth Playing at BTC365

Want to start and enjoy your crash gambling experience? Then, let’s start with the most promising crypto-gambling platform, BTC365. It can help you experience a great gambling journey with its exciting offers. It is a new-age online gambling platform with various casino games.

It offers casino slots, tables, and crash games. As the games are completely based on cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies will not be needed. It is the best way to start crash gambling in a secure environment. There is no involvement of third parties for transactions, so there will be no extra charges.

BTC365 accepts different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT for payment. The platform is soon going to add other digital coin payment options in it. All the transactions are safeguarded in blockchain technology.

The BTC365 mobile app is now functional to start crash gambling in a seamless user experience. With the rising number of smartphone gamblers, the platform has brought a super user-friendly app. The website is hassle-free and responsive to mobile devices like smartphones and other browsers.

The BTC365 crypto-gambling platform was developed by Kamchiya Technology Ltd in 2021. It is further regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro. Therefore, the platform ensures high security for its users. BTC365 has partnered with top gambling providers to offer crash games and their free versions. So, you can begin your crash gambling journey seamlessly here.

Explore the fascinating bonuses and promotional offers by BTC365

The BTC365 has plenty of bonus offers and rewards for the players. It will help the players enjoy their crash gambling journey more excitedly by driving the winning chances. These rewards will boost your earnings. Here is the list of rewards and special offers provided by BTC365.

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

Welcome Bonus and Mobile Sign-Up Offer

The BTC365 welcome offers are for newly registered players. After making a minimum deposit of 0.0005 BTC / 0.5 mBTC, the new players will get access to the welcome bonus. They will get the bonus for the next four deposits. Without a deposit, you cannot trigger bonus offers. With this offer, the bonus can reach up to 0.015 BTC. You can use this amount to play the crash games. The platform also offers a sign-up offer for new players who download the mobile app to register their accounts. You can win up to $5 in this offer.

Promotional Offers and Free Spins

The users have to subscribe to the YouTube channel and like the video, and write a positive comment on it. Then, the user has to screenshot the proof and send it to the team. After verification, the player can earn up to 8888 USDT bonus to play crash games. BTC365 also offers free spins after the initial deposit. The players can get up to 50-150 free spins.

Weekly Deposit Bonus

You can get an extra 3,500 USDT weekly bonus. For example, on a deposit of 10,000 USDT, players can receive 3,500 USDT weekly on the following Monday.

50% Renewal Bonus

BTC365 offers a 50% Renewal Bonus. This offer is for the existing players on the platform. The player can earn up to 50% of their next deposit. They can earn up to 150 USD.

Register at BTC365 to Start Your Crash Gambling Journey

To start your crash gambling journey with cryptocurrencies, BTC365 will be the best online gambling platform ever. It is the most emerging crypto casino platform to explore various crash games. Your crash gaming experience will reach heights of excitement on this platform. To register a player account successfully, follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official BTC365 site or download its mobile application. You can choose any sources to download and play crash games based on your preference.
  • After entering the site, go to the Register option on the home page to proceed with the registration process.
  • The platform will ask you for the necessary details to register your account. Fill in the required details accurately along with it and read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
  • Then proceed to click on the register button to create your account. Within a few seconds, you will enter the site as a player.
  • Make your first deposit to start your crash gambling journey. The site will ask you for a minimum deposit. You will also get a welcome bonus, rewards, and offers to boost your gambling journey.
  • Move to the crypto games section to explore the crash games. You will find top-rated crash games such as Aviator, Mines, Goal, Dice, etc. We recommend you play in the free-play mode before playing with real money.


Crash gambling is a fun and thrilling way to experience online gambling. All you need to learn to master the game. The players should know the smart tactics before entering this gambling world. BTC365 is the right choice to get top-notch crash gambling experience. Join today and start your crash gambling journey with the platform.


Q1. How addictive is crash gambling?

It is unfair to say crash gambling is not addictive. Crash games can be highly addictive, but it depends on the players. It varies from player to player how they respond to their outcomes and play responsibly. This is why the crash casino sites warn every player to play responsibly. Players can easily get addicted, especially beginners. Therefore, it is important to practice playing crash games with the right gambling habits. The players can also seek help if necessary.

Q2. Can players win real money in crash gambling?

Yes, crash gambling is all about betting real money and winning. The players place bets with real money and cashouts in time before the game crashes, winning mass cash prizes. With the chances of winning real money, there are also potential risks of losing money. Therefore, the players are advised to play carefully and cash out before the unpredictable crash.

Q3. How high can the multiplier reach in crash games?

The multiplier in crash gambling can reach too massive a height beyond your expectation. It can rapidly increase from 2x to 100x before the crash. It is challenging to predict how high the multiplier can reach. In some rare cases, the multiplier also reached 500x, resulting in high returns for invested players. For example, players who invested 0.1 BTC have received 50 BTC.

Q4. How to minimize the losses in crash gambling?

If you notice continuous losses in crash gambling, you can minimize your loss with the right strategy. It is better to set limits on your bet size every time. Follow the habit of crashing out earlier rather than waiting too long for the multiplier to reach a certain height. The crash is the ultimate reason for losing all your earnings. To minimize loss, you can use the crash game strategies such as Martingale, anti-Martingale, D’Alembert Strategy, Fibonacci Strategy, etc. Also, take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by online casino platforms.

Q5. What is the logic behind the crash gambling algorithm?

The crash gambling algorithm merely determines the results of the gaming round and the probability of the multiplier reaching the odds.