The popularity of casino games is skyrocketing every single day. One of the pioneers, Nolimit Casino, have been working on innovating these games at a furious pace to keep up with the growing demand for options. The variety of games has expanded to the point where you can play a new game daily. 

Misery Mining is a slot game by Nolimit City - You can play this game on BTC365

And with the advancements, multiple casino games worldwide have incredible new features. Nolimit City is a top gambling software operator and provider offering various online slots. Amongst all, Misery Mining is one of the most popular ones on the Nolimit Casino. Here we will understand everything about Misery Mining. 

What is Misery Mining? 

The HolexBomb sequel brings us back to the mines in a fire with even more substantial potential and a more critical quest based on Misery Mining from Nolimit City Casino. It is an emerging and immersive online casino video slot game that takes players deep into the mining world of precious minerals and gemstones. The slot game has become famous for many individuals because of its exciting gameplay, captivating graphics, and potential for big wins. 

Once you enter the exciting and virtual world of “Misery Mining” by Nolimit Casino, you’ll find yourself in a dimly lit mine shaft. The same is surrounded by rugged equipment and valuable gemstones waiting to be discovered. It has innovative features and engaging gameplay, offering plenty of opportunities to win big. You will find numerous features that can significantly boost your earnings, from free spins to various bonus rounds. Extraordinary and hidden treasures fill every spin, which comes with the possibility of striking it big. 

The game takes you along for the rides as you will notice one furious dwarf and his task to uncover the ultimate beer. With his complete devotion and underpass vision, indeed, nothing is going to prevent the dwarf from reaching the liquid gold that he so desperately longs for. 

What are the different features of Misery Mining online slot machines?

There are multiple exciting features that come up with Misery Mining. Here we will understand about them. 

Collapsing Mine 

As you start spinning, you will notice that the reel set starts with a 3×3 setup, which can increase to a 7×7 set when the xBombs explode. Once you land on the xBomb symbol in the centre position, expand the grid in all ways. With the same, you can activate the game’s collapse by creating a winning combination, a bomb exploding, or if you have less than three scatter symbols on the reels, these scatters will pivot into non-wild fiercexBomb symbols. Once the game activates the collapse, new symbols will fall to cover the empty positions, creating recent wins. 

Misery Freespins

The misery-free spins can be triggered by three scatter symbols or one or two super scatter symbols, with a three-by-three, four-by-four, and five-by-five reel initial layout. You can activate the misery-free spins feature by landing 3 scatter symbols where 1 or 2 super scatter symbols also can be included with these 3 scatter symbols. The game offers two different bonus modes: Mouse mode or Rat mode. 

  • In the mouse mode, you have 8,10, or 12 free spins, which rely on the number of scatter symbols you had when triggering the bonus round. With that, you can get 2 extra free spins if less than 2 super scatter symbols are active.
  • In the rat mode, the features start with 3 spins. It activates coin wagons, or super scatter resets the number of spins to 3. The topmost row will reveal enhancers for each spin.

Different enhancers can be activated multiple times in a single spin in this online casino slot

Coin Wagons 

The coin’s value is added to any side collectors closest to it, and it updates the total win. Not only this, but it also updates the total value of the scatter. Spins that are left to 3 in Rat mode, coins wagons reset the number. 


If the bomb is activated, it will drop down to the activating scatter and open surrounding 8 positions. If the bomb starts in the centre position, it explodes in all places except the side and bottom collectors. 


Once activated, Multiplier enhancers boost the multiplier on a super scatter for the rest of the bonus game. The multiplier values are added to the current multiplier on the super scatter. These multipliers will multiply any values collected by enhancers activated by the scatter. 


It collects all values that the scatter and side collectors on the corresponding row that it landed on. It also updates the total win with the accumulated value and then adds it to the scatter that activated this ample enhancer. 


In addition to the coin wagons, it sticks to the lowest scatter, which prevents it from activating other enhancers. It even collects multipliers when stuck on a super scatter. 


The Rat appears only on enhancer reels 1 and 7. It shifts downwards over the collectors on the same reel to add value when landing. 

Side Collectors 

Through bomb and rat, you can activate side collectors. Side collectors may interact with other features such as Moneybag, Dwarf, and Chest when activated. 

Super Scatter

It only appears on enhancer reels 2 and 6. If it activates, the same jumps to a random position in the active reel area. It adds +2 free spins, and in the rat mode, it resets the number of spins to 3. 

Bottom Collectors

When activated, Bottom Collectors can collect all the values on reels 1 and 7 while resetting the number of spins to 3 in the rat mode. This gives players an additional +2 free spins, giving them an even greater opportunity to win.

xBomb wild multiplier 

The symbols help enable more winning combinations substituting for other symbols, except for the scatter and super scatter symbols. Before a new collapse, this symbol explodes no matter whether it is included in the win. Once the symbol explodes, adjoining symbols except the scatter, super scatter or other bomb symbols will be removed from the slot games by Nolimit Casino. It also raises the win multiplier by 1X for the ensuing doom, and adjacent barriers will be dragged one step away from the bomb. 

xBomb Mining

The remaining scatters and super scatter symbols will turn into bomb symbols when there are no wins or xBomb wilds, even when there are fewer than three scatters. With this, a collapse activates, moving barriers and even increases the win multiplier by 1X for the upcoming descent. 

