This is an image of Aviator game, a famous crash games online.

With the technologies growing advanced day by day, gaming platforms are coming up with innovative ways to offer casino game enthusiasts new experiences. One such latest trend is crash gambling, which has taken the industry by storm. You can play crash games for real money by setting up a winning goal and cash out from the gamble by predicting the odds of when the bet would crash. Although it’s a simple game, much goes on behind its mechanism. So to predict the exciting odds, the player has to know how the algorithms work. Let’s learn more about online crash gambling games and the gambling odds.

What are Online Crash Games? 

Crash games are simple but unique games, unlike casino slot games. When a player sets a winning goal, the odds that he will accomplish it are inversely proportional. On the crash gambling free, you can see the results presented as a rocket or other figure on a graphical interface of the casino site similar to the trading sites, and the figure rises exponentially. Eventually, the rocket explodes, or the figure crashes.  

The player’s goal is to bet on the figure reaching an altitude equivalent to the desired outcome. It’s why the game is called ‘Crash gambling.’ While you need to cash out before the multiplier crashes, online slots give players chances to spin reels to match symbols to get rewards. Both involve different gameplay, strategy and odds. Majorly, crash gambling odds involve cryptocurrencies, which would offer more earning potential. So you must learn about the odds to make proper cash-out predictions.  

List of Famous Crash Games Online 


One of the most popular crash gambling games is Aviator. You can play this crash gambling free online in the demo mode without any registration and download to study the odds. It is known for offering a steady stream of winnings. In order to reduce the chance of cash losses, players use special formulas to calculate each move. This game’s major winning strategy is making small deposits to reduce loss risk.  

Most players use simultaneous betting, moderate, minimum and high-risk strategies. Minimum risk allows you to reduce the number of losses. The key to the moderate risk approach in Aviator is to catch multipliers of 3x to 4x, so you can get at least 40% more of your initial investment. The high-risk strategy involves getting a small one-off payout. Multipliers from 100x crash every 1.5 hours on average. Before actively betting, you should review the history of the last result 100x times an hour. Download the Aviator game to play the game.


Players would require tickets or cards to play keno which works like a lottery. The cards would have numbers ranging from 1 to 80 in squares. Players would select the numbers they want, which limits would rely on the game variants based on the keno chances. Then they can register the ticket and pay the appropriate amount for a bet. In the Keno pay table, you would know how much money you can make by correctly guessing a certain amount of numbers.  

Here the winning odds would refer to the chances of your selections matching the chosen numbers. You can improve the odds by refraining from going overboard with the choices. For instance, go with guessing eight out of eight selected numbers rather than eight right out of 15 selected numbers to get a higher payout. Calculating keno odds is easier if you have small-number selections.   


Crypto Plinko games are now one of the most popular casino games. As you play crash games for real money, Plinko can offer you a chance to win big prizes for crypto. Unlike crash gambling odds, improving crypto Plinko odds is quite easy. There is some interesting math behind the Plinko odds. You start with a triangle game board with many pegs. When playing Plinko, a piece is typically dropped at the top-center position and moves downward until it reaches the bottom of the game board. Read the comprehensive tactics behind playing Plinko before trying.  

What is the concept of Crash Gambling? 

Simply stating crash gambling involves a graph and changing betting crash gambling odds, which is quite simple to play. As mentioned above, if you bet small, there would be less risk; investing high would be a high-risk game. But in both cases, you will get highly rewarded when you cash out with improved odds. 

The game would start with a starting multiplier, i.e., usually, 1x. Then the graph line would grow at a random rate. Here the winning concepts involve players choosing a time to cash out before the multiplier gets crashed and all bets are gone. The multiplier would increase as players wait longer, but there would be a higher risk of a crash too. If you want to have more control over the bait, you can try out features like auto-cash-out or a buy-out option.  

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends. Players can learn to read the crash games odds to ensure positive returns in Aviator game.
Crypto Aviator Game

What to know about Crash Gambling Odds? 

Unlike other casino games, you can play crash games for real money to feel the excitement. This is a fast and secure game for entertainment and earning money. So it’s crucial to know the crash gambling odds, so you can cash out at the proper time. Whether it’s 10x or 10,000x, the player has to set his winning goal as per their desire. Visually, on the online casino platform interface, the multiplier figure or a spaceship would take off at an altitude of 1. Now you can see with every second, the spaceship would either gain altitude exponentially or explode. Here the pilot would specify the ejection altitude.  

