Crash games are the new trends in online casinos, indicating pure luck and some strategic moves. The winning multipliers are exceptionally high, and your probability of winning the game depends upon how strategically you approach it. Lately, Plinko casino game has gained decent popularity in the crypto community with its fun and easy game play.

In this article, you will get a detailed insight into what Plinko game is and how to play it. Read along till the end if you are fond of online casino games.

Plinko: A Ball Gambling Crash Game

This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casino

Plinko, just like any other crash game, is based on luck and a few strategic moves. Even though the intention of this gameplay remains the same as that of crash games, the gameplay varies from the usual ones.

In this game, you will be instructed to drop the ball from the top of a pegboard. The ball will continue to bounce and then land into the various slots for determining the winnings of the participants of a particular round.

This ball gambling game has brought a unique experience into the arena of online casino crash games. The famous crash game online casino allow players to use Bitcoin and crypto for playing Plinko game.

The Origins of Plinko Casino Game

Plinko, a popular ball gambling game, was launched on January 3, 1983. It was created by Frank Wayne. Frank was the executive producer of the show, The Price is Right. The game was played for the first time in this show.

Before the game started for the audience back then, the host of the show, Bob Barker, said that the ‘plink’ sound that the game produces while the chips hit metal spikes while moving down on the pegboard is what led to the name Plinko.

The game was played live, and the maximum winnings it recorded on its debut were $25,000. It was the biggest winning amount that was ever won over the show, The Price is Right. It is possible only when any player gets all five chips in the center, a $5000 slot.

Earlier, the center slot price was determined as $5000, which is now changed to $10,000 after October 1998. The price was increased again during the show, The Price is Right, on the 25th Anniversary episode, aired in August 1996. Later, in October of 1998, it was made a permanent change.

Later in 2002, the center slot was again doubled, and its value is now $20,000. Hence, it means that a player has the probability of winning a maximum of $100,000 in Plinko casino game.

Over time, Plinko has given immense opportunities to players from all over the world to win quick money by just trying out their luck.

Types of Plinko

With its origin in the game show, Plinko is now one of the most loved online casino games. To share the craze, several casino game developers made their versions of Plinko. More and more players are part of it, which has become a hot topic in the online casino world. Here are the three types of Plinko games that are being played the most in the casino world:

1. Spribe Plinko

Plinko is one of the popular turbo games made by Spribe. This version of the game offers three multiplier rows and various pins. There are 13 pay lines, and the maximum RTP for this game is 97%. There is good potential for the players to win profits in this game by Spribe.

The graphics represent simple gameplay, and the multipliers at the bottom are in three colors. Spribe Plinko is available to play over almost all mobile devices and browsers, as they use Flash and HTML5 technology for a smoother experience.

The minimum chargeable bet is $0.10, whereas the maximum is $100. You get the autoplay feature to enhance your winning probabilities.

2. Price is Right Plinko Pegs

The original Plinko game was first played over the show The Price is Right. But now, there’s an online casino game to that name for players who want to attain this entertainment in the comfort of their homes.

The Price is Right Plinko slot game is developed by International Game Technology (IGT) among a specific series of games. This game is available at both physical and select online casinos.

It is a three-reel and a five-pay line game, which excites the players to win faster. You get to claim the winnings of this game anytime when the three-of-a-kind chips land on the same pay line.

3. Gaming Corps Plinko

The Gaming Corps isn’t behind in getting into the demanding game field. The Swedish game developer Gaming Corps introduced its Plinko game in December 2022. They have added a beautiful theme to their version of Plinko, which is now available in the regulated markets.

How to Play Plinko Casino Game?

Unlike the other crash games, Plinko is purely based on chance. Some people use tricks and tactics to plan their drop positions for the chips, which works somewhat, but luck is the biggest factor in helping players win the game.

If you want to learn how to play Plinko, then here are the steps to approach:

Select the Size of the Bet

When in manual mode, you get to choose the size of the bet as per your preference. You can select an amount ranging between $0.10 to $100 for each round. You can either set your bet or pick the pre-set options given by the game developer.

Choose the Number of Pins

Now, you must choose the various numbers of pins that are available on the board. When you release the chips from the top portion of your board, it goes through the various pins. You will be choosing the pins to obstruct the chips and set them to fall down to your end target.

You can choose between 12, 14 or 16 pins on the board. The number of pins you choose will directly affect the potential payouts and the game’s volatility.

Pick the Colour

This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casino. In this image, it is showing that you need to choose the color of the chip that symbolise the odds of the game.

