This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casino

Plinko is a popular online crash game that is now helping online casino lovers win thousands of dollars in just a single round. Among all the crash games, Plinko online stands as one of the unique options that fuel the entertainment needs of casino lovers.

Plinko: A Rising Star in Crash Games

If you have ever seen the show, The Price is Right; then you know the game Plinko pretty well. It was introduced in a live game show in January 1982 and has become a trendsetter among casino lovers.

Most physical casinos have this game on their premises, and people come to bet and win a lot of dollars. It is a game of chance, where you drop the balls from the top of a pegboard and choose the drop points. Depending on where the chips or balls land, your winning multipliers will be decided.

With the demand for this game reaching heights, game developers have built an online casino Plinko, for people to enjoy and win profits right from the comfort of their homes.

The Rise of Plinko Crash Game

Since 1983, Plinko has been loved by many casino lovers. Earlier, it was played on a physical board, which you will see in the episodes of The Price is Right. The bottom part of the board had different amounts written over them, which indicates the winning value of the players.

At that time, the maximum amount anyone could earn was $25,000. And it was only possible when all five balls landed in the center of the board, which was the highest reward point with $5000. Seeing the rise in demand, the maximum winning price was then increased over time.

Seeing the craze, the game was further taken to online casinos, and players went gaga over it. Today, there are several types of Plinko games made by various game developers.

Types of Plinko Online in Crash Games Community

Let’s have a look at some of the popular Plinko crash games that are gaining momentum in the category of online crash casino games:

Spribe Plinko
Spribe Plinko is the most popular among all, as it offers the highest coefficient of up to 555x, which is possible only if you play with the red disks by choosing 16 pins. Moreover, the RTP is 97% for the game, which means you will earn at least $97 if you bet $100. It is a cumulative average RTP that has been calculated by comparing thousands of rounds.

The Price is Right Plinko
The Price is Right Plinko started as a physical game and is still being played in on-site casinos. But, most online casinos also offer this game over their platforms for players who want that retro theme of Plinko to continue being used.

Lucky Plinko
Lucky Plinko, developed by Shape Keeper Ltd., is another version of this crash game. It has the traditional style appeal, with the multipliers mentioned in different colors at the bottom of the board. The look of it is somehow similar to that of the Price is Right Plinko. The gameplay graphics are average, but players are still fond of it.

How to Play Plinko Online?

This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casino. In this image, it is showing that you need to choose the color of the chip that symbolise the odds of the game.

Spribe Plinko is the best version of this game on the internet. It is good in terms of profitability, graphics and gameplay. Therefore, from the perspective of Spribe, the steps to play this gamble ball drop game are as follows:

Select Your Bet Size
You need to select the bet size as per your preference. The minimum deposit is $0.10, whereas the maximum is $100. So, you should decide on your bet and set it by using the scroller over the game page. You can also choose from the pre-set betting amounts specified by the developer.

Choose the Number of Pins
You have to choose the total number of pins you want to play the round with. You can choose from 12, 14 or 16 pins, which will impact your winning chances.

Choose the Ball Color
Pick the color of the ball you want to drop on the pegboard. The green balls have the lowest winnings but have higher chances of being hit. The red ones have the highest winnings but are hard to hit.

Plinko Crash Game In-Game Features

Some of the potential game features that help enhance your overall gameplay and win big are:

Auto-Play Mode
You get the feature of enabling auto-play mode over Spribe Plinko crash game. With this automated feature, you will set the betting amount, number of pins, and color of balls. You can choose random colored balls to be played in each round. In this way, your winning chances will multiply exponentially.

The Provably Fair Technology
Scribe uses provably fair technology for Plinko to ensure fair play in all rounds. Hashed codes by the operator and players are merged to be checked if the rounds are played fairly or not. Players can view and monitor the hash codes by accessing the “Provably Fair” tab on the main page.

Characteristics of Spribe Plinko

Some of the important characteristics of Spribe Plinko are as follows:

High RTP
Spribe Plinko has a high RTP of 97%, which is phenomenal for any luck-based crash game. It is a theoretical figure calculated based on the results from thousands of game rounds.

