This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casinoPlinko online, one of the popular crash games, is now being used widely across online casinos. One of the best things about playing Plinko over online casinos is that you can win exceptionally high rewards. The first go-to option for people to bet on Plinko is cash. The minimum amount you can bet on Spribe Plinko is $0.10, and the maximum is $100.

But what if you know that BTC365, a reputed online casino, also allows you to play Plinko using cryptocurrencies? Well, it is a fact! Let’s get a detailed insight into this game and give you an insight into how and where to play Plinko online.

Play Plinko Online Game with Real Money

Plinko online is a popular crash game that lets you drop balls over the pegboard. It is unlike the usual aviator or line-crashing games, as the betting and winning rules are slightly different here. In this game, the players will drop colored balls from the top of the pegboard. On the bottom of the pegboard are the three colored multiplier lines.

If your chosen colored ball lands in the same-colored part of the board, you will get the specified multiplier. It is purely a game of luck, but if you bet strategically using the given features, you will have a better hold on winning more money and minimizing the losses. The game uses fair technology for conducting all rounds to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of winning.

Types of Plinko Online

There are different types of Plinko games online, provided by various game developers with varying graphics and gameplay tactics. Some of them are as follows:

Spribe Plinko
Spribe Plinko is one of the best versions that provide great aesthetic graphics and simple gameplay to ensure easy understandability for new players. BTC365 offers Spribe Plinko in its online casino and offers a fair-play gaming algorithm. The RTP (Return to Player) rate of playing Plinko over BTC365 is around 97%. Hence, the winning chances are pretty high with Spribe Plinko.

The Price is Right Plinko
The Price is Right Plinko is the online version of the actual pegboard game hosted on the show, The Price is Right. The game was first played on a live episode in January 1983. To keep the traditional theme alive, the game is now being offered by various online casinos for people to relive the popular gameplay and win great amounts.

Lucky Plinko
Lucky Plinko is yet another version of the famous game, offering a simple graphical interface. The returns on every bet were good, considering the winning multipliers. But, one downside of playing this game was, you cannot cash out until your winning amount is $100. So, if you are a safe player who goes for smaller bets in every round, it will take a really long time to cash out your winnings.

How Does Plinko Game Work? 

Among all of the versions of Plinko, Spribe offers the best version of all time. It has great graphics and licensed regulations to help you win big with simple gameplay. Here’s how the Plinko game works:

  • Choose your bet from the given range. If you use cryptocurrencies, the minimum and maximum values will be specified in the scrolling bar at the bottom of your game screen. You just have to slide it to set your desired betting amount. You can also use the pre-set betting tabs, as specified by the game developer.
  • Choose the number of pins between 12, 14 and 16. The higher the pins, the more will be an obstruction, and the higher will be the rewards. Greater risks come with greater rewards upon winning.
  • Selecting the color of balls you want to drop from the top of the pegboard. You get to choose between green, yellow and red balls. The moment you click the color-named tab, the game begins. So, make your choices carefully and not by being impatient towards winning better multipliers. The green ones are of the lowest order and give you minimal rewards. The yellow ones are low-risk balls, which will test your luck most optimally. Red balls are highly rewarding but have a rare chance of hitting the mark.

This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casino. In this image, it is showing that you need to choose the color of the chip that symbolise the odds of the game.

You can also set an auto-play feature where your bet amount and the type of balls you want to play will be pre-set by you. The best way to make good money out of this method is to set the gameplay at the lowest possible rewarding factors. Hence, it means you should go with 12 pins and green balls at all times to get fewer profits consistently. It will minimize your number of losses and will help you stock a good amount of funds for taking risks in the long run.

General Rules of Plinko Online

There are certain rules for playing Plinko, which you ought to follow to win big. The rules are:

  • First, you are advised to play the free Plinko game over the online casino platform and try out the gameplay. Get used to it before you head to the live account to play with your real funds.
  • Set a specific budget for playing Plinko over BTC365. Take decent wins out of smaller bets, and keep using the profit to place further bets without investing your funds.
  • Drop and watch the balls or chips fall, after which whatever happens is either the game’s random algorithm or your luck.
  • Claim the prize, and if you want, you can continue playing more rounds.

Game Interface of Spribe Plinko

The interface of Spribe Plinko has a very easy gameplay setup. You get a vibrant turquoise blue backdrop design, where the pegboard is displayed in a pyramid structure with the help of dots. There’s a soothing sound effect upon clicking the betting slider and color buttons and when the balls drop on the board.

There’s a simple settings tab where you can enable auto-play with all the settings mentioned clearly for almost anyone to understand. Following that, BTC365 is one of the best online casinos with an easy interface, allowing you to cash out your winnings without any hassle. You will learn more about BTC365 and its features later in this article.

