Aviator is one of the popular crash casino games. It is a multiplayer-level game with cryptocurrency. Here, the player simply aims to eject from the plane to win bets before the game ends or the plane crashes. The reason behind this game’s popularity is that it has grabbed industrial attention among blockchain gaming users.

If you are new to this aviator crash game, then here is a detailed article covering every aspect of the game. Learn how to play Aviator crash game with Bitcoin and crypto. Dive into the below sections to learn how to play the aviator game, how to win by applying strategies and also learn where to play.

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

What is Aviator Game? How Does It work?

The Aviator game was released by the Spribe provider in 2019. The game has won millions of hearts with its catchy graphics and easy-to-understand designs. It is a revolutionary crash game with an exciting graphical display.

The game offers a great level of excitement to every user due to its instant winning potential. The crash gambling odds can multiply up to 1,000,000 times. The number keeps on rising with the plane. The odds will increase until the player cash-outs.

The player gets a chance to win on several outcomes of the plane. Bets can be placed on the flight’s arrival time, travel distance, weather conditions etc. It is interesting to predict these outcomes and place bets. The game area is divided into three sections. In the center, a small plan is located. It takes off and reaches heights in no time. When the plane flies higher and longer, the bet multiplier rises high.

Below the central part, you will find a cockpit. Here, you can manage your bet. Interaction in the game starts from this part. On the left side, you will find the other game players. You can easily notice when any player withdraws bets. You can also check your winning history and last flight details in this place.

How To Play Aviator Crash Game?

  • You have to choose the amount to bet. It can be entered manually or with the given options, such as 1 USDT, 2 USDT, 5 USDT, or10 USDT. The bet goes up to 100 USDT
  • Before the round starts or the plane off starts, place the bets. The players are given a chance to bet during the flight. Sometimes, you must wait to place a bet until the next round.
  • Actively keep an eye on the game and follow the plane. Then, withdraw the funds before it crashes. The bet multiplies by odds during the withdrawal time.
  • The bet should be placed before the round starts. The players get 20 to 30 seconds to place a bet. You can prefer to place two bets in the same round.
  • Once the plane takes off, the multiplier starts increasing.
  • You will lose all your winnings if the plane flies away or crashes before cashing out.

How To Place Bet In  Aviator Crash Game?

An amount of 1 USDT is set by default. If you want to increase the bet, select the ‘+’ button. You can place your bet amount manually.

Auto Bet
The player can set the auto bet feature. This will help to set the bet size automatically. So you don’t have to adjust the bet for each session. You need to select the amount, and it will be placed in every round. You can also set the auto withdrawal with a specific coefficient in the game.

Manual Bet
In every round of the Aviator game, you can manually set your desired bet amount. Also, you can withdraw when you want to. This betting feature is available in many slots. The players can conveniently choose the preferred amount to play. They will place the bet before the round starts and withdraw the winnings.

How Is The Winning Calculated In Aviator Game?

The odds display on the panel during the plane movements in the game. Your winnings will depend on calculation time. When the plane stays in motion for a longer time, the greater odds are calculated.

The current odds determine the total money you win. If you want to calculate the wins, multiply the chances by your bet amount. The Random Number Generator determines the odds you get before the plane takes off. This is how the crash casino online games work. It doesn’t matter whether you get a big or small multiplier in the game, it all comes down to luck.

How To Win Aviator Crash Game?

You need to apply some general casino crash game tactics and strategies to win aviator games. No crash games seem easier without the right use of strategies. Both beginners and experts are advised to implement strategic approaches to win the game.

Martingale System
This strategic system is based on a mathematical formula. You should double the bet size after each loss when you want to win the Aviator game with great profit. This should be continued until you win. This strategy works well when you play with even bets.

Paroli System
The strategy is well known as the Reverse Martingale. When the player wins, they should increase the bet size for the coming round. The principle behind the strategy is to double the winnings in consecutive rounds.

Fibonacci System
The strategic betting system is useful for the Aviator game. It is based on the Fibonacci sequence. With this strategy, you can recover the losses and enjoy returning to the winning position. Keep in mind that the bet size must be according to the sequence. It should start with 1 unit and can be increased to 2,3,4,8 etc.

D’Alembert System
It is highly beneficial in the Aviator crash game. This strategy is based on a mathematical equation. The players need to increase their bet size after each loss. Eventually, they have to decrease their bet amount after a win.

Expert Tips To Play The Aviator Games

Here are the aviator game tricks to apply before starting the game.

  • Always start with low stakes. Then, gradually increase the bet amount.
  • Go for free play options or a demo version available to practice before actual betting.
  • Keep track of wins and losses to adjust the strategies accordingly.
  • Understand when to cash out or withdraw.
  • Take advantage of promotions, bonuses and special offers.
  • Be aware of the odds in Aviator Game.
  • Set a particular budget for each session.
  • Read the Aviator game rules before starting; it will increase your chances of winning.

