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Crypto Casino gambling is a billion-dollar industry, and now there are ways for affiliates to earn a piece of the pie. Crypto Betting affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your website or traffic. In this post, we will look at what casino affiliate programs are, how they work, and the best gambling affiliate program out there.

What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing scheme where a website owner or other entity receives a commission for referring a business to a particular company or merchant.

It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards its affiliates for each visitor brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Usually, affiliates are paid a commission for each sale they generate.

How does affiliate marketing work in the online crypto gambling industry?

How does affiliate marketing work in the online crypto gambling industry?

The crypto gambling industry is a highly flourishing market. There are many competitors and only a few dominant players. Consumers are likely to have higher expectations, as more online casino brands and crypto betting websites are operating these days. There’s also a vast selection of table games and sporting bet websites to choose from. Online casinos must identify a distinctive selling factor to maintain and attract new clients. As a result, effective marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing have become critical in the gambling sector.

Affiliate marketing sets up a revenue-sharing arrangement between a merchant and an affiliate. The affiliate promotes the merchant’s products or services and earns a commission on sales generated by their efforts. The affiliate marketing model has been successfully used in the online gambling industry for many years.

Affiliates assist casino operators in identifying the most appropriate target demographic. They, then, encourage them to visit casino operators’ websites, subscribe to their newsletters, or play a specific game. The goal is to increase website traffic, expand their customer base, and generate revenue.

Ways to reach your target audience

There are several ways an affiliate can earn through affiliate marketing programs.

Blog: One way is to send traffic through a casino blog. You can share your experience of betting on a casino website. You can put referral links on your social media or website to encourage your followers to visit online casinos.

Comparison Website: Another way is to share comparison reviews on third-party websites. Comparison websites help casino players with information about offers and bonuses. Players use a comparison site to read reviews on the best casino sites and the most popular games before deciding on one.

Social Media: One of the most common traffic sources for affiliates is social networking. However, different social media networks have different norms and regulations when it comes to gambling marketing. This may also differ between countries and states. Affiliates must ensure that they are aware of the rules and that their content is created in accordance with them.

Native Ads: Paid commercials that match the look, feel, and function of the media format they appear in are referred to as native advertising. Native ads, unlike display or banner ads, do not appear to be advertisements. They seem to be a natural part of the page’s editorial flow. They are more likely to be read and clicked by site visitors. At the same time, ad blockers do not block them, making it particularly helpful to refer traffic.

In each of these scenarios, the affiliate marketer’s goal is to bring a regular consumer to the site and sign up on the website.

There are several models of casino affiliate marketing, which help affiliates earn a sizeable income.

Several models of casino affiliate marketing: Commission and Conversion

An affiliate can be compensated in three ways for the traffic they bring to the target website or page:

CPA in gambling: CPA, or cost per acquisition, is a fee paid to affiliate marketers who get players to join a casino. It operates by compensating those who refer real money gamers to their site through an affiliate link. For example – If a casino acquires a new customer using an affiliate link and makes a deposit into their newly formed account, the affiliate link owner will be paid a fee. Occasionally, a casino will offer a special rate to a site that hosts an affiliate link and brings in many customers.

CPL in gambling: Leads are the next most valuable aim for affiliate marketers to turn them into paying customers later. Essentially, lead capture is gathering information about casino enthusiasts interested in receiving an offer and who, as a first step, submit some personal information. In the CPL (cost-per-lead) model, the marketer pays a fixed fee for each lead generated. This can be demonstrated by a user signing up for a mailing list or another sort of subscription.

Revenue sharing: Revenue sharing is an alternative payment option. An affiliate receives a share of the casino’s earnings from the customer led to their site through the link. Various casino operators have different income percentages. In this strategy, one advantage is that the affiliate has a greater incentive if the consumer spends more money. The general rule is simple – the more a customer pays, the more money the affiliate earns.

Combination: There is a new hybrid version that combines the payment methods of Revenue sharing and CPA. For example, you may earn a one-time payment for a customer who visits the site and makes a deposit. Then, you might get a cut of the revenue if the customer keeps making deposits and playing games on the site.

Make more crypto casino affiliate income with BTC365

Bettors and blockchain enthusiasts founded BTC365 to cater to new and seasoned cryptocurrency players. Our platform includes a three sportsbook and two Esports provider, and a diverse variety of games. We provide world-class sports betting, which cater to over 100,000 sports and esports contests every month and are licensed and controlled by E-Gambling Montenegro.

Unlike the traditional affiliate model, we have the most innovative crypto partnership program for our affiliates. We are the first I-Gaming site in the world to use a Multi-Level Marketing Partnership model.

BTC365’s partnership provides you with two streams of commission income:

  • Earnings from direct recruited members as a commission
  • An override function allows you to earn all unclaimed commissions from your Sub-Partners!

Make more crypto casino affiliate income with BTC365

Why is the BTC365 Partnership Program better than the traditional affiliate model?

Simply said, the classic affiliate model permits you to earn primarily from gamers you directly acquire, with minimal earnings from your sub-affiliates. BTC365 Partners is a new partnership program with an “Overriding” feature that allows you to earn the most money from your direct players and sub-partners. The commission or BTC365 Partners is up to 40%, and our structure makes it easier and faster to get there!

How is our “Overriding” model better than the traditional affiliate model?

Traditional affiliates only get a small percentage of the revenue generated by their sub-affiliates, which gives zero to little benefits for affiliates to introduce sub-affiliates. BTC365’s partnership programme is a simple mechanism that anyone can use to become one of our partners.

By overriding commissions from their sub-partners, our payment model maximises a partner’s commission profits.

A BTC365 Master Partner earns commission revenue as high as 40% through his direct players’ Net Gaming Revenue. When a Master Partner recruits Sub-Partners, they override the commission difference in percentage based on Sub-Partner’s tiering achieved. For example, Master Partner A is of a higher tier than Master Partner B and earns a higher commission percentage than Master Partner B. On these lines, we have built a commission structure, which rewards deserving affiliates.

Simply create your BTC365 player network today, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Learn more about the BTC365 partnership commission structure.