Plinko dice tower is the online casino game that derives its roots from an 80’s tv show named “The Price Is Right”. With the advancement of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum around the world, the casino game has made its mark in the world of crypto-based gambling that allows players to bet with their digital cash and make a profitable win amount. 

This image is showing Plinko which is one of the famous online crash games.
Online Crash Games – Plinko

In the present time, the Plinko Dice Tower game is widely popular among online casino lovers. This game is not only visually engaging but grants a thrilling gaming experience to the players. Its user-friendly interface, which includes a vertical board with a series of pins, makes it the most convenient gaming option among the other online games. In this game, the player needs to play by dropping the ball from the top to bounce around and land in one of the several prize slots at the bottom. The players’ ultimate goal is to make the proper aiming of the chips or balls to maximise the potential win. The attractive features and multiple versions of the game make it the most desired crash game, which offers the player to win a handsome amount, say 1000 times their wager size. 

Features Of Plinko Dice Tower Games

There are various features that are attributed to Plinko games that make it cosmopolitan. Let’s discuss the few important as well as critically important aspects of the Plinko Dice Tower game that have made it convenient for the players. 

Simple Gameplay

Plinko online game has multiple attractive features, but the most important and the first thing it offers is Convenient gameplay. The user-friendly games and offerings make it easy and convenient for the user to easily understand the functioning of the game. The simple gameplay interface and easy-to- understand mechanics help the player to dive3 rightly into the game without any confusion and difficulty.

Random Outcomes

Plinko games stand out in the race with respect to other crash games. The games ensure fair gaming along with unbiased outcomes. The final result, i.e. landing of the balls or chips, is entirely determined by physics-based mechanics used in the game. The game is acclaimed for bringing anticipation and excitement as the player eagerly watches in which slot the ball will land. 

Multiple Gaming Options

Plinko games offer a wide range of betting options to the players. Apart from the betting options, the players are allowed to choose from different chip denominations and make the placement strategies. The players of Plixo games can tailor their betting amount in response to their preference and prevailing risk. The proper knowledge and analytical predictive strategies add an extra layer of personalisation to the game.

Variety Of Rewards

Plinko online games hold treasure for the players in the form of rewards. The victorious person in the game is presented with numerous perks and benefits, like, 

  • Different payout level
  • Multiple bonus features
  • Excellent multiplier options

The players are rewarded when they land the balls or chips in the slot provided at the bottom of the board provided as the gaming surface. These rewards are not just mere rewards, but it acts as a morale booster for the players. It energises them to make the best use of skills and knowledge, leading them towards making a significant win. 

Progressive Jackpots 

For those seeking life-changing wins, Plinko dice tower online games often feature progressive jackpots. These jackpots grow progressively with each bet placed by players that offers an exciting chance to hit a specific slot or combination and walk away with a significant prize. The potential for a big jackpot win adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to every play.

Interactive Visuals And Audio 

Alluring visuals and captivating audio are the essential and inseparable components of Plinko games. Players are transported into a visually appealing and entertaining gaming environment with stunning graphics, dynamic animations, and engaging sound effects. The effective interactive features of Plinko games enhance the players’ gaming experience as it makes each play a