You will then pick the color among Green, Red and Yellow buttons. The moment you press the button, the game will start. The money you win will depend on your chosen button to start the game. The green disks pay the lowest winnings, and the chips will most likely land in these spots. The red disks are the most difficult ones to hit, and it pays exceptional wins.

Key Features of Plinko

The potential features of Plinko are what make the game more exciting. To help you understand its overall appeal, here are its key features of it:

1. Auto-Play Mode

When you enable the auto-play mode, you must set the stakes and pick the number of pins as default. You can then decide whether you have to go with the red, green or yellow colors for the game. If you want it to be random, select the specified option. It will commence the game automatically by taking the bets and dropping the chips to help you win more based on the winning probabilities.

2. Theme of the Game

Plinko has a very funky game appeal. Talking about Spribe Plinko, there is a turquoise backdrop, which creates a calming effect. The betting and gameplay tabs are at the bottom of the screen. In the pegboard, you will see three colored lines at the bottom representing the multipliers. The color coding of the lines represents easy, moderate and hard difficulty in terms of hitting them with the chips.

3. Sound Effects

There’s a soothing and cartoonish sound effect upon clicking on each tab. When you choose the colored play buttons, you will see how the sound effect will elevate from low to high in a pressing order of Green to Red.

When the balls reach their final pockets, they make a popping sound, which indicates that the round is complete. The winning multipliers will be shown on the top of the pegboard.

Provably Fair Game

Spribe Turbo Games are built with provably fair technologies. There is a specific technique of utilizing cryptographic tech for determining the fairness of each played round over Plinko. Plinko’s outcomes are completely transparent as it is generated by both player and operator.

The result of every round consists of two seeds, one by the operator and one by the player. The hashed code version of the operator seed can be checked before every round. Hence, when the game is played, both the seeds merge to create a specific hash code. It can then be used to determine if the game was played fairly.

Players can avail of this feature to derive fairness in the game by availing of the ‘Provably Fair’ option from the main menu.

Risk Level

With Plinko, you can set your risk level between low, normal and high. If you choose the higher risk level, you will win a better payout in the end. There’s no specific setting over the game, but the different colored multiplier tabs determine the risk level.

RTP, Highest Coefficient and Winning Odds of Plinko Casino Game

Spribe Plinko, being the best version of the game, offers a maximum RTP (Return to Player) rate of 97%. Such an RTP is exceptional for a luck-based game. To be precise, if you are spending $100 over Plinko, then you will be getting back $97 in return.

But, the odds of getting this RTP are not specified for all the bets. This average RTP is calculated by comparing several thousands of rounds. The odds of winning the game over Plinko is 1 in 3.97 rounds.

The highest coefficient over Spribe Plinko is 555x. But, to attain this multiplier, you must play the red disk with the maximum of 16 pins option. If you choose 12 or 14 pins, the maximum coefficient will be 141x & 353x, respectively.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

The minimum bet you can make while playing Plinko is about $0.10, and the maximum limit is $100.

Where to Play Plinko Casino Game?

BTC365 is one of the best online casinos in the industry and offers you a plethora of crash games with fair play technologies to win big. BTC365 supports Bitcoin and many other famous cryptos, ensuring anonymity when playing on the best crash casino. Sign up for BTC365 and get started with the Plinko online casino game.

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You get a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of 200 USDT. You must make a minimum deposit of 10 USDT to qualify for this bonus. Following that, you also get a registration bonus over the mobile application. You get 5 USDT worth of free play when you sign-up from the application and make your first deposit.

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How to Sign Up and Start Playing?

Here are the steps you should implement before you start the Plinko game on BTC365:

  • Download the BTC365 application, and complete the process by entering your basic details.
  • Make your first deposit and collect the bonus.
  • Once you are in, select Plinko from the list of games, and you will be redirected to the game page.
  • Make your choices and start the game.


This was a clear explanation of what Plinko is and how you can play the game. Make sure you have understood the gameplay and the risks associated with it. With the right consistency and patience, you can win a lot of money out of this simple online casino game.


How can we play the Plinko casino game online for free?

You can use the demo playing ground to try out the features using virtual money. When you feel ready, come to the live game with real funds.

Can we use the bonus earned from BTC365 for playing the Plinko game?

Yes, you can use the bonus amount for playing Plinko over BTC365, and after specific games, you can encash the winning amounts out of it to your bank account.

Can I play Plinko game on my mobile phone?

BTC365 has a mobile application that you can use for playing the game online, with the same graphics and features.