Le Grand Jaune 

Getting 70000X the bet is the maximum possible win in this game; if achieved, the Le Grand Jaune is triggered. 

Buy bonus 

Another feature is a bonus. You can readily use the bonus buy feature to immediately take advantage of the bonus games. In this, you can choose between 66X to 1000X the base bet. 

Misery Mining Slot Theme and Storyline

The theme of Misery Mining by Nolimit Casino is historical mining. In search of their fortune, players are transported to frontier times and then descend into the depths of the Earth for their future in the online casino slot. For those looking for a flaky environment and bored of those Western slots, this is an ideal game to start with.

The entire game is set in a rugged and treacherous mine shaft showcasing the daily challenging conditions that miners might face. The game’s visuals are designed to create a realistic atmosphere, with dim lighting, wooden beams, and scattered mining equipment. The game’s background features a rocky cave filled with glittering gemstones, adding a touch of luxury to the otherwise gloomy setting. 

How to play Misery Mining Slot? 

When you start the game, you will head to the depths, meeting an eye-patch-wearing dwarf and his pet rat. You will notice a unique Western style to the Misery Mining slot machine. Here the characters share the mine with playing card symbols, compass, whiskey bottle, pipe, and plenty of bonus symbols, such as dynamite and mine carts. In the game, eight locked sections gradually open up on a smaller 3×3 symbol grid flanked by metallic barriers. 

You can readily play for between 0.20 and 100 on each spin, and a click on the $ emblem reveals all the staking options. In order to sit back and watch the reels spin, you just need to click the arrow button on the user-friendly controls. Now, you just need to tap the 3 little dots on the panel to open a paytable. 

It is necessary that before you start playing the online casino slot by Nolimit Casino, you must review the entire slot once. It’s been seen that it’s an unusual game. 

Minery Mining Slot Bonus Features 

Several bonus features significantly enhance the gameplay and even increase the chances of winning big. Let’s explore the game features by Nolimit Casino. 

Wild Symbol 

The dynamite symbol acts as the game’s wild symbol. It can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, except for the bonus symbols, which help create winning combinations. 

Free spins 

Free spins feature activated, players are awarded a set number of free spins. It can be the best part since you can earn additional wild symbols that can increase the chances of landing winning combinations through these online slot machines. 

Scatter symbols 

The game’s mining cart and diamond symbol are the two scatter symbols. Landing three or more mining cart scatter activates the free spins feature, while three or more diamond scatter triggers the Diamond Mine Bonus feature. 

Diamond Minus bonus 

The Diamond Mine Bonus is an interactive mini-game within Mining Misery. The players are presented with a grid of hidden gems and must select gems to uncover cash prizes or additional bonus features. The further goal is to continue picking gems until the “collect” symbol is revealed, which ends the bonus round. 

Play Misery Mining on BTC365 – The Best Crypto Slots Casino

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BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

Misery Mining is an entertaining online casino slot that combines an alluring theme, captivating visuals, and exciting gameplay. You can readily enjoy the game because of its enchanting features like a bonus, free spins, and an interactive mini-game. Players can readily win significant rewards by immersing themselves in the mining world.

It’s hard to imagine a better sequel to NoLimit City’s original smash hit, despite the soundtrack being darker. Misery Mining has many features, and each one will leave you in awe and confuse you simultaneously. Those looking for beer and innovation will find exactly what they want in Misery Mining. Still, the ones fond of simplicity might want to look elsewhere, where they can find themselves completely confused. 

If you are looking for a platform to get started, BTC365 is ideal, as you can learn the strategies to win significant casino games. It is one of the regulated platforms with flexible cryptocurrency choices to bet on its crash games collections. 


Q. What do you mean by the collapsing feature of the Misery Mining online slot machines? 

The activated area of the Misery Mining slot enhances during a collapsing Mine feature, as bombs move barriers and expand the grid from a 3×3 minimum to a 7×7 maximum size.

Q. Is Misery Mining the best online slot? 

The answer to the question entirely depends on what kind of player you are. If you are a high roller, you may want to play a slot with high volatility to get massive wins. If you are a low roller, you will prefer a slot with low volatility. You must simply try the slot to figure out whether the game is made for you.

Q. What is the best place to play Misery Mining? 

Multiple free online casino sites are available, and you can choose any trusted gambling operator or casino-related sites. You can trust BTC365 for the same. They have an incredibly user-friendly layout and demo mode, which makes users play on multiple devices. You can choose them.

Q. Is there a tutorial to help me get started?

When you start with Mining Misery, you will get a comprehensive tutorial that guides you through the game mechanics, controls, and strategies. It helps you understand the basic concepts and even gives you a head start in mastering the game.