Have you tried the trending crash casino games? If you haven’t, then you must try this popular game. With the rising innovation in the online casino industry, developers are trying new ways to keep casino players entertained. The casino gaming sites feature exciting promotions, bonuses and new offers. The latest casino game that has grabbed the attention of millions of casino players is Crash Games.

Here we brought a complete overview of crash casino game and the winning strategies. If you are new to crash games or Bitcoin casinos and wondering how to play crash gambling, this guide will be helpful. Continue reading to learn its tricks and strategies for successful crash gambling.

What Are Crash Casino Games?

Crash casino games are innovative online gambling connected to Bitcoin or Crypto gambling. The main concept of this game is to create ascending lines. It is similar to the graph line on the trading apps. When the line rises higher in the graph, your winning starts multiplying. It is exactly like online trading, where the line crashes. So, when the line crashes, it’s a loss.

The higher the multiplier rises before the cash-out, the higher will be the return placed on bets. The game attracts casino players with its high possibility of massive wins. Crash gambling offers high RTP compared to other casino games.

Remember that the multiplier crash is unpredictable as it keeps increasing the winnings. The players need to be active in the game. The players are recommended to plan ahead and set automated cash out up to a certain limit. In this way, the player doesn’t have to keep on tracking the multiplier. The gambling sites will automatically detect when the bet will reach the preferred multiplier and cashes out the winnings.

It allows the players to take an active part. But, most of the time, even experts get confused about mastering the crash gambling. It’s tricky to maximize the odds of winning. Here, we have brought you the best tips and tricks to master your crash gambling.

For beginners, a crash casino game can be tricky and confusing. But players who took part n online trading or crypto gambling are more likely to achieve a big win. Anyways, to master the crash games, every player must be aware of the strategies.

Basic Strategies of Crash Gambling

The crash casino holds a reputation as a modern casino game or bitcoin betting game. The players love to take strategic approaches to increase their winnings. The strategies also add discipline to the game. Anyway, luck will play its part. But, the players can maximize their winning with effective strategies. Every player must be aware of the crash bet game algorithm. It will lead to better results in the long term. Here are the basic strategic tips to learn before you begin.

Start with Small Size Bets

You never know when the crash is going to take place. It is completely beyond your imagination. This is why you need to keep an eye on the game. Moreover, a sudden crash can happen within a fraction of a second. This is why it is recommended to start with a small-size bet. It is better to start with small bets in the initial rounds.

Once the multiplier crashes, there is no return of your complete loss. Start with small stakes if you want to maintain the rhythm and get used to it. It is a safe way to begin the crash casino games.

Learn Automated Bets and Cash Outs

Most crash casino games offer the chance to place automated bets. The game developers have developed these auto features in crash games. It concerns the player’s safety winnings. The automated bets can be applied in each round until the player stops it.

These bets will carry on without the need to physically do anything. Therefore, it is generally recommended to start with small bets. This ensures that the players don’t lose much. Even when you win, you will accumulate steadily. Don’t confuse this strategic feature with automated cash-outs. The auto cash outs immediately take on the winnings after the multiplier reaches a limit.

The player must learn both strategic features. These are equally important to proceed successfully in the game. You can also set both of them at the same time. Remember, when you don’t set an auto cash-out, you must manually intervene or cash out before the multiplier crashes.

Prefer Bet Low After A Win

If you just won a bet on the initial round, it is suggested to consolidate your winnings. So that you don’t have to lose all at once in the next round, keep the betting amount low after a first win. Moreover, it is better to keep it low for a longer time. It is risk-free to aim for small wins to safeguard your position. If you want to increase the bet size, start with 0.1 of a unit at a time. It is better to keep your earnings safe to witness a massive win later.

Increase Profitability in Crash Casino Game with Strategic Approach 

Both for beginners and experts, here are nifty strategic features to increase your game profitability. The strategies will be helpful when you are new to crash casino games.

Remember that crash games are a game of chance. But, using the right strategies will help you avoid unnecessary losses. There are various strategies to boost the winnings. Below is the list of strategies.

Martingale Strategy System

The Martingale strategy is the most popular betting strategy in the crash gambling simulator. Players love to implement this strategy for big wins. Even when the numbers will vary, the guidelines remain the same. When a player loses one game round, the strategy is to increase the bet size in the next round. After you witness a win, you must return the bet amount to the original bet amount you started with.

The strategy is frequently utilized in high-stakes gambling. The player should attempt to compensate for the losses by placing large-size bets. Veteran gamblers prefer this strategy to boost their winning odds shortly. Experts believe that this strategy offers long-term advantages.