High Multiplier in all Perspectives
The highest multiplier you can achieve by playing Spribe Plinko is 555x. It is possible when you play with red balls and 16 pins. But, if you play with 12 and 14 pins, your respective multipliers will be 141x and 353x.

House Edge
House Edge for the Plinko game is the opposite of RTP. It indicates the theoretical house wins the game. For this game, the house margin is around 3%.

Winning Odds
The cumulative winning odds for the Plinko game is 1 in 3.97.  

Tips and Tricks

Some of the tips and tricks that will help you play the game more efficiently are as follows:

Learn Everything about the Game
Don’t approach Plinko blindly only because you like its gameplay. Study the opportunities and risks of the game properly before stepping into it. Understand the complexity of choosing the right colored balls for each round to maintain a good profit flow.

Choose the Options Concerning Your Playing Style
If you want to play safe and minimize losses, choose 12 pins and bet on the green balls. When you stock up some money over time, use the 14 pins option and try your luck. Safe gameplay is to switch between green and yellow balls only. If the risk is what you want to take, then go for 16 pins and red balls.

Play only with the Reputed Online Casinos
There are many fake casinos out there that will take your bet money, let you win and might end up blocking your account. Don’t fall for those traps, and research an online casino and its licensing before investing in them.

Best Sites to Play Plinko Online

BTC365 is one of the most reputed and popular online casinos that allows you to play Plinko with tons of deposit bonuses and promotional offers. It has gained immense momentum in the past few years and is licensed and regulated. Hence, it ensures the utmost security and safety for all online casino players.

7Cric is a fairly new online casino that was launched at the end months of 2022. It is specifically designed to offer a vast library of games to the players. There are timely offers for players to increase their funds and motivation to keep playing their favorite games.

Fun88 has more than 200 online casino games to bet and win big. It is a popular casino licensed to keep your money and data safe. It has a good UI for the new players to easily navigate the platform and play the game seamlessly.

BTC365 Promo & Features

BTC365 gives you a 100% welcome bonus for a maximum of up to $200. The users need to register themselves and make their first deposit, a minimum of 10 USDT. If a player registers through the mobile application and makes the minimum deposit, they also get a 5 USDT free play, which they can use to play Plinko, upon some encashing terms and conditions.

There are no promotional offers as of now. But depending on the occasion, if there’s any promotional offer, you will find it over this link. Bookmark this!

There’s a blog page over BTC365, which is for the players to understand the betting industry better. Read more to choose the right type of funds and pick the right games.

How to Sign Up and Start Playing?

Follow these steps to start playing Plinko over BTC365:

  • Access the website or download the application. Register yourself by giving your basic personal details.
  • In the next step, make the first deposit to activate the bonus. If you want to wander around the platform or application for a while, you can skip the payment at that time.
  • When you are ready to take on the live game, make the deposit and collect your bonus.
  • Now search Plinko from the list of games on the platform. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the game page.
  • Use the settings to set your bet and start the first round.


So, this article gives you a verdict on how Plinko is one of the most popular crash games ever. BTC365 has many active players already winning a lot of money by playing Plinko. If you want to join them, then you simply have to sign-up to BTC365 and prepare yourself over the demo account before using your real funds for the game. When ready, you can hop onto the journey of winning immense profits.


What is the minimum deposit amount for playing Plinko over BTC365?

The minimum deposit for playing Plinko over BTC365 is $0.10. You must start slowly to ensure that you have a consistent stock of funds in your account. When confident with your winnings, take on the higher bets to try your luck and win more.

Does Spribe Plinko have good graphics?

Spribe Plinko has great graphics with a turquoise backdrop for a calming effect. The game effects are very cartoonish and entertain you whenever you place your bets or choose the balls. When the game starts, the balls rolling down on the pegboard will replicate a natural flow. But, the algorithm implemented into it is also based on proven fair technology.

Is Plinko a genuine game?

Plinko is a 100% genuine game, developed by Spribe, a reputed game developer on a global level. They are licensed and regulated to let this game be played across various countries.