This is an image of Aviator game, a famous crash games online.

Are you fond of crash games? Do you like betting on an online casino game where the winning multiplier keeps increasing until the subject crashes? Well, find out the best Aviator game casino to help you win a good share winning percentage.  

This is an image of Spribe Aviator game on BTC365 - the best Aviator Game Casino

Aviator is one of the most liked crash games that draw the attention of most players. Here, the subject that elevates for increasing the winning multiplier is an airplane. It takes off and keeps flying until it vanishes off the screen or crashes due to some explosion.  

It is an interesting game with a high winning probability for the players. If you are searching for the best Aviator casino online to get started with the game, you have landed on the right post.  

In this article, we will be discussing not just the best Aviator casino sites online but will also be guiding you on how to play this game. Following that, you will also get a detailed insight into this famous crash game.  

Spribe Aviator – Real or Fake? 

Spribe Aviator is a real online casino game using 100% fair techniques. It follows the RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm, which uses genuine techniques to conduct each round of the Aviator game. Following that, the game also allows the players to view the statistics of older rounds to determine the winning multipliers.  

It allows the players to assess the genuineness of the game and determine how strategy and predictions work over the game. The players can assess the historical statistics to make their predictions on betting in the following rounds.  

A lot of active players are consistently spending time and money on Aviator. There are numerous reviews about the game online, which proves that the game is real! Spribe has even acquired official licenses to make this game legally available in most countries.  

And the countries that don’t have the license to play this game can still try their strategies to win big by betting with cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies are decentralized, there will be no legalization hassles.  

Rising Popularity in Online Casino 

People have been into casino gambling for more than a century. But, its popularity has only grown in recent years, especially with online casinos making their way into the lives of people. The online casino offers a lot of advantages to the players over traditional casinos, which includes the availability of more games, the convenience of spending less money and ample bonuses.  

Online casinos often keep introducing the newest games with attractive graphics and gameplay. Irrespective of the type of player you are, there’s always one or more games available for you over the online casino. The odds of winning online casino games are also better than traditional casino games.  

The payouts are also higher because online casinos have fewer overhead expenses than physical brick-and-mortar casinos. Thus, the chances of winning in online casinos are also higher! Hence, this convenient experience adds to the rising popularity of online casinos. And with the crash games such as Aviator being introduced in the market, the trend set for online casinos is crossing all bars.  

Where to Play Aviator Game? 

Aviator games can be played on online casino sites. With the increase in popularity, ample Aviator game casino options exist for you to choose from. To help you find it easy to choose, here is the list of the best casino sites you can out on: 

Casino Sites for Aviator Game 

Here is the list of 4Aviator game casino sites for you to count on: 

BTC365 is the market leader for online casinos, as it offers an exclusive range of crash games alongside all the other demanded gambling games. It is the best Aviator casino online in the crash games community due to its safe and fast payout features. 

It has a great user interface, and the team offers 24/7 customer support. Moreover, there’s a VIP program as well, where you get even more bonuses and benefits upon betting on specific games. Aviator is one of the most trending games of BTC365.  

Cloudbet offers eSports betting, sports betting and other such popular casino games. You can play Aviator with either USD, JPY or EUR.  

BC Game
BC Game is another casino online site that offers Limbo, its version of Aviator.

Lucky Block Casino
Lucky Block Casino is one of the newest sites that allows you to play Aviator online.

How to Play Aviator Game?   

There is very simple gameplay on how you can approach the Aviator game. Here are the rules and steps on how to play the Aviator game online: 

  • The Aviator game features an airplane that will take off once all players are done placing their wagers. Players can place two different bets on the same round to increase their winning chances.  
  • Once the betting round closes, the plane will take off. As it does, the multiplier alongside it will also increase consistently.  
  • Now, the players have the flexibility to cash out their winnings at any time. The longer the plane goes, the higher will be the multiplier. Thus, the winning amount will also be exceptionally high concerning the multiplier at which you cash out.  
  • Players must decide how long to hold onto their bet before cashing it out. The longer you wait, the higher the risk will be. The odds of winning will continue decreasing as the plane goes up.  
  • If the plane vanishes off the screen or crashes before you cash out your winnings, then you will lose on all your money.  

