Plinko is a popular online slot casino game by Spribe that combines elements of gambling and entertainment. The game involves dropping a small ball down a board filled with a series of pegs, directing the ball’s movement toward different prize slots at the bottom. Plinko games have earned popularity over the years due to their distinctive gameplay and fair chances for the players to win significant rewards. Various operators of online casinos offer the opportunity to play Plinko online and experience the thrill and excitement of this game.

This image is showing Plinko which is one of the famous online crash games.
Online Crash Games – Plinko

Plinko Layout

The Plinko board is set up vertically, with a series of evenly spaced pegs arranged in rows. The board may be shaped like a rectangle or a circle and can vary in size. A launcher lets out a little disc or puck at the top of the board. The disc must be released by the players and allowed to fall down the board, bouncing off the pegs. It might be challenging to predict where the disc will land because the pegs are made to cause the disc to bounce and change direction as it falls. However, the player can try to aim the disc by releasing it from a particular spot on the launcher.

History of Plinko

Plinko is a popular game on the television game show “The Price is Right.” The American television game show The Price Is Right was conceived by Bob Stewart, Mark Goodson, and Bill Todman. The game involves a large board with a series of pegs and channels, and contestants drop small discs down the board to try and land them in slots at the bottom that are worth different amounts of money. In other words, this game is also called a ball gambling game.

The game dates back to the 1980s, when Bob Stewart, the man behind “The Price is Right,” initially created it. The game’s first version, “Free Fall,” had a simpler board with fewer pegs and channels.

The game was redesigned and given its current name. The new version of the game featured a larger board with more pegs and channels, and it became an instant hit with audiences.

Plinko has developed into one of “The Price is Right’s” most recognisable games over the years. The game is featured on various other television programs and has even been adapted into a popular online mobile game.

The evolution of Plinko

In recent years, Plinko has been adapted into various digital versions, including crypto Plinko games allowing players to play Plinko online. These games use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other tokens as the wagering currency. Additionally, it offers the potential for players to win significant amounts of crypto.

The popularity of crypto Plinko games can be attributed to several factors. These factors are not only the reason for entertainment but also make the availability to win real cash.

  •  There is a timeless allure to watching the ball bounce around the board and land in a reward slot that cuts across all sorts of games.
  • For players, especially those with investments in the cryptocurrency market, using cryptocurrencies as the wagering currency provides an extra dimension of novelty and excitement.
  • The potential for significant winnings in cryptocurrency, which can appreciate rapidly in value, has made crypto Plinko games an attractive option for many players.

The development of crypto Plinko games has also been driven by advancements in blockchain technology, which has enabled the creation of decentralised gaming platforms that are transparent, secure, and fair. These platforms use smart contracts and self-executing programs that automatically uphold the game’s rules and guarantee accurate and open payments to the players who play the Plinko game online.

Plinko Procedures

Plinko has the advantage of being wholly chance-based, meaning no skill is needed to play the game.  This makes it an ideal game for beginners exploring the casino gambling world.

The player often encounters questions regarding the appropriate procedure for playing the game.

Despite the game’s straightforward rules, each player must place a wager before it even starts where they believe the ball will land at the bottom of the board. The player then drops the ball down the board, watching it bounce off the pegs, and hopefully lands in one of the prize slots.

Step-by-step procedure for the question on how to play the Plinko game online:

  1. Open your computer browser and go to a betting or online casino website, such as BTC365, which offers Plinko.
  2. Sign up for an account on the website and deposit, if necessary, to start playing.
  3. Navigate to the Plinko game on the website and select the amount of money you want to bet.
  4. The gaming board will appear on the screen when you place your bet. (The Plinko board is a large vertical board with a series of pegs arranged in a zig-zag pattern.)
  5. You will have to choose where to drop the Plinko chip from a number of available drop zones. This will determine where the chip lands on the board.
  6. Once you’ve selected your drop zone, the chip will be dropped onto the board, automatically bouncing off the pegs on its way down. As it lands, it will enter one of several prize slots at the bottom of the board.
  7. The prize slots may offer different amounts of money or other rewards, depending on the specific Plinko game you are playing.
  8. You will be awarded the corresponding prize if your chip lands in a prize slot. It doesn’t assure you any compensation if it does not land in a prize slot.
  9. Repeat the process by selecting a new drop zone and placing another bet, or you can choose to cash out your winnings and end the game.