Anti Martingale Strategy

The Anti-Martingale strategy is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. The casino crash gaming sessions consist of successive hot and cool streaks. This strategy will also lead to successful gambling. The players should increase their bet size after a win and decrease the size after a loss. This allows the player to earn profits when they are on a good run or successive wins. The players can cut down their losses during the cold spells.

Bonus Strategy

This strategy features a player being the last man standing before the game is over. You must be the last player to cash out before the multiplier crashes. When the player manages to do this, he/she will win a bonus. The bonus will be transferred to the next round if no one gets it.

The bonus strategy is about adding a bonus for players to claim their winnings at last. When the players get a bonus, they can take action further to remove their opponents from the game. However, this strategy is risky. But, with no winners in the round, the bonus can proceed to the next round. The players are instructed to measure or compare their bonus with the total winnings before taking a decision.

Auto Cash Out Strategy

This is an image of Spribe Aviator game on BTC365 which has Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out features

Auto cash out is the simplest and easiest strategy to implement. For this strategy, the player has to select an automatic cash-out number, like 1.5x or 2.5x. The player will collect their benefits consistently. The player can choose any cash-out multiplier, but the strategy is to stick to the particular number selected. The players should also understand that when they reach a higher mark, there is a chance of higher winning.

Super Low Cash Out Multiplier

The player should place a $0.5 initial bet. It is recommended to cash out at a 1.1x or 1.2X multiplier. This will upsurge the winning chances. The players will get a total of 20 chances to play for $10 with a $0.5 bet size. There is a huge possibility that you will win great money when the multiplier reaches 1.1x and 1.2x in 20 chances.

Super High Cash Out Multiplier

Players can move beyond with big bets and early withdrawals on high-stakes bets. This strategy features that withdrawing at a low multiplier with a big set can still let the player win a good amount of money. This strategic approach can also lead to loss of money when the multiplier crashes early and the player has not taken any withdrawals. It is recommended to carefully apply this strategy on high bets.

Play Crash Casino Game At The Best Gaming Site

BTC365 is one of the leading crash casino gaming sites. This popular gambling platform is regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro. It ensures reliability and high security for their players. It is the best-recommended site to try crash casino games. The platform is well-curated, with an on-the-go betting experience for the users.

BTC365 is also known as a crypto-exclusive betting platform for specific casino games. To play crash casino game, the players get the flexibility to use their cryptocurrencies or liquid funds or to place bets.

The users will further learn to gain the advantage of discounts and rewards on bet rounds. Both experts and beginners will enjoy crash gambling with bitcoins on this platform. You can check out the available games on the platform.

Enjoy Bonuses At BTC365 Casino Games

The platform offers a welcome bonus to its newly registered users. When you finish your registration successfully, there will be a reward for the first four deposits. If you want to trigger the reward, a minimum deposit of 0.0005 BTC / 0.5 mBTC is needed. The total bonus you will get will be 0.015 BTC.

On the first deposit, users get a 100% bonus match. And for the next consecutive deposits, BTC365 will offer a 50% match bonus. The expiration period of the bonus is 30 days. The players have to use them before it expires.

Apart from the bonus funds, you will also enjoy 150 BTC365 Casino free spins. These spins are available with no betting requirements. The platform has other incentives on its official website. The special incentives include seasonal promotions, cashback programs, reload bonuses, dividend pools, and more. You can also become a member of a BTC365 Casino VIP Club. You can learn more about the bonuses on their site.

Sign Up at BTC365 to Play Crash Casino Game

Here, we brought you the simple steps to sign up for the platform to enjoy crash casino games:

  • First, you need to download the BTC365 app to register.
  • Once you download, complete the registration process. Provide the required valid details for successful sign-up.
  • After you enter BTC365, try the demo version of the crash games. You can also go for your first deposit to start with real bets.
  • Then, select your favorite casino game to enter the page.
  • Finally, you can place your preferred bets and start enjoying the game.


This is all about crash casino gambling and its strategies. The players must understand the basic strategies, features and approaches to witness a successful game. The strategy to place bets and implement features like auto cash out, auto bets, marginal strategies etc., should be practiced well. When players master their strategies, they can master the game too. Finally, you can become an expert in crash casino gambling.

BTC365 platform is the highly recommended platform for crash games. You can enjoy benefits like bonuses, promotions and rewards with a great gaming experience here. Go through the crash game site to get more information.


How high can the multiplier rise in crash gambling?

The multiplier can increase anywhere between 2x to 100x before the crash. It is difficult to predict a crash. It is sudden and hard to imagine how high the multiplier can go. The multiplier can even reach a height of 500x.

What is a house edge in the crash casino?

House edge is a mathematical concept that favors the crash casino gambling site. As gambling is all about luck and skill, the site calculates winning rates that work in their favor to balance the losses and keep the game beneficial to their players.