Do you want to explore the Aviators game to the fullest? Then, it’s time to understand how the game works with tactics and tricks. The aviator game is the most popular crash casino game by Spribe among beginners and expert gamblers due to its simplicity and great chances for large wins. Moreover, the game offers multiple betting options for the players.

This is an image of Spribe Aviator Free Game on BTC365, the best crash casino.
Spribe Aviator Free Game on BTC365

The Aviators game was released in 2019. It didn’t take much time to be available on casino platforms. It has reached the heights of popularity in no time. Aviator games soared among the top gaming charts in a few weeks. It has become entertainment for the new generation. Here we have brought a complete overview of aviator games. Going through the below sections, you will get an insight into how to play the aviator game online and enjoy potential winnings.

What are Aviators Games?

Aviator Game is one of the leading crash casino games. It is also known as a plane crash game or rocket crash game. The game features flying aircraft which can crash at any time after reaching heights. The crash is completely unpredictable. The key components of aviator games are speed, time, and luck. It was developed by Spribe and introduced in early 2019. The best thing about aviator game online is you can win huge cash in seconds.

Today, the game is available on top-rated casino platforms which have introduced crash gambling on their sites. The players can place aviator game bet with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in this game. Apart from winning big, there are also chances of losing earnings when the players do not follow timely cashout. Before the plane crashes, the player has to cash out their winnings.

The players are advised to try the demo version of aviators games. In the free-play mode, the players will understand the game well, along with its strategies. The beginners will get a clear idea of how the experts are utilizing the tricks and hacks to master the game.

Moreover, the real money aviators game comes with great in-game features. It offers open in-game chat with players, provable fairness, options for doubling bet size, and avail bonus offers.

How Does the Aviators Game work?

As we already discussed, the aviator game belongs to the crash category. Here we brought the answer to the frequently asked question – how does aviator game work? The game is based on RNG- a Random Number Generator algorithm. Random outcomes are generated based on the mathematical valuation and strategies which determines the winning chances. In the Aviator crash game, the plane takes off and flies higher until it crashes or flies away from the game screen. The higher the plane flies, the higher the initial bet amount goes.

The player has to place a bet on predicting how high the plane will fly before it crashes. To win the bet, the player has to cash out the earnings at any time before the game is over or the plane flies away.

How to Bet on Aviator Crash Games?

Betting on an aviator crash game is very simple and easy. The player has to decide their initial bet amount for a particular round. If the player decides to place multiple bets, they have to add a wager and repeat the process.

The bet size can range from USD 0.01 to USD 100 or a selected cryptocurrency. When you enter the plan, you can see hundreds of players placing bets. The results of the other players will be clearly visualized in the left corner of the screen.

The player is instructed to watch the progress of the flight carefully. They have to cash out before it crashes. The game odds shown at the crash time are the highest multiplier you would have reached with your winnings. It is usually decided by the multiplier during the time of cashout.

Expert Tips for Aviator Game

The players must follow some essential expert tips to win large amounts of money on bets. Here are the tips suggested by top gamblers to master the aviator game.

Always start with low stakes

The players should always start with low stakes. Large bet amounts can cost you more and gradually empty your bankroll. To avoid this, it is suggested to start with low stakes with real money. You can increase the stake when you start understanding the aviator game well.

Play the demo version or free play mode

Beginners must start with free play modes available on the casino platforms. This will help the players to practice before using real money.

Play Aviator Crash Game For FREE

Keep track of wins and losses

The players should always keep track of wins and losses. It will help to adjust the gaming strategies accordingly. Some strategies can lead to loss when used continuously, while others will work gradually and help you win big.

Understand to walk away

The player must learn when to leave the game. Control your emotions and secure your earnings to cash out immediately.

Take help from experts

In the game arena, there are hundreds of players. Ask for their suggestions in the live chat to help maximize the earnings. You can also take help from the casino staff on the platform.

Read the rules before placing a bet

Every crash game gambling has a set of rules to understand well. The players must understand the rules by going through them thoroughly before placing bets. 

Take advantage of rewards and bonuses

The casino platforms offer promotions, rewards, and bonuses to maximize the winnings.

Keep an eye on the odds

The players should be aware of the odds while playing the Aviator crash game. It helps to give an edge over the house.

Set a budget for every session

The player has to set a particular budget and stick to it. Never overspend your budget on high stakes.

Exclusive Features of Aviator Games

Provably Fair

The provably fair feature is introduced to ensure unbiased results. The games’ cryptographic technology doesn’t let any third-party software enter the game. Hence, it guarantees the player 100% fairness in the result. Moreover, it uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) program to determine the crash outcomes of the plane.

