The online gambling industry has risen significantly in recent years due to the popularity of several innovative game trends. One such game is Aviator, an enjoyable game that has quickly become a favorite among fans of online gambling. The Aviator game by Spribe can be played on various devices, and the best part is if you have cryptos, you can bet with them! This means gamble enthusiasts now have another game to look into in their casino platform’s crypto game category.

Advanced gamers and beginners can also start earning good money out of Aviator. One must rely on your risk endurance, intuition, and some winning strategies to succeed. Follow this guide to learn the strategies for Aviator that improve your winning potential.

How does the Aviator game work for real money?

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

Like any other crash game, Aviator depends on the player’s decision on when to cash out of the game. But its high RTP level is what attracts players to bet on the game and win big. But before that, you should know how aviator game works to prepare your strategy.

The Aviator gameplay involves a red airplane that takes off as the user places a bet in every game turn. The coefficients appear when the plane is at the center of the screen. The more altitude the plane gains, the higher the quote gets. The player needs to stop the round by cashing out before the plane flies away or collapses. They can place no more than two bets for each round.

Although Aviator is an automated game of luck, Spribe uses a random number generator algorithm, so players know how does Aviator game work fair, as it’s impossible to predict the exact odds in the round and outcome value that makes players appreciate Aviator. But you can still use some tricks to help you play responsibly. Here is what to know about how is Aviator played to minimize volatility:

Decide on a bankroll

It is easy to get engrossed in the game and track your bankroll, especially when you are playing a crypto game on autoplay mode. Hence, it’s essential to decide on the bankroll and stop the game on time before you lose more money than you want. Establish the amount you can risk losing before entering the game. Don’t obsess over a lost game and chase after it. Get out of the game when your bankroll is about to get low.

Study the Aviator game statistics

One attractive feature of playing the Aviator game on a reliable platform is being able to access various gaming features that enable you to make a better decision before betting. You can find interactive features to chat with other players on the game round and know how much every participant has placed their bet. Make sure to check out the Aviator game statistics to study game round histories and understand the mechanism behind place flight. It would help you decide how much to bet.

Keep the volatility low

Using strategies to keep the volatility low enables you to learn the Aviator game how to play with your skills. In order to not lose too much bet, it is advised to play a single bet so you can keep track of all the essential points and stay focused on when to cash out. Also, consider playing on small coefficients to minimize financial loss and gradually increase your win. Additionally, use moderate risk aviator betting if you have enough bankroll to play with higher coefficients like x2, x3, etc., as losing it won’t be a big disappointment.

Try out the strategies in fun Aviator mode

Before starting out real betting, it’s advised to try out demo mode to gain confidence on how do you play Aviator. Players can use the Aviator best strategy in the demo mode to get the feel of the game and practice how to lower the house edge on the game round. However, it’s not smart to rely only on one strategy or choose only one betting system. Here are some of the best Aviator betting strategies to follow that turn out to work for you:

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is one popular Aviator game casino game strategy that works with a negative progression betting system. The objective here is to double the betting after each loss. This strategy works on the assumption that a win is inevitable after losing a wager, so when you win by doubling the stake, the player would be able to recover all their losses and make a profit that is equal to the original bet.

Fibonacci System

One of the oldest gambling mathematical approaches is the Fibonacci System which involves a set of numbers that follow each other according to a specific pattern. The pattern involves adding two previous numbers together to get the next number in the sequence. This means when you get a win, go back one step in the sequence to set the co-efficient, and when there is a loss, move one step forward to increase the bet amount.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is known as the cancellation system, which involves creating a betting sequence and crossing out the first and last numbers in the sequence after each win. When you lose, you can add the previous bet amount to the end of the sequence.

For instance, if you create a sequence of 1-2-3-4, then bet the sum of the first and last numbers and lose $5 at the end of the sequence. But when you win, cross out the first and last numbers, which leaves out the sequence of 2-3-4. So the next bet should be the sun of the first and last numbers in the new sequences, i.e., $6. Continue with the system until you cross out the numbers in the sequence or you reach the desired profit target.

Paroli System

Unlike the Martingale system, the paroli system is a positive progression betting strategy that involves doubling your bet amount after each win. This betting system works on the assumption that the winning streaks are more common than the losing streaks, so you should bet assuming it’s a winning run. This Paroli betting system has become the most appealing to the Aviator game. For instance, if you start your betting with $1 and win, you should bet $2 for the next round. If you win again, you should bet $4 and double it for the next games for a winning streak.

D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert system is another popular strategy used in Aviator games based on the principle of equilibrium. This strategy involves increasing your bet amount by one unit after a loss and decreasing your bet size by one unit after a win. It uses the gambling idea that the number of wins and losses would be approximately equal over time. So the players can reach a point of equilibrium where the total wins and losses are balanced.

