This is an image of Aviator game, a famous crash games online.

If you are into online casino games and are in a consistent search for something more exciting, then play Aviator game to refuel your adrenaline rush. Aviator is a popular crash game that allows you to bet on a flying plane. 

You win the rounds only if you cash out the money before the plane vanishes from the screen or crashes due to an explosion. Now it is your intuition or the gameplay strategy that you can use to predict when the plane will crash or vanish.  

It is a 100% real game, offered by several online casinos, and has hundreds and thousands of active users. There is a plethora of reviews from real players upon winning great profits out of this game. So, if you talk about the genuineness of the game, Aviator is a legal and licensed game offered by popular online casinos, such as BTC365.  

Spribe Aviator – Real or Fake? 

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

Aviator fly game is one of the most reliable and secure online casino games because it uses fair technology. It follows the RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm to get started with a base multiplier. In addition, the multiplier might range from 1x to 1,000,000x until the line crashes. In the game graphics, this crash is justified with the replication of an airplane.  

It is a real complete game developed by Spribe Gaming organization. It was released in February 2019. Interestingly, there are many reputed casino players who have spent time on this game and have won a lot out of it. The game developers hold a license for running it across various countries of the world.  

The entire operation is stated transparently to the world and the real-time players. It is upon the players to review the game statistics, the way it functions and everything related to it. The players have the right to decide if they can trust the game or not.  

Rising Popularity in Online Casino 

Online casinos are gaining momentum across the world. Online gambling is one among the many industries that is growing stupendously in this modern era. It is the sector of entertainment spending, and it picked up an immense pace during the pandemic years. People were restricted to their homes, and the ones with an abundance of money to spare for entertainment directed their attention towards trying their luck over the selected games.  

The online casino has a reputation similar to that of the arcade games you play at your nearest malls. The only difference is here; you need to use more of your strategic mind than just trying out your luck. Another reason why online casinos picked up the pace is due to the greater availability of games of all types and difficulties.  

The laws on online gambling have been eased in select countries, which include Canada, Germany, the USA and others. Even in countries where regularization has been imposed and restrictions have been implemented, the use of cryptocurrencies enables them to access online casino portals from all parts of the world.  

The new markets are opening up for online casinos, and they are enabling the use of crypto payments for betting on games. So this is what has also contributed to the increase in the popularity of online casinos. As of now, this rise is sustainable and is constantly growing. 

How to Win Aviator Game? Best Aviator Strategy 

Playing the Aviator game is quite easy, but winning it will need some form of strategy. All you have to do is take optimal care of how much you bet and what multiplier you expect to chase. Depending on it, you can ensure that you will never be running out of money, and the bank flow will stay consistent.  

The simple rule of playing the game is to place a bet before the game starts and cash out when you think the airplane will vanish away from the screen. Now, to ensure you are strategizing your movements in this game, here are some of the tricks that might help you win more: 

Make Use of the Double Bet and Automated Betting Options 

The best Aviator winning strategy that you must acquire is to make use of double bet and automated betting options. This game allows you to bet on a single round twice, with different values. The multiplier winnings will be accounted for on these bets differently. In this way, you will have a better chance of winning and recovering your losses.  

Setting automated betting options is also an ideal way of limiting yourself from the feeling of spending more with every bet. You can pre-set the amount you want to bet with the given features over the game. And, every time the round starts, the automated bot will take in the specified funds and place your wager.  

Following that, you can also set the automated cash-out options at a fixed multiplier. It means that you can exit the round without the need for inputting manual efforts. Set the multiplier at 1.2x at the initial rounds. When the airplane reaches the specified multiplier, the automated bot will automatically cash you out. You will get your winnings in hand.  

Only when you stock yourself up with some spare funds to go for bigger bids can you change the settings of the automated betting options?  

Use the Live Bet Board and Statistics for Better Gameplay 

One of the key strategies for you to play Aviator is by making use of the given game features. You can monitor the live statistics of the game and determine the winning ratio of the previous rounds. Check the multipliers at which the game has crashed most times. Determine an average out of it, and create an ideal option for you to embark on.  

For instance, if you found that most of the winning bets revolve within the 1.01x and 1.80x multiplier, then you can try setting up your multiplier at a considerable value for the next round.  

Calculate the Odds for Your Preferable Multiplier 

If you play Aviator game, you know that the RTP (Return to Player) is 97% for it. And depending on that, you can calculate your winning odds. You just have to divide your preferable multiplier for cashing out with 0.97.  

The number you get is multiplied by 100, and that will be your winning odds for the round if you wait for the multiplier to reach that level. The lower your select multiplier options are, the better your chances of making profits or winning the rounds.  

Suppose you want to cash out at 1.01x in the next round of Aviator. By dividing 0.97/1.01 and multiplying the result by 100, you get 96% odds of winning the round. You must do your calculations to know if you are taking a worthy risk or not.  

Go higher only when you have strategized and streamlined their streak of winnings! 

What is the best time to play Aviator? 

If you ask what is the best time to play Aviator, then we will tell you that there’s no specific answer for it. It is an entertainment spending game that helps you earn a lot when you input the right strategies.  

With the convenience of mobile apps offered by online casinos, people can now play Aviator during lunch breaks at their office, while out on a date, or while having lunch or dinner at home.  