Live Statistics

This feature lets the player get access to real-time updates. With the help of the feature, the player can access the history of past players and their bets. It will appear on the screen in three forms – All Bets, Your Bet, and Top Bet. All bets include winnings and wagers of all the players. The Your Bet features your bet and its details. The Top Bet feature shows the top daily, monthly, and yearly winnings with the multiplier.

Play Aviator Games on the Best Crash Gambling Site

Want to make your casino crash gaming experience more feasible with great features? BTC365 is the widely chosen crypto gambling platform to enjoy crash games. Besides, the players get a chance to explore live casino games and place bets on Esports. BTC365 is considered a unique platform than others because of its Token Pool profit-sharing system. The players will also get entry to the VIP system with rewarding incentives.

While you place bets with real money at BTC365, the tokens will be generated. The tokens will be exchanged with other cryptos. You can use the Token to bet on casino games. Moreover, the BTC365 developers have introduced three mobile applications: Android, iOS, and H5. Now, every player can enjoy gambling with a hassle-free experience.

The platform offers an open blog section where you can learn about their games and find the latest updates on the site. The section will help you to learn strategies and play the games. Therefore, BTC365 will be a great platform to play aviator games. Join the platform today and explore the games.

Enjoy Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards at BTC365

BTC365 offers exclusive promotional bonuses and rewards for the players. It will be the best platform to explore your favorite crash games, like aviator games. The new users are greeted with a welcome offer. The existing users have limitless rewards and incentives to discover in their gambling journey. Here are the offers available on the site.

Promotion Offers

To get promotional offers, the players have to subscribe to the official channel of the platform – BTC365 Coin Toss YouTube. Like, comment, and share to get promotional offers of free bets. Players can win till 8888 USDT bonus.

Welcome Bonus Offer

The new players will win a bonus code after their initial deposit with a 100% match bonus. A minimum deposit of 0.5 BTC is a must to get the offer. Apart from this, the player will also get incentives to use aviator games. Free spins are also available on the first deposit. The platform also offers free spins on the initial deposit. The welcome bonus is accessed after finishing the registration process.

Other Offers

Apart from the promotions and welcome offers, the BTC365 platform offers other rewards such as free spins, seasonal promotions, cashback programs, reload bonuses, dividend pools, a VIP program club, and many more. In the gambling journey, the players will discover these offers. Subscribe to BTC365’s weekly newsletter to get updates. It also offers bonuses like a 50% Renewal Bonus on Sports and a 50% reload bonus. You can sign up for its mobile application to get a free bet worth USD 5. It can be used in the Aviators game rounds.

Sign up today to get these offers and bonuses on the platform. 

Register at BTC365 to Play Aviator Game

The registration process for BTC365 takes only a few minutes. The new joiners can easily create an account and enjoy online casino games. Here are the simple steps to follow for registration.

  • Go to the official BTC365 site or download the mobile application.
  • After landing on the homepage, click on the Register option.
  • Fill in the details as instructed and proceed further for successful registration. 
  • Next, it will take only a few seconds to enter the online casino gaming world.
  • You will find the Crypto Games section on the home page. Click on that to explore the crash games.
  • The Aviator game by Spribe will be available at the top. Enter the game and try the free-play version before playing on real money.


The Aviators game is one of the first among the other crash games. Every feature in the game is quite simplistic, with great gaming features. Remember that the game seems simple, but winning is not easy. This is why the players must follow and implement auto bet and cashout strategies to win the game. It offers an impressive experience with pleasurable games for longer gaming sessions. Compared to other crash games, it has the best graphics and gameplay.

Try the aviators game at BTC365 to witness an exciting and flexible gaming experience. The bonuses and promotions available on the platform will help to maximize your crash gaming winnings.

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How much can a player win in an aviators game?

The multiplier in the aviator game can range from 1x to 1,000,000x. It will differ per round based on the game feature known as Provably Fair technology.

Does the aviator game have any algorithm?

The aviator game uses the RNG algorithm – a random number generator. The algorithm lets the player determine when the plane will take off its upward path. The algorithm works from a server seed value and combines it with additional data to create a defined value.

What is the logic behind the Aviator games?

The aviator game is very simple and easy to learn. The player will enter a grid, where a plane flies up and across the grid. The logic is based on the random number generator, through which the plan gets higher up the grid. The initial bets will get multiplied when the plane flies higher. The player must cash out before the plane flies.

What is the secret behind mastering the aviator game?

The player has to double their bet size after each loss to win. This secret will work best while playing with real money. The Fibonacci method is a great way to maximize the winning chance with the Fibonacci sequence.

How long the Aviator Spribe game sessions take?

Aviator Spribe game sessions duration can range from 8 to 30 seconds. Due to its fast play nature, the player needs to be quick in placing bets or enjoy betting on “Auto Play” mode. The duration range can vary according to the player’s skill and reflexes.