Gaming Features of Aviator Games

Live Statistics
The Aviator game features live statistics, which gives real-time updates. Here, you can see the winner of the day and year. It displays the winning amount of the winner and the bets they placed. You will also know the total multiplayer.

Live Bets
In live bets, you will notice how much bet amount others placed in one round. The feature also shows how much the players won when they cashed out. In each round, you can see the players’ names and the cryptocurrencies they placed.

In-game Chat
The players can find this feature on the web-based platform’s right side. Here, you can talk with other players. It is a place to socialize and discuss predictions and possible cash-outs.

Aviarace Tournaments
These are in-game events that take place randomly. The tournaments are valid on a single day. Remember, the more you play and the higher the multiplier reaches. With the bigger bonus, you will be ranked higher on the leaderboard. You will also get free bets, cash prizes and other special incentives.

Choose The Best Gaming Site To Play Aviator Game

If you are looking for the best site to crash games like Aviator, BTC365 is an ideal gaming platform. It is a widely popular crypto gaming platform that offers different crash casino games. Moreover, BTC365 is internationally licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro. Hence, it is considered a safe place for crash casino gambling and sports betting.

The users can enjoy playing exciting crash games here. To play the Aviator game, you can use Bitcoin and other crpyto to place bets. New users are suggested to start with the demo versions of Aviator before playing on real bets. They are also advised to learn the strategies and gaming features of Aviator on the platform.

Being new in the crash gambling world with crypto, BTC365 is still highly rated for its graphical and advanced gaming set-up. It also allows users to get easier access to their favorite games. The users will experience a seamless gaming experience and enjoy bonuses on the platform. So, if you are wondering where can I find aviator game, then you must visit the BTC365 site.

Promotions, Rewards and Bonuses at BTC365

BTC365 offers a range of bonus and reward offers. It welcomes the user with a bonus, and after proceeding, there are unlimited incentives, rewards and promotions to explore. Let’s check out the available offers.

BTC365 Casino Welcome Offer
With your first deposit, you will get a bonus code for the standard welcome bonus. The users receive a 100% match bonus of 1.5 BTC. You must make a minimum deposit of 0.5 BTC to earn the bonus. The players also get free funds to use on crash games.

Moreover, you will also get free spins to offer on your first deposit. There are 50-150 free spins offered based on the deposit amount. You can use these to bet.

Promotion Offers
The users must subscribe to BTC365 Coin Toss YouTube to enjoy promotional offers of free bets. The lucky player can win up to 8888 USDT bonus.

BTC365 offers other bonuses such as a 50% Renewal Bonus – Sports, a 50% reload bonus and much more.

When you sign up for its mobile application, you will get a free bet worth $5 worth. You can use this bet for your Aviator crash game rounds. Register on the platform to check out the available bonus.

Steps To Sign Up and Play Aviator Game at BTC365

The sign-up process to enjoy the Aviator crash game is quite simple. It is easy to learn the process with quick steps. You will land on the game’s page without any hassles. Moreover, within a few minutes, the game will get started. Below are the sign-up steps to play the aviator crash game.

  • Download the BTC365 mobile application or browse its web-based platform.
  • Click on the Register option located at the top right corner. If you already have an account in the platform, click on login.
  • During the sign-up or registration process, enter all the details carefully. The details include username, email address, password confirmation etc.
  • Read the terms and conditions before proceeding to complete the registration process.
  • Once you sign-up, it will take a few seconds to enter the crypto gambling world.
  • Under the crypto games section, you will explore different crash casino games.
  • Select the Aviator option and enter. Place your first bet and enjoy the game.

Note – Try the Aviator demo version before entering the actual game.


With the popularity of online crash gaming, the Aviator game has its heights. Since its development, it has remained the most popular game with crypto. The provably fair features are one the major reasons behind the game’s success. The free demo version helps the player to understand all the features quickly. The game is available on every top casino gaming site, like BTC365. It also offers a fair platform to play with high security.

BTC365 can be your ultimate platform to enjoy the Aviator game. This licensed platform is trustworthy and known for its user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is among the top suggested crash gambling platforms. You will get a complete overview of the game on this site, along with a free-play option.


How does the Aviator crash game algorithm work?

The aviator game uses the RNG- random number generator algorithm. It shows when the plane will fly upward. This technique involves working on a predicted value which is called a server seed. This combines with more information to generate a new value.

What is the maximum win in the Aviator game?

The minimum bet amount for the Aviator game is 0.1 USDT, while the maximum is 100 USDT.

What is a seed in an Aviator crash game?

A seed is called a string of random characters used to produce the outcomes in the game. The server generates the seed, which is utilized by the browser to generate the ultimate game’s results.