But, as the market demand is high for the game today, it’s high time you should earn some money by playing safe over the platform. Keeping the multipliers low ensures you are below the risk line.  

The best time is NOW! If you don’t want the hassle of sitting in front of a desktop all the time to play online casino games, then try out BTC365. It has a mobile application for you to play Aviator game anytime you want, irrespective of the time boundaries.  

Aviator Game Predictor 

Today, there are several AI tools out there that have been programmed and trained to predict the nearly accurate drop locations of airplanes. The best thing is that these tools give accurate predictions at a rate of 95%. And all of it is just to help you earn good returns out of your investment.  

There are several online casinos that are offering you Aviator game prediction tools to help you fill your pockets with more winnings than emptying them with losses. If you want to win regularly, then make sure you learn using these tools and follow their predictions smartly. Don’t go blind on them, as you still have to observe the odds.  

Aviator Game Tricks 

Some of the best tricks that you can apply while playing the Aviator game are: 

Prefer Small Coefficient Bets
As stated earlier, if you start smaller, then the chance of winning, in the long run, will increase stupendously. Keep your initial multiplier considerations to a maximum of 1.5x.  

Take Moderate Risks
Follow up with the results of the previous round, and see if high risks are worth it. You don’t want to lose your wager for an unjustified bet. So, make sure you take moderate risks and do not go in completely without any proper strategy or plan.  

Control the Excitement
It is true you will be flown away by the excitement after winning a couple of rounds. Don’t! Don’t let that hormonal rush get you, and stick to the plan of investing low at the start.  

Try a Demo at First
You got to try the demo game before you play Aviator in real-time with cash. In this way, you will be able to master the game rules and understand how it actually functions.  

Autoplay and Auto Cashout 

Autoplay and auto cash-out are two important features that make it more reliable for players to play Aviator game. When you are using the automated settings, they assure you the cash-out at specific pre-set values. Moreover, there will be no chance of you getting distracted from the screen and eventually ending up losing the money.  

Autoplay allows you to set the pre-specified bet amount, which it will automatically input before the game starts. On the other end, auto cash-out will help you withdraw the winnings at a pre-set multiplier limit. By having a pre-set multiplier, your winnings are more consistent in Aviator game.  

Highest Coefficient and RTP 

The highest coefficient of Aviator ranges from 1x to 1,000,000x. The level it reaches varies depending on the rounds. The RTP of this game is a whopping 97%, which is not so common and more rewarding in the case of other crash games.  

Play the Aviator game for Money – Online 

Among all the online casino games, crash games have picked up popularity due to their simple winning rules. People with a trading background might find it a bit easy, but this skill is nowhere mandatory for non-traders. If you have a craze for online casino games and want to try something different, then play Aviator to earn a great lot of money in a short span of time.  

The only thing you need to control is your excitement over the winnings. Be strategized, and you will lose less, while the winning will become consistent.  

Where to Play Aviator Game? 

BTC365 is your one-stop hub for all forms of online casino games. It has hundreds and thousands of active players who are gaga over Aviator. If you are keen on attaining the best experience while playing Aviator, then BTC365 has some immense perks for you.  

Promo & Features 

BTC365 has promotional offers that are timely, and you can check the linked page to find any active ones at the moment. But, apart from that, you get a welcome bonus and app registration bonus over the platform.  

When you register through the application and make a minimum deposit of 30 USDT, you get an Instant Free Bet of 5 USDT.  

Besides that, you will get a 100% deposit bonus on a minimum deposit of 10 USDT. The bonus is liable to pay you a maximum of 200 USDT.  

You can use these funds to bet on Aviator or any other game over BTC365. Keep winning consistently, and you will have a smoother bankroll without even spending much of your initial money.  

How to Sign Up and Start Playing? 

The steps you got to follow in order to start playing Aviator game over BTC365 are as follows: 

  • Download the BTC365 application, and fill out the asked details to complete the registration.  
  • Make the initial deposit as asked, and get the deposit bonus.  
  • You are now inside the application. Select the game you want to play.  
  • In this case, choose ‘Aviator,’ and you will be redirected to the game window.  
  • You will be given some basic instructions, following which you can place the bets and wait for the game to commence.  
  • You can automate the settings as well, depending on your preference.  


This is a clear understanding of how you can play Aviator game online with one of the best online casinos of all time, BTC365. All you have to do is hold onto the gaming discipline and stick to the budget you had planned upon investing in the casino games. Don’t go beyond it at any cost! You need to win the returns and stock up the funds for consistent betting. Use the ideal features of BTC365 to get an enhanced gameplay experience.  


Is the Aviator game real or fake? 

Aviator is a 100% real game that operates with a specified algorithm. All of the statistics are open for public reviews, which ensures that the game has given actual returns to many players across the world. Spribe is also one of the most reputable game developers, with a license to operate Aviator across various countries.  

Can you make money on Aviator? 

If you play Aviator with the right strategies, then you can definitely make good money out of it. All you have to do is cash out before the airplane vanishes or crashes.  

What is the maximum multiplier of Aviator? 

The maximum multiplier of the Aviator casino game ranges between 1x and 1,000,000x. You might not get to see the maximum multiplier at all times, as the probability of the airplane reaching that figure is very less.