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Are you excited to start your online gambling journey with crash games? Before you start, you must know which crash game is the top-rated and best to start with. Many crash casino games are available; some are best for beginners, while others are best for experts. You must choose the crash games based on your present gambling skills. Crash gambling has become the most popular choice for today’s generation due to its quick gaming rounds and chances to win massively.

There are top crypto gambling platforms that offer crash games for new-aged gamblers. Being similar to online trading and the stock market industry, crash gambling has become famous in no time. Following the multiplier, the player just has to cash out or suffer from losses. Remember that a multiplier crash is not predictable and can lead to the loss of all your earnings.

Every crash game has different features, graphics, and bonuses. When you are a new bee in the crash gambling game field, you must get to know about the top 3 best crash games. Check out the below sections to know in detail about the best-recommended crash games which are presently ruling the casino world.

Top 3 Crash Games


Aviator is the latest social multiplayer crash casino game. The game consists of a plane that takes off and increases with a graphical curve that can crash without the player’s consent. When the game round starts, the multiplier scale starts rising higher. The player has to cash out before the aircraft flies away or crashes. This game has become popular among crypto casinos due to its simplicity. Spribe has introduced the game to regular crypto casinos.

The Aviator game’s graphics are completely simple. The players can clearly notice the line moving an upward path, which makes it easier for the players to make a cash-out decision. You will also find bet amounts at the top of the game screen. This will help you know what multiplier you have reached and when to cash out.

The flight control board is located at the bottom of the screen, where the cash-out and bet buttons are present. You can notice the cash-out button won’t be visible after the plane flies away or crashes. Based on your cash-out choice, the result will be either a huge win or a huge loss.

How to play the Aviator crash game?

At first, the player has to choose their bet size and confirm it. It is available in the betting window to let the player select their bet amount within the given time.

After the bet countdown expires, the flight will take off, and subsequently, the multiplier start growing.

The players can cash out at any point to get their winnings. They can also prefer to wait to witness a big larger multiplier.

But, if the plane crashes or flies, the ground round will end, and you will lose your potential winnings if not cashed out.

Moreover, you can notice a second bet option beside your initial bet, which can double your cash-out chances in the game.

RTP and Algorithm

The RTP or Return-To-Player is the amount the casino pays back to the players after playing the game. Most crash games have an RTP of about 95-97%. The aviator game has 97% RTP. It stands in between low to medium volatility. But remember, the volatility will differ based on the player’s cash-out preferences.

Aviator crash game uses honest RNG – random number generator algorithm. This algorithm determines when the aircraft will crash or fly away from its path. The technique works from a value called a server seed and combines it with other data to develop a value. Simply, you can say it shows the randomness or luck produced by the algorithm to expect the game’s outcome.


Mines is a real money Bitcoin crash game by Spribe. It is inspired by the game 90s famous computer game Minesweeper, where the players tap squares to reveal the symbol on the grid. Spribe has designed the game into 25 tiles on a 5×5 grid. The tiles will either contain a mine or a star.

The player has to go to reveal stars. The more the stars get revealed, the higher the payout amounts. The players have to be very careful because, if mines get revealed, the game round will end itself. As the game is over with a mine, the players will lose their bet amount along with their earnings. Mines crash game gives the player control over the bet to decide when to cash out.

How to play Mines crash games?

The players have to decide which casino platform to register in to start the game. Then, the player has to make a minimum deposit to start the game round.

Find the Mines games from the game library and navigate to adjust the bet size based on your skills. You must click the “Bet” button to start the game.

Then, you have to tap the tiles to reveal whether it is a star or a mine. A timely cashout is necessary to claim your winnings.

RTP and Volatility

The RTP of Mines is 97%, which is much higher than most online slot games. The higher RTP means the more returns the players can expect from the game. It is low to medium volatility.


The Plinko crash game is based on pop culture knowledge. It is inspired by the 1980s TV Show “The Price is Right” and the Japanese game Pachinko. This game is embraced by top crypto casinos. In this crash game, the balls or discs drop on the pinned board. The player must adjust their bet amount and then click the play button to drop the balls or discs.

The players get up to 555x winning chances. In the game, the possible payouts are located at the left and right of the board. The prize will be lower when the player is closer to the middle. It is based on Provably Fair Technology. 

How to play the Plinko casino game?

Register on a reputed crypt casino platform and make a deposit.

Navigate and enter the Plinko game to start playing. Adjust the required bet amount, and the game round will start. The player has to pick the ball color to drop on the board. Based on the colors of the balls you choose, the payout will be decided. Red balls usually have the highest chances compared to others.

RTP and Volatility

The Plinko casino game has Return-To-Player up to 97%. The player can earn up to $97 when they bet $100. It is a low to medium-volatility crash game.

Play Top Crash Games At BTC365 with Cryptocurrencies

BTC365 is one of the secured crypto gambling platforms to play casino games. It has also introduced crypto crash games on its site to grab the attention of today’s gamblers. The platform is new, but it has become one of the top preferred casino sites in a short period. It also has crypto-exclusive sportsbooks, which are fully regulated and safe for every player. Mostly, the platform has performed well in the Indian Market, grabbing the Indian punter’s attention. Currently, the website supports the Indian and Chinese languages.