The player will win the total of his bet if the altitude of the captain’s spaceship ejection is at the altitude of the player’s exit before the spaceship explodes. This is what is known as the odds. These crash games odds can vary depending on that specific game and the multiplier at the time the player cashes out. The platforms use algorithms in crash gambling games to ensure the odds are fair and random.  

Although you can correctly predict when a crash will occur, you can certainly decide on the odds at which to exit the bet. According to crash game odds, there is always about a 3% chance of crashing instantly, which means there are no payouts on that bet. But if you bet $1, you can have a 48,29% chance of winning $2.  

How to read Aviator odds? 

By reading the Aviator game crash gambling odds, you can learn the potential cash out for a specific bet in the game. The odds here are displayed as a multiplier, so to determine the cash-out, you need to multiply the bet amount by the odd multiplier. For instance, if you have placed a $10 bet with 2x odds, your potential cash out would be $20.  

How to read Plinko odds? 

You must know how to calculate Plinko odds to determine the success probability. In this game, the chips would move left or right at each peg with a probability of 0.5. A random generator would generate numbers between 0 to 99 to determine the odds. In case the number falls between 0 and 49, the chip will move left, and if the number falls between 50 and 99, the chip will fall to the right.  

How to read Keno odds? 

You must know the combinatorial function to comprehend Keno casino game-winning probability or odds. A keno game round’s result is greatly affected by the number of balls drawn and the number of numbers you selected. Moreover, your winning chance relies on the paytable of the game and the small number of winning combinations.  

There is no particular number that has better odds than any other number. In online keno games, a random number generator generates the outcomes. These generators offer results that are unexpected after giving each number a spot between 1 and 80 with the same winning odds.  

Play Free Crash Games and Win Real Money 

BTC365 can avail of your option for playing free crash games and winning real money. You have to create an account and go to the crypto game section. Select the free mode to play crash games for real money without risking your real money. Place your bets to start a gaming round. You will see with the round’s progress, the multiplier value is also increasing. Before the game crashes, you can cash out any time and win the corresponding odds value for your bet.  

Where to Play Crash Games? 

There are a plethora of options to play Crash gambling games online. But to choose a reliable online casino site, you must ensure that the platform is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority for safety and security. It should use encryption technology to protect your data. It should offer a variety of crash games to choose from. There should be a variety of payment options for your convenience. The platform should offer exceptional customer support. BTC365 has a reputation for offering a secure gaming environment for crypto games. So, you can play without risk and earn money faster.  

Promos & Features of BTC365 

By choosing BTC365, you can get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 200 USDT. Just click on apply the option to claim your welcome bonus after making your first deposit. Apart from that, new registers can get daily rewards for games.  

Sign Up process with BTC365 

Step-1: First, go to the BTC365 website and click on the “Register” option. 

Step-2: Provide your name, email address and other personal details to sign up.  

Step-3: Now, you can create your username and password for your account. Verify your email address. 

Step-4: Choose your cryptocurrency to make a deposit and start playing.  


For those who are handy with cryptocurrency and online casino game slots, crash gambling can offer them a fresh and exciting experience. You can start with the above-suggested games to get a feel of what to expect with the betting game and how it is different from online casino slot games.  

This involves a risky and rewarding gameplay mechanism and predicting the crash games odds to know when the crashing would take place. Now that you know how to wait for the odds, make sure to be too greedy for higher winnings, or you could lose your entire investment.  


Can you tweak the algorithm of a crash gambling game? 

No, players would not have any control over the algorithm of a crash game on the online casino website. Rather than placing bets and letting the websites run the betting course, players would not have any other form of algorithm interactions. The best is to learn how to read the crash games odds and game history to win the upcoming rounds.

Can you get a bonus for crash gaming? 

Yes, getting a bonus for playing crash gaming is perfectly possible. However, it depends on the online casino platform you have chosen. They may offer you a new player bonus, deposit bonus and additional rewards.  

Is it only possible to play crash gaming with Bitcoin? 

It depends on the crash gambling website you use to decide which cryptocurrencies it would accept. Bitcoin is one of the most popular among all cryptos that can be used. For more flexibility, check with the online crash gambling casino site about what other crypto coins or fiat currencies it would accept.