Prize Slot

The prize slots in Plinko gambling are typically divided into different sections, each with its payout amount. The payment increases in direct proportion to how challenging it is to get into a given section. If the ball land in the middle of the slots, the player is supposed to get a smaller win amount. In case the ball lands in the outermost slot, the player is expected to get a comparatively higher win amount.

The prize slot in Plinko also depends on the specific game or machine being played. Different games or machines may have other prize slots or payout structures. Landing the ball in the outermost slot is difficult for the higher slot prize and more excellent payout.

One of Plinko’s key features is how the ball moves down the board. The pegs are strategically placed to create a random path for the ball, making it difficult to predict where it will end up. This element of randomness adds to the excitement of the game as players watch in anticipation to see where the ball will land.

Deposits and Returns

The minimum and maximum deposit required to play Plinko will depend on the casino or platform you are playing. so it’s best to check the specific rules and requirements for where you want to play.

The maximum output in Plinko also depends on the game or machine being played and the amount of money the player has wagered. The maximum payout in Plinko is typically fairly high, with the possibility of reaching the hundreds or even the tens of thousands of dollars.

Investment amount

Select the optimum amount to begin the Plinko gambling game according to your preferences. A minimal bet size of 0.01 USDT to a maximum of 100 USDT are needed to play the game. Players may also choose their wager size from the game developer’s pre-set or automatically-set betting amounts.

What marks Plinko cosmopolitan?

Many options are available for those who want to play Plinko online. Many online casinos offer a variety of different Plinko games, each with its own unique gameplay and payout structures. Players can simply log on to their favourite online casino and start playing Plinko in just a few clicks.

Another factor that makes Plinko such a popular game is the wide range of betting options. Players can place multiple bets across the board to maximise their chances of winning or place one wager on each part.

Plinko is a fun and exciting ball gambling game that combines gambling and entertainment elements. With its simple rules, unpredictable gameplay, and potential for big payouts, it’s no wonder that the Plinko cryptocurrency casino has become so popular in recent years.

Additional benefits

Plinko gambling offers various benefits to a player who plays Plinko online. The few enlisted features are.

  • It offers Auto-play mode, allowing the player to discharge all the balls simultaneously.
  • As per the player’s capability, one can establish the risk level for oneself.
  • it is a fair game that offers a code to check the game’s fairness by blockchain technology.
  • The players can choose the number of rows in the game too.


The Plinko game has acquired an ample amount of popularity among the audience. The game is ideal for beginners because it is simpler to play. This crash game is a must-try for experts looking for an alternative to traditional slots and casino games. When players gain confidence in the game, they can add more lines and pins to earn bigger potential prizes. Play the Plinko game on the BTC365 platform to learn more about it and its incentives and bonuses.

In the game of Plinko, there is a board with several spaces at the bottom and a series of pegs. The player drops a chip from the top of the board and bounces off the pegs before landing in a slot at the bottom. The player’s payout is determined by the slot in which the chip lands.

Even though the game is entirely dependent on chance, several tactics can be used to improve winning odds. Players can boost the chance that their chip will land in a higher value slot by dropping it, for instance, in a spot on the board where the pegs are more widely spaced.

Plinko is an all-ages game that is thrilling and fun in general. It is a fantastic way to kill time and pick up some advantages. The game is solely based on chance; therefore, it’s crucial to remember that there is no assurance of success.


What is Plinko?

Plinko is a popular online game of “The Price Is Right”. It involves dropping a small disc, or puck, down a vertical board filled with pegs. The puck bounces and deflects off the pegs as it travels down the board, eventually landing in one of several slots at the bottom, each worth a different prize.

How can one Plinko online?

To play Plinko, simply click or tap to release the puck down the board. The player can control the angle and direction of the release to some degree, but the puck’s path is largely determined by chance.

Is the Plinko game based on luck?

Plinko is primarily a game of chance, as the puck’s path down the board is determined mainly by the position of the pegs and other random factors. However, players can influence the outcome to some degree by adjusting the angle and direction of the puck’s release.

Can one win real money on Plinko?

Yes, but it solely Depends on the Plinko game’s particular variation. While some online Plinko games are played purely for fun, others may provide real-money prizes or demand real-money bets.

How to win real cash on Plinko?

Plinko is mainly a game of luck; there are no surefire-winning tactics. Some players may attempt to change the angle and direction of their puck launches to boost their chances of landing in prize slots with more significant payouts.

 So why not give it a try and play Plinko online today?