Your crash gambling experience will turn out to be great in BTC365 due to its user-friendly and well-curated platform. The site is all about ease of use, where you can easily navigate and pick your favorite crash game. Moreover, it offers bonus offers, rewards, and promotions for a profitable gambling journey.

BTC365 is internationally regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro and aims to offer the safest crypto-betting platform. It offers a great variety of gambling options and sports features in the sportsbook. The crypto casino has gained its top reputation due to its best offering to advance the gambling experience. It can be your chosen platform to play exciting crash games and enjoy huge winnings.

Rewarding Bonuses and Special Promotional Offers At BTC365

Do you want to witness rewarding bonuses during crash gambling? BTC365 offers exciting bonus features and special offers. The newly registered users are welcomed with a welcome bonus and signup offers with real money to play crash games. When the players finish up their registration process successfully, the platform will reward you with a bonus for the next four deposits.

To activate the bonus reward, the user must conduct a minimum deposit of 0.0005 BTC / 0.5 mBTC. The users will get a 100% bonus match, while they will get a 50% match bonus for the next four consecutive deposits. Note to remember that the expiration period of the welcome bonus is 30 days.  

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

The players will get an extra 3,500 USDT weekly bonus. For example, if the players deposit 10,000 USDT and reach their wagering requirements, they will instantly receive 3,500 USDT every week on the coming Monday.

Moreover, players can get 25 Free Spins and stand to win up to $1,000,000 if they help the platform to get viral. They must subscribe to the official channel and like and comment on their video to promote them.

BTC365 has officially released BTC365 Version 2, where the players get free worth 5 USDT for betting. To get this, the players must download the BTC365 app with verification through mobile or email. A minimum deposit of 1 mBTC or 0.001 BTC, or 30 USDT is required.

BTC365 also offers other incentives such as seasonal promotions, reload bonuses, dividend pools, cashback programs, and more. Become a part of  BTC365 Casino VIP Club to explore more.

Follow The Signup Steps To Enjoy Crash Gambling at BTC365

When you prefer a hassle-free registration, BTC365 will be the right choice. With no time-consuming process and easier registration, it will take just a few minutes. This is where it becomes the pathway to explore top crash games. Follow the steps to create a new account at

  • Enter the official site in the browser or download the BTC365 app to register. 
  • After you visit or download the app, click on the Register option to complete the registration process.
  • You have to provide the necessary valid details such as email address, preferred user name, and password for a successful signup.
  • Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register.
  • After you enter the BTC365 platform as a player, go to the crypto games section to find the top crash games.
  • You can proceed to make your first deposit and play with actual bets. Choose any crash game from the available list and enter the game arena. Do not forget to try the demo version of the online crash games. Finally, enjoy crash gambling.


Cryptocurrencies have transformed the online gambling world. Crash games were the new addition to the casino world and have become the favorite of gamblers worldwide. With increased anonymity, secure and quick transactions, and online flexibility, players have turned to crypto casinos. To enjoy safe crypto gambling with crash games, BTC365 is considered the best crash casino in 2023. You can play the top crash games, such as Aviator, Mines, and Plinko, here with great bonuses and promotional features.


Q1. Why is timely cash-out important in crash games?

Timely cash-out is necessary to avoid multiplier crashes which lead to complete loss. Once it crashes, all your earnings will be lost, which can never be recovered. In a crash game, initially, you need to place bets based on the multiplier value. It starts increasing with time until the multiplier crashes. Therefore, players are advised to cash out early before the unpredictable crash occurs.

Q2. How helpful is the auto cashout strategy in crash gambling?

Auto cashout strategy is the simplest and easiest strategy which does not need any effort. Moreover, it is known as the greatest tactic to win crash gambling. The player just has to pick an automatic-cashout figure and earn rewards at that value every time. In every game round, you do not have to wait and cash out, as the platform will do it for you as per your pre-set auto cash-out number.

Q3. Why is BTC365 considered the safest site to play crash games?

BTC365 is a complete crypto-gambling platform with an international license. It is certified and regulated to E-Gambling Montenegroto offer crash gamesandother casino games. It has been proven trustworthy by thousands of players in no time. As every payment is processed with cryptocurrencies, players’ funds are safe within the blockchain technology.

Q4. Is crash gambling legal with cryptocurrency everywhere?

The legalization of crash gambling with cryptocurrencies varies from country to country. Countries and their jurisdiction have laws on gambling. Some may have granted permission, while others may not, or it may be completely restricted for a particular geographic reason. Therefore, players need to check their region’s specific rules, laws, and regulations before participating in any crash gambling activities.

Q5. How to choose the right platform for crash gambling with cryptocurrency?

To choose the right platform to play crash gambling with cryptocurrency, the players have to consider various crucial factors such as the gambling experience of other players and check reviews from review sites, user interface, availability of different casino games ranges, betting options, reputation, and regulation, bonus features and promotions, security of funds and safe gambling assurance.