Characteristics of Spribe Plinko

To help you better understand the game in detail, here are some of the characteristics of Spribe Plinko, which includes:

Provably Fair Technology
Spribe Plinko is enabled with provably fair technology, which ensures fair gameplay in every round. With this method, the hashed codes by the operator and player are used to determine if the round was played fairly. It is an accessible option for all players right from the game’s homepage.

High RTP
The RTP of Spribe Plinko is around 97%, which is way too good for a crash game that is purely based on luck.

Works with All Devices
You don’t need a high-tech device to play this game smoothly. All you need is a smartphone, desktop or tablet device of standard configuration to get going with this game.

Spribe Plinko can give you a maximum multiplier of around 555x, which is possible when you pick all red balls and 16 pins for the game.

There’s a 1 in 3.9 odds of winning a Plinko round.

Tips and Tricks of Playing Plinko

Now that you have learned how to play Plinko, it’s important you emphasize certain tips and tricks to master this game and win more. The tips and tricks for winning over the Plinko simulator are as follows:

Keep the Budget in Mind at all Times
You need to stick to the budget at all times. Don’t be greedy, and invest much of your savings into this game. You don’t want to drain your funds upon an entertainment game. You should agree on a budget that you can afford to lose. But you don’t have to play with that mindset! Keep the budget in check, and you will eventually enjoy the game.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks
When you are just starting with the game, make sure you are not taking unnecessary risks by choosing high bets and high-winning balls. Go slow, win slow and stock up your profit funds. In this way, you can use those saved funds and cycle them for betting in other rounds. When you have won a few consistent rounds, you can choose yellow balls to increase the risk percentage slightly to test your luck. Play within green and yellow for a consistent period of time to multiply your winnings efficiently.

Don’t Chase the Losses
Some casino players panic and chase the losses to get consistent wins and recover the lost money. You will lose a lot of money, while your winning amount will be minimal. Understand the ideology of cutting down the losses, which is a wise move. Halt the game and come back the next day with a fresh mind to start the game again.

Where to Play Plinko Online?

After being aware of how to play the game, it’s time for you to determine where to play Plinko and win big rewards. Here are the three popular sites that will help you with a great gameplay experience:

BTC365 is a popular online casino that offers many betting games with impeccable rewards. Players from all over the world are on BTC365 and are now fond of crash games. Among the crash games, Plinko is one of the most played ones on the platform. The best thing about BTC365 is its range of promotional offers and bonuses, which helps the player get used to the game before spending his/her funds.

7Cric is yet another popular online casino that is new to the market but has gained a lot of players over the site. It offers moderate bonuses to benefit the players in their desirable games. Apart from Plinko, it has usual slots, blackjack, roulette and other online betting games.

Fun88 is an online sportsbook and casino allowing you to access all betting games to win real money. You can also play virtual sports games for real money, which you can try if you want variations other than playing Plinko. Fun88 ensures safer gaming for all casino players.

BTC365 Promo & Features

BTC365 stands out in the crowd of all online casinos. It is because you get the liberty of using the best features and promotional offers by the platform. Regarding the bonus, BTC365 offers you a 100% deposit and welcome bonus upon successful registration and a deposit of a minimum amount. You need to deposit a minimum of $10 to avail of the bonus. You can get a maximum bonus of up to $200.

There are no promotional offers at this point, but you can always check this section of the website over time for any available promos.

How to Sign Up and Start Playing?

The process of signing up and playing Plinko is easy over the platform. The steps you should follow are:

  • Download the BTC365 application and sign-up for the online casino. Enter your basic details, and you will be in.
  • Upon that, make the initial deposit of a minimum of $10 to get the specified bonus. If you don’t want to make the deposit right away, you can just skip it and play the free Plinko game in the demo section. When you are ready to win real money by investing your actual funds, come to life and make your first deposit.
  • Choose Plinko from the list of games available, and you will be redirected to the gameplay page.
  • Choose your preferred settings and get started with the game.


This is a clear description of how you can play Plinko using both cryptocurrencies and dollars. Select the payment tabs according to your selection, and get along with the game on BTC365. All you have to do is follow the tips, rules and specific gameplay strategies to maximize your wins over the game.


Can we cash the winning amount in cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can withdraw the winning amount in the form of cryptocurrency. Follow the withdrawal steps to easily get the funds in your crypto wallet.

What are the benefits of using crypto for playing Plinko?

When playing Plinko with cryptocurrencies, you are availing of the additional benefit of securing the gameplay through blockchain technology. Hence, it enables the players to withdraw the winning amount instantly without any wait.

What is the best site for playing Plinko with cryptocurrencies?

BTC365 enables you to use your cryptocurrencies while playing the Plinko game. When you choose bitcoin or other acceptable crypto payment options, you will be shown the minimum and maximum equivalent betting amount. Make the deposits, and you are all set to play the game!