The Best Crypto Casino to play the Aviator crash game

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

The Aviator game by Spribe has gained immense popularity in recent years. So, you can easily find many online casino platforms with crypto games with Aviator in their gaming categories. One of Aviator’s leading crypto casino platforms is BTC365, which is considered reliable in many regions. This legit platform is regulated by E-gambling in Montenegro, which ensures BTC365 operates fairly and complies with the crypto casino games regulation and regional laws.

It allows players to make deposits and withdrawals for the Aviator game with a range of major cryptocurrency options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, etc. You can play the game also using altcoins on BTC365, such as Cardano, Ripple, Dogecoin, etc., for the Aviator game. Players can expect to win big using its bonuses availability and improve their gaming skills with the demo account before wagering using their preferred cryptocurrency.

Bonus and promo features offered by BTC365

Players can take advantage of the lucrative bonus and promo features BTC365 offers. The platform welcomes new account holders with a bonus feature of up to 200 USDT with their initial deposit of a minimum of 10 USDT. Players can trigger a 100% bonus on BTC365 by wagering 20x on any game. You should utilize the bonuses or withdraw them before they expire in the following 30 days. In order to get more earning opportunities on BTC365, join its VIP club.

Sign-up with BTC365 to enjoy the Aviator game with crypto

  • First, go to the official website on a desktop device or download the BTC365 app on your smartphone to play on the go.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button on the homepage for the registration process.
  • Provide your valid email ID and create your account password.
  • Confirm the registration mail to successfully complete the sign-up process.
  • Make your first deposit to receive your welcome bonuses.
  • Now go to the “Crypto Games” category to play the Aviator game.


Aviator games can be your new favorite thrilling and engaging online gambling game to win money. Although the game is simple to understand with minimalistic rules, mastering the winning strategies and minimizing the volatility requires playing responsibly within the discipline.

When you understand the basics of the game, you’ll choose the right strategy and adjust your bet accordingly. Knowing the risks and avoiding mistakes, you can improve your winning possibilities in Aviator. The guide provide the information on how to play responsibly and stay within your limit while playing Aviator, keeping it fun and enjoyable.

It is recommended to play the Aviator game with your crypto on BTC365, one of the reliable crypto casino sites available online. Players can advance their gaming abilities to the next level thanks to its user-friendly layout and demo mode. Aviator game availability is on both desktop and mobile devices. So, take the opportunity to maximize your cryptocurrency bets from the Aviator game on BTC365.


What does the Aviator gameplay focus on?

The goal of Aviator is to make a profit by correctly predicting the next multiplier value of the graph. The Aviator gameplay mostly requires focusing on the flight rather than the winnings. So it’s essential to know how to predict the aircraft crash to collect your winnings at the right time rather than obsessing over much you could potentially win. Note that the longer the plane can fly, the greater the potential winning payouts.

Does the Aviator game offer a fair outcome?

Yes, the Aviator game uses provably fair technology to ensure each game turns outcomes are random and the results can’t be manipulated. The game involves a plane as a game multiplier that takes off and uses the Random Number Generator algorithm, which continues to fly higher and higher until it decides to crash and disappear from the screen. So the technology enables the players to verify that the game’s results are fair and unbiased.  

How much can one win playing Aviator?

There is no guarantee of winning in the Aviator game, but many players have developed effective strategies according to their playing style to make a desired payout on their bet. The winning amount you might cash out will depend on the bet amount and the multiplier value of the graph. Hence, there is no fixed winning amount that varies based on the player’s bet amount and the multiplier value at the time of cashing out. But to actually make a winning profit, the player should double their bet after each loss until they eventually win.

Can I cancel my bet on the Aviator game?

No, you can’t cancel your bet on Aviator once you have placed it, as it is not possible to stop the Aviator game once it’s started. The bet remains active until the graph crashes or you choose to cash out from the game. Note that you can cash out from the bet anytime before the plane multiplier graph crashes, which allows you to take your winnings and exit the game.

What to do if I lose an internet connection in the middle of playing Aviator?

If you lose your internet connection while playing Aviator, your bet will be resolved based on the game’s outcome at the time of the disconnection. This means when the internet connection is down or the game times out, your bet money, along with the multiplier, will be cashed out of the game, which means you would not lose any money and receive the winning for that bet.

But if the graph crashes before you have cashed out, you will lose the bet amount. Make sure to play the game with a stable internet connection to avoid disconnections. In case you experience technical issues, you can contact the customer support team of your chosen casino for assistance.