Crash gambling is an online way of playing gambling games with cryptocurrencies. It has gained enormous popularity over the years among players of online gambling games. Crash gambling is the most fun, profitable, and enjoyable way of crypto gambling. It is majorly a game of chance that needs calculations, intuitive predictions, and strategies to win. The game resembles online trading, where a multiplier goes up, and you have to cash out before the multiplier crashes to keep yourself from losing the game. 

BTC365 Crash Casino Online Bitcoin Casino
BTC365 | Best Online Bitcoin Crash Casino

If you win an online crash game, the win amount will get deposited in your account, which you can withdraw and transfer to your crypto wallet. For crash gambling, you have to make an account on crash betting sites like BTC365. Make sure to thoroughly go through and understand the terms and conditions of the site before signing up as a player. After that, you will have to register your email id and password. After successfully registering and signing up on the crypto gambling website, you have to deposit some funds in your account according to the minimum requirements of the app. 

Popular crypto casinos and crash gambling sites mainly accept cryptocurrencies, like, 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH), etc.

Reliable crash gambling or crypto betting sites like BTC365 offer all-around customer support to the players through emails, calls, and live chat to rule out any queries, confusion, and technical complexities that arise at any step of playing or registration. 

The core essence and principle of every online crash game is to place bets on a rapidly moving and increasing multiplier value and to cash out the bet on the highest value before the multiplier crashes. 

However, let us learn about some of the most popular crash gambling games played massively on online crypto casinos and get an understanding of their playing and winning strategies, respectively. 

Top 3 Crash Gambling Games (Spribe Aviator, Plinko, Dice)

The top three crash gambling games that have gained immense popularity across all the crypto casinos are:

Spribe Aviator

Spribe Aviator is an easy-to-play online crash game equally loved by beginners and expert betters. This aviation-themed crash betting game was developed by Spribe Studios in 2019. The game features high-quality graphics and offers big wins of up to 100 times the bet value. The game offers a minimum betting value of 0.1 USDT and the maximum of 100 USDT. 

This online crash game also has other attractive features, like 

  • In-game chat– It allows the players to communicate with one another. It enables the players to report any issues arising while playing the game. 
  • Autoplay and Auto-cashout– Players can play and cash out automatically without manually pressing the cashout button. 
  • Live Gaming- It is the most exciting feature of the game and lets the players bet live stakes while playing. It means the players can place their bets and observe their money multiply while the plane soars higher.  
  • Multiplier Statistics- One of the most amazing feature is that players have access to the previous multiplier statistics. It helps the players analyze the previous data and get an insight into the behavior of the multiplier, eventually leading to better and guaranteed chances of winning big rewards. 


It is an all-time popular casino game that continues to bloom even in its crypto casino version. The game originated in 1983 from the American TV show “The Price is Right.” Online crash betting sites like BTC365 offer a unique Plinko experience with hi-tech graphics, visuals, and comprehensible rules. 

The steps to play Plinko are quite easy:

  • After pressing one of the colored buttons, the same colored disc falls from the top of the board.
  • The disc gets deflected by the pegs and eventually lands on one of the coefficients present at the bottom of the board. 
  • The coefficients are the multipliers that decide the final winning amount for the players. 

The players can easily regulate and manage the difficulty level of this crash betting game by adjusting the number of pins available on the board. Plinko also offers an autoplay option to the players to make the game automatic while guaranteeing big rewards with minimal manual handling and management. 

The betting range of Plinko generally ranges between the crypto value of $0.01 to $2,500, while the betting amount generally ranges between $0.1 to $100. 


It was launched by Trustdice in 2019 as a crash game. The game offers simple yet attractive visuals and graphics to limit distractions for the players and allow them to focus on the game. The playing rules and playing mechanisms of the game. It offers valuable features and benefits, like,

  • Auto cashout and automatic betting options
  • The graphics and the dark theme of the game make it easier for the player to bet for longer hours.
  • Clean use of aesthetics and animation to render a flawless gaming experience with zero distractions which helps the player focus on the game and increases their scope for earning substantial rewards. 

Tips to Play Crash Gambling

The following tips will help you play crash gambling games like a pro and win big prizes and bonuses by making strategic and calculative cashouts.

  • The first and most effective tip for playing and winning a crash betting game is to develop a clear understanding of how crash gambling works
  • Patience is key; remain patient and watch the other players play for the first two to three rounds. These non-performing rounds will also help you analyze the speed and behavior of the multiplier and will make you more aware and careful about the right time to cash out. 
  • As a beginner, first play with small amounts until you learn to play the online crash game efficiently. Betting on big numbers, in the beginning, might lead you to significant losses.
  • Playing the free or demo version of the online crash game is always advisable before betting for real money. It will help you get an idea about the playing strategy and a practical understanding of the game. 
  • Go through the list of crash betting games available on the crash gambling site to choose the one that you want to start with. After choosing the game, go through the game rules, strategies, and requirements to know how to play it efficiently.
  • As said earlier, even if you have understood the rules and mechanisms of the crash betting game, just watch other players bet and play for the first two or three rounds.
  • After that, you can start off by making bets, increasing your bet amount carefully and calculatingly as you start gaining confidence in your skills as well as your chance. 
  • One thing that you need to keep always in mind while playing crash gambling games is that it is entirely a game of chance, and you should not become overconfident at any point in this game. 

