This is an image of Aviator game, a famous crash games online.

The arena of cryptocurrency gambling is now a trend, and people call it crash gambling. It is a form of online gaming where people can win 1000x or more money than they bet. Online crash games are popular today and are made available across major crypto casinos online.  

If you are new to this online gaming trend, then this is the right place to learn the right tactics for winning more in online crash games. Let’s take you through a complete guide on how to play crash gambling and take the right measures to win more.  

Crash Gambling 

Crash gambling is a crypto-connected game that allows you to create lines that should keep ascending. It resembles the same line that you find on trading or stock apps. All of the players will be betting on an increasing multiplier. The prime objective of crash gambling games is to cash out the profitable money before the multiplier crashes. If it crashes before the players cash out their money, all participants lose the round.  

The higher the risk, the more the reward. So, the longer you wait to cash out on this game, the more you can earn. Thus, this risk is what makes this game more thrilling in the arena of online gambling.  

How Do You Crash Gamble?  

For crash gambling, you must first register yourself on one of the best sites. When you are done registering, you will have options to either make singular or automated bets. As you already know, the longer you wait for the line to rise, the higher your profit might be. But, with the line ascending, it becomes a game with high stakes.   

As soon as the line starts ascending, the multiplier will keep increasing the return value. You can set an automated bet to ensure the app automatically cashes you out of the risk race. But, you can choose singular bets to participate in and decide your fate.  

For the first few days of crash gambling, you must closely observe the multiplier line on how it crashes. If you can understand the pattern or make strategic decisions that work, you can earn a lot from it.  

Famous Crash Games

There are various crash gaming sites today that offer impeccable features and bonuses for you to multiply your money exponentially. But you must choose the right site to ensure you place your bet on a safe and trusted platform. 

There are several gaming sites out there with ample crash games available for you to choose from. But to help you get the best experience, here are the three best crash games that are popularly played among online gamblers: 

  • Aviator
    It is a popular crash game that animates a flying plane instead of a simple multiplier line. In it, the plane is your multiplier, which starts flying at 1x and can reach amazing heights to 50,000x or more if you have the patience to hold onto it until it flies away from the screen.  
  • Plinko
    Plinko is an online crash game of chance, where the players will drop the balls down through the peg board. The ball will bounce and land in various slots, which will eventually determine whether the player is winning or not. It is one of the popular online crash games that can be played using cryptocurrencies.  
  • Magnify Man
    It is one of the greatest crash games ever made. It comes with a superhero theme. In it, the Magnify Man will start flying from the ground and will take the multiplier value to great heights until he vanishes away. Cash out before the superhero goes off the screen.  

Play Crash Games and Win Real Money 

Crash Games are easy to play; you just have to wait patiently for the line to ascend to a certain level. When you feel like the profit is justified by your investment and gaming ideologies, you can cash out immediately, and you will earn the profit.  

A multiplier line is all that you need to focus on! You can also automate your bets by setting the level when you want to cash out. So, it is one of the easiest ways to earn quick money. You don’t need to be skilled with stock trading strategies to be part of this game. All you need is a crypto wallet with some amount of currencies in it to get started with crash games.  

Crash Games Strategy – Aviator 

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

Game Algorithm
Aviator follows a game algorithm of a Random Number Generator. The animation will show a plane that takes off and continues to fly higher until it decides to go off the screen and out of sight. Hence, this is when the line crashes.  

Live-Bet Statistics
The hit ratio of this game is around 43%, which is stated as medium volatility. Moreover, it is a popular online casino game with a 97% RTP ratio.  

Useful Tips
Some of the tips that will be handy for you to play and win in this game are: 

  • Set a budget before you start with the game and don’t exceed it. 
  • Keep track of your wins and losses to manage the bankroll.  
  • Do not rush into making decisions; be patient while you make any move. 
  • You should always know when to quit to draw profits and minimize losses 
  • Use the bonuses and promotions to ensure you play the game with safe money.  

Aviator Game Session Duration
Each round of the Aviator crash game lasts an average of around eight minutes and thirty seconds.  

Minimum and Maximum Bet
You can start playing this crash game at a minimum bet of $0.10 and can bet a maximum of up to $100.  

Return-to-Player (RTP)
This online crash game has an RTP of 97%.  

Lowest Odds
The medium risk strategy over this game will lead the players to earn around 2 to 3 multipliers. The probability of a player getting this value is around 40%.  

