Have you enjoyed playing all the slot games? Ever tried the mental slot game? If not, then you must try this adventurous slot game with exciting features and bonuses. It has been the expert’s choice of slot game since its discovery.

It is the best crypto casino slot game for people who love horror fantasies and themes while gaming. So, horror fans, it is a treat for you to enjoy gambling and witness big wins. Being recent in the casino world, the mental slot has become one of the famous online slot games in no time.

Now, it is available on popular online crypto casino platforms. The players can enjoy gambling with cryptocurrencies while playing this slot game. In this article, let’s explore more about the mental slot game and its special features. The below section gives a clear insight into playing the game smartly.

What is Mental Slot Game?

This is an image of Mental slot by Nolimit City.
Mental Slot by Nolimit City

The mental slot game was launched by Nolimit City in 2021. It was released with a wide variety of features, such as split symbols, bonuses, free spins, nudges, and multipliers. Mental slot is a highly volatile game with a Return-To-Player of 94.08% to 96.06%. It is suitable for both experts and beginners. Experts will enjoy taking high risks with mastering strategies. Being highly volatile, the game also offers large jackpots. The mental slot game should be played with a more substantial bankroll to avoid loss. The game also offers a top prize of 66,666x.

How Does Mental Slot Game Work?

The mental slot game is played on 5 reel grid. It is arranged in a 3-2-3-2-3 layout which offers 108 ways to win. It can be further expanded up to 20 rows. The player can witness a win when they land on adjacent reels with three or more matching symbols from left to right. Besides that, the default RTP is 96.08% of the game. The mental slot max win can rise to RTP 96.47% with exciting features. According to sources, the game has been rated ‘Extreme,’ so the players have to be mentally ready to play it. The best thing about the game, it is playable on any device.

The gaming atmosphere gets denser and deeper when the player gets over various symbols. The game starts with horrifying body parts – kidneys, hearts, skeletal hands, brains, and eyes.

The lower-paying symbols featured body symbols – hand, heart, brain, lungs, and eye. These are placed with leather-like material. It makes it look creepier and more horrific when the knife starts cutting it.

How To Play Mental Slot Game?

Five patients are there for high pay, and they are referred in numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. When the players land on five patient symbols, they can win a payout up to 1.5 to 5 times the original stakes.

The yellow skull featured with a W symbol on the forehead is the wild symbol. It can substitute other paying symbols for more winnings. The spider and scorpion symbols are the scatter symbols of the slot game. The tombstone features a dead patient symbol with exciting qualities.

The game has multiple ways and split features, which offer additional ways to win the play. The players can encounter random fire frames on a spin. It takes place between 1 and 13 symbols which splits into two.As mentioned above, the maximum win can be 66,666x of the stake.

In addition, the slot game can be started with a low minimum bet, but the players have to watch for volatility and be careful about it. The higher hit frequency and volatility make the slot game worthy of playing. So, there are chances to witness win big.

Mental Slot Game Exciting Features

The Nolimit city slot holds a reputation for developing slot games with complicated features and gameplay. Its mental slot game is no exception, and it also has exciting features. Here are the breakthrough features of the games.

Fire Frame Features

Players can activate the fire frames on any random spin between 1 to 13 reels. The reels are featured in split and flames for displaying two symbols.

Dead Patients

The Dead Patient symbols are the major features that play the most important role in the game. A random multiplier is applied when two dead patients appear on the reels. The win will be further multiplied by x5 up to x9999. The multiplier can be anywhere between these possibilities. This feature unlocks the maximum win.

Autopsy Free Spins

With 3 or more Scorpian symbols, the slot game triggers autopsy-free spins. The feature will award 8 Autopsy Free Spins along with fire frame awards. With each free spin, the player gets 5 reel positions.

Lobotomy Free Spins

With 3 scorpions and 1 spider symbol, the game triggers with Lobotomy Free Spins. The player will be awarded 9 Lobotomy Free Spins. They follow the same rules as the Autopsy spins. It also triggers Mental Transformations on every spin. A dead multiplier activates from each dead symbol.

Mental Free Spins

This free spin feature is activated with 3 scorpions and 2 spider symbols. This gives the player 10 free spins available in both Lobotomy and Autopsy modes. The spider symbols are sticky with transformations. Moreover, the dead Multiplier won’t reduce when used. Therefore, the player can play for over 10 spins with a 9,999x bonus.

Enhancer Cells

The enhancer cells are available at the 2 and 4 reels at the bottom. It is activated with 4 and 6 fire frames. These cells can reveal 6 different symbols. The wild cell features winning combinations that substitute other paying symbols.

xWays shows 3 similar symbol types, which result in the rows. It offers chances for great winnings. When players land on multiple xWays symbols, they will be the same symbols. xSpilt cells split into 2 wild cells, and the reels will witness 1 symbol split into 2.

The xNudge Wild are nudged to get visible on the reel. When the nudge appears, the winning multiplier will rise to 1x. When the player has multiple wild multipliers, it will be added to a total wild multiplier.