Play Crash Gambling on BTC365 – The Best Crash Casino 

For a smooth, safe, and thrilling crash gambling experience, it is important that you play the online crash game of your choice on the best as well as the most reliable crypto casino website, i.eBTC365. Being an internationally recognized and renowned crash gaming website, they offer players an exciting and thrilling crypto gaming experience worldwide. The website has an array of crash betting games that create an indulging and varied gaming environment. The website has robust, state-of-the-art security features for a secure and seamless crash gaming experience. 

BTC365 possesses some distinctive specifications and features, including but not limited to,

A varied range of online crash game options

They have numerous crypto betting games, like,

  • Crypto sports betting
  • Crypto esports betting
  • Live crypto casino games
  • Slot crypto games
  • Arcade crypto games

The wide variety of games keeps the players entertained and engaged in winning big numbers for long hours without getting exhausted. 

Utmost safety & security

They have made the gaming environment transparent, fair, and guarded by using the most advanced blockchain technology. They are internationally licensed to provide you with the most secure and user-friendly crash betting platform to bet on any sports event from anywhere in the world or play any crash game using any cryptocurrency you choose. Moreover, they ensure the security of your personal and financial information and data. 

Easy to navigate crash gaming website

BTC365 has developed a crash gambling website that is extremely easy to use and navigate. Players can easily locate the games, events, terms & conditions, and information mentioned on the website through the segregated buttons and sections present on it. The interface is not only convenient but also remarkably attractive, which enhances the crash gaming experience by leaps and bounds. 

Unhindered customer service and support

The website offers 24*7 customer support to make the gaming experience as seamless and as reliable as possible. They rendered multi-way access to their customer service, which can be availed either through live chatting, email, or call. 

How to do crash gambling on BTC365?

You can indulge in an incomparable crash gaming experience on BTC365 in a few easy steps:

  • Step 1- Register yourself as a player on BTC365.
  • Step 2- Get your account verified.
  • Step 3- Deposit the preferred cryptocurrency in your account.
  • Step 4- Scroll through the gaming options and start playing and betting on the chosen match.
  • Step 5- After winning a hand, withdraw the winning amount in your crypto wallet. 


Crash gambling has become a rage among cryptocurrency and crypto casino lovers present in every part of the world. Choosing a trusted site for playing crash games can make the experience considerably smooth, safe, and resourceful. BTC365 is one of the best and safest crash betting websites for beginners as well as pro players of online crypto games. It is the perfect site to step into the outstanding and rewarding world of crypto gambling after acquiring a basic understanding of crypto casinos and online crash games. 

FAQs on Crash Games

Are online crash games legit?

Online crash games are a legitimate and legal form of online betting. You just have to be mindful of choosing a reliable and licensed crash gambling site. BTC365 is an internationally licensed crypto casino trusted by millions of online crypto casino players all over the world. They provide a secure, transparent, and legitimate environment for playing different types of crash gambling games. 

Is there a free version of the crypto crash gambling games?

Top crypto casinos and crash gambling sites like BTC365 offer a free demo version of all the games available on their site before you start playing or betting for real money. It is highly advisable to avail the free demo option, if available, before stepping into the real crash gaming scenario to get an idea about the rules and the risks associated with a particular online crash game. However, if the free demo option is unavailable, it is advisable not to actively participate in a few initial rounds and watch the other players play. 

How to choose a trustworthy and legit crypto crash gambling site?

There are various parameters to judge the dependability and reliability of a crash gambling website. Nevertheless, safety and anonymity are the most prominent and vital aspects that need to be considered before registering as a player on a website. If the site offers a secure financial environment for safe transactions and keeps your financial information confidential or private by not sharing it with any third party without your consent, it can be counted as an accountable website. 

Also, if it offers you the option to keep your identity and personal information, like name, contact, and email, confidential by not sharing it with other players or any third party without your consent, you can consider crash betting on the website. You can also check if they have shared their gambling license on their site.

How to play online crash games with minimum risk?

The only legible way to reduce the risks associated with crash gambling is to get a complete understanding before stepping into it. You can also keep your bet amounts in check at the initial stage of your betting journey. It would also be advisable to remain watchful and observant while playing the game to develop an intuitive understanding of the game. 

Collecting more and more information and reading about crash betting can also help you to reduce the risks associated with the game. 

As a beginner, is it easy and safe to play crash gambling games?

If you remain careful, attentive, and patient while playing the games, it will be remarkably easy and safe for you to play a crypto crash gambling game.