Crash Games Strategy – Plinko 

This image is showing Plinko which is one of the famous online crash games.
Online Crash Games – Plinko

Game Algorithm
The game algorithm of Plinko follows the two-dimensional array with the height & width of the board under simulation. All values within the array display the slots between multiple rows of the pegs. It is an empty position that is represented as zero. The current position of the chip will be represented as one. The wider and longer the Plinko board will be, the higher will be the odds of getting unequal outcomes, even with the enormous magnitude difference between them to chips.  

Live-Bet Statistics
The chance of Plinko chips falling at the center is around 68.4%, whereas it is 13.5% and 2.2% for the left/right or extreme left/right ends, respectively.  

Useful Tips
The game is mostly based on luck, as the chips will be dropped randomly. But, if the chips are dropped from the top-end portion of the board and the middle, then there’s a high chance of your win. You must try inserting your chips always away from the center, considerably 3 or 4 spaces away.  

Game Session Duration
It takes 10 to 15 minutes for one whole round of Plinko to get over. But, it depends on the players and how patiently they drop their chips, which might extend or reduce the duration of one game session.  

Minimum and Maximum Bet
You can bet a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $100 for playing Plinko 

Return-to-Player (RTP)
The RTP of Plinko ranges between 93.48 to 96.48%.  

Lowest Odds
The lowers odds of winning Plinko are 1 in 3.97.  

Where to Play (BTC365) 

If you take suggestions on where you should play crash games, it will undoubtedly be BTC365. It is an extraordinary crypt casino with immense features for you to opt for. It is a popular crypto betting platform with sports, e-sports and live casino games on demand. Upon winning the bets over this platform, you get BTC365 tokens that you can later exchange for other cryptocurrencies or use for betting on the casino. It is one of the best hubs for playing crash games, with several bonuses and offers.  

Promo & Features  

BTC365 is a platform that has ample bonuses for its players. There are two welcome bonuses ready for the new registrations. Apart from that, there are reload bonuses that one will get when they reload their wallet for betting over BTC365. Not just that, but you will also get Free Bet offers over the platform.  

There is no direct registration bonus upon opening your account, but you can avail of one if you are downloading the BTC365 mobile application. You need to deposit $30 to avail of the bonus. Upon doing that, you will get a Free Bet of $5, which will come with an 8x wagering requirement. You need to wager the earned bonus money within the next thirty days, or else it will expire along with all the winnings that you have made out of it.  

If you are a new player on BTC365, you will get a welcome bonus of 100% slots. For this bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of at least $10 or 0.5 mBTC. Upon doing that, you will get a 100% deposit bonus, which can be a maximum of $200 or 6.6 mBTC. This bonus comes with a 20x wagering requirement on both the deposited and bonus amount.  

If you are not here to play the crash games but do sports betting, you are eligible for the special sports bonus. You must make the minimum deposit of $10 to get a 100% sports bonus. You will need to wager this for 20x within the next thirty days to avail of it. When you finish it, you will again get a bonus of $200, which you have to wager once again before it can be converted into real cash.  

How to Sign Up and Start Playing? 

Here are the steps for you to get started with playing crash gambling games over BTC 365: 

  1. Create an account- Download the app, and complete the sign-up process. You need to enter some basic personal details, such as name, contact details and other information. Once done, your account will be created, and you will be all set to get started with the game.  
  2. Make Your First Deposit- Now, depending on the bonus you want to avail, make the minimum deposit as specified. For playing crash games, you can use cryptocurrencies over BTC365.  
  3. Select the Crash Game- There are various crash games available over the platform, with different animations and traffic of players. You can choose your preferred option and get ready to play the game.  
  4. Get Started- The game will be running in real-time, so you can see your decisions turn around to give you profits. Use strategic investment ideas, and you shall get good returns.  


So, this is a brief understanding of how easy it is to play crash games and bring numerous profits to your account. You must be disciplined towards the game and know when to exit the bet and cash out the money. If you get hold of the pattern once, there’s no going back!  


Can you make money by crash gambling? 

Yes, you can make immense money by crash gambling in online casinos. With the multiplier strategy, this game can turn out to give you a lot of profits in a very short span of time.  

Where can I play the crash gambling games? 

There are various online casino sites out there offering you online crash games with various offers. But if you are looking for some awesome bonuses, then BTC365 can be your perfect pick.  

How does the crash game function? 

The rules are simple! Players are given the time to place their bets, and after the time expires, the multiplier line rises to a certain point and then crashes. The role of players is to cash out the money before the multiplier line crashes. If it crashes before you cash out, you lose your money.