Every round of Aviator is unique, and you get a different outcome in each one of them thanks for “Provably Fair”. This technology guarantees 100% fairness of game result. The Aviator platform also has an auto-bet feature that helps you place the bet automatically, referring to the settings you implemented into it.  

This is an image of Spribe Aviator game on BTC365 which has Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out features

Apart from that, you also get the auto cash-out feature, where you set a multiplier limit upon reaching, and your wager will be automatically cashed out. It is one of the best ways to assist new players in maintaining a constant winning flow and to stock some profit cash for betting big in the long run.  

Spribe Aviator Hacks and Tricks

Even though the gameplay is quite easy with flexible rules, you still need some strategy to maintain a winning flow. The hacks and tricks of playing the Aviator casino game are as follows: 

Minimal Risk Strategy
In this strategy, you don’t chase the big winnings on a quick note. This strategy will ensure that you minimize the losses. The idea here is to set your cash-out period upon minimum possible multipliers, such as 1.2x or 1.21x. Continue until you have a good stock of funds to participate in bigger bets.  

Moderate Risk Strategy
There’s a 40% chance of winning with this strategy, where you will eye the 2x or 3x multiplier. But try this only if you have won a good set of rounds in the past. If not, then it’s better to wait a while to ensure you have higher odds of winning the game.  

Two-Simultaneous Bets
In the Aviator game, you get the flexibility of waging two bets on the same round. For the first, you need to put up the auto-bet & auto cash-out feature with odds set at 1.2x. For the second, you should play with the moderate risk strategy. In this way, you can cycle more profits with your winnings.  

Highest Coefficient and RTP
The highest coefficient or multiplier you can hit with the Aviator casino online game is 1,00,000x. Once the multiplier starts at 1x, you never know when the plane will vanish. But, the best part is, Aviator has an RTP (Return to Player) rate of 97%, which increases the winning odds for people who eye at low multipliers.  

Play Aviator Game for Money – Online 

If you are following the quest to earn quick money, then strategic gaming on Aviator will make it possible for you. You can either use your money or cryptocurrencies to place the bets. The deposit and withdrawal process is often easier at reputed online casino sites. So, if you want to win big with minimal risks, then Aviator is the go-to crash game for you to play.  

BTC365 – Best Aviator Game Casino

We helped you with the five Aviator online casino sites earlier in this article. But BTC365 is the highly recommended casino to take your game further with. BTC365 has an amazing user interface and experience for casino lovers to feel engaged over the platform. There’s a lot that this platform has to offer, which makes it a priority recommendation for the Aviator game.  

Promo & Features  

BTC365 offers new players a 100% welcome bonus when they sign-up on their mobile application. The minimum deposit amount to avail of the bonus is $10, and the players will get a maximum bonus of up to $200.  

Upon signing up for the application, you also get a free bet worth $5 that you can use for your first few rounds. Some conditions upon using the bonus funds for playing the Aviator game rounds will help you encash the money and win it to your bank account.  

For any kind of promotional offer, you can click on this link and stay updated with the latest ones.  

How to Sign Up and Start Playing? 

There are simple steps to signing up and start playing with the Aviator casino game, which include: 

  • Download the BTC365 application, and complete the registration process.  
  • Once done, make your first deposit of a minimum of 10 USDT. 
  • When you are inside the application, choose Aviator as your preferred game.  
  • You will now be redirected to the game window, where you have to place your bets first before the timer runs out.  
  • Once the bets are placed, the airplane will take off, and the round begins.  


This is a clear understanding of the Aviator game and how you can count on the best casino sites to play and win big. BTC365 is the leader in this online casino business and has a lot of time-specific offers for the players to reap more benefits from the platform. Sign-up to learn more about BTC365 and the Aviator game.  


Can you make money with the Aviator game? 

You can make money with minimal investment in the Aviator game. You just have to be patient and strategic in every round. Follow the right tactics to stock more profit funds before making big bets.  

What is the secret of winning the Aviator game rounds? 

The secret of winning Aviator game rounds is to bet small and tap out early without letting the excitement force you to bet big. You can gradually increase the bet amount when you feel confident about playing the rounds.  

Is the Aviator game predictable? 

Aviator is a random game, and there is no prediction of where the airplane will vanish or crash. As it is played over the RNG algorithm, it is difficult to predict the rounds.