Bonus Buy Features

The bonus buy feature comes with a great advantage. It can be played in the following different ways;

  • 80x – The player can take part in 8 to 11 Autopsy Free Spins, and the RTP can increase up to 96.26%.
  • 230X – Here, the player can enjoy 9 to 13 Lobotomy Free Spins, with an RTP of 96.17%.
  • 232X – This will randomly assign any of the three bonus features. Here, the Lobotomy Free Spin has a 40% chance; at the same time, Autopsy Free Spin has a 50% chance while landing. While the Mental Free Spins has 10%. Here, the RTP can rise up to 96.42%.
  • 1000X – It offers 10 to 15 Mental Free Spins, and the RTP rises up to 96.68%.

Play Mental Slot Game On The Trustworthy Crypto Casino Platform

Looking for a trusted platform to enjoy the mental slot game? BTC365 can be your ultimate casino platform to enjoy the horror graphical slot game. Especially for crypto users, it is a great platform to play the Mental game. Being a crypto slots gambling site, it is on the trend among today’s generation. The available payment options are USDT, mBTC, LTC, and ETH. Moreover, the platform has suitable payment options with easy payout and withdrawals, enhancing the crypto gambling experience.

BTC3 has its own mobile application that is well-curated with easily accessible features. The sign-up process is hassle-free. Within seconds, you will explore the top-rated crypto casino slot games. The application also ensures an on-the-go sports betting experience for the users. Therefore, it is the best platform to play mental slot games with Bitcoin. Join the platform today to witness a great crypto slot gambling experience.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Special Offers at BTC365

The players can enjoy mental slot games with interesting bonuses and incentives in BTC365. It offers a 100% welcome bonus for its slots up to 200 USDT. The players have to make their first deposit and click on Apply to get the bonus. It offers 20x wagering of deposit and bonus on slots games and sportsbooks. The bonus has 30-day expiry.

The platform also offers a Dividend Pool, where it shares a percentage of its revenue with the players. The percentage is based on tokens earned. It comprises 10% of the revenue, with 0.2% of the wagers. It is a great way to reward the long-term gamblers of the platform.

Steps To Register and Play Mental Slot Game at BTC365

There are simple steps to register and play the mental slot game. After successful registration, you can play the free version of the game before going for actual bets. The process is extremely easy without any complex login requirements. The platform also doesn’t charge any extra registration fees. Below are the steps to follow for successful sign-up.

  • Enter the web-based platform or sign up through BTC365 mobile app. It is accessible in different browsers and devices.
  • Locate the Register option on the top right corner of the platform to open a new account.
  • After you click on it, there are some necessary details to fill up for registration. It will ask you to enter your mail address and username along with password confirmation.
  • Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before submitting your details.
  • It takes a few seconds to successfully register and enter the platform as a user.
  • In the slot games section, you will find a wide variety of slot games. There you will easily locate the Mental slot game.
  • Try the free-play version of the slot game before playing with a real money bet to understand its winning tactics.


Play the mental slot game to witness the classic horror flavor. The popularity behind the game is its theme is heavily influenced by American Horror Story. When you enter the game, it will take you to the historical mental asylum where patients undergo medical procedures. This graphical presentation makes the player feel thrilled. For the crypto casino gamblers who are horror story fans, it is definitely a treat to play. You can enjoy the game at the famous BTC365 platform, which holds a great reputation with an internationally recognized iGaming License.


What symbols are used in the online Mental slot machine?

The Mental online slot is themed with a graphical asylum feature. The patient’s symbols appear with different anatomical symbols such as lungs, skeletal hands, brains, eyes, kidneys, etc. The additional bonus symbols are features with horrifying spiders, skulls, and scorpions. All the symbols appear in gruesome detail.

How the slot games positively impact the brain?

The online slot games are designed to excite the players. It delivers a great level of euphoria to players. As their money is at stake, the risk factors are higher. So, when the player witnesses a win, the brain releases excessive Dopamine. Being highly volatile, the Mental slot game is thrilling, which greatly impacts the brain.

What’s exciting about a mental slot game’s graphics and soundtrack?

The mental game is a famous horror slot game with a creepy piano soundtrack accompanied with electric sparks and weird screams. The symbol appears on blood-stained notebook pages and crumpled photographs. The symbol has frightened patients, body parts, and poisonous drugs. The best character is the masked Hannibal Lecter-type. The graphics of patients are the most terrifying. The graphical presentation and animation combine to create a natural psychiatric horror atmosphere.

What is the smartest way to play a mental slot game?

The smartest way to win huge is to ensure to bet enough to win large jackpots. The game must meet your playing personality. As it is highly volatile with high RTP, take risks only if you are an expert gambler. If you have played extremely volatile games earlier, you can master this game well. Place bets with actual money within your budget and keep an eye on the bankroll. Start with low stakes and use the bonus and rewards in the game for a massive win.

Is the mental slot game worth a spin?

The mental slot game is a very good choice for gamblers who enjoy slots with a broad range of features. Moreover, the game is an adrenaline pump for those who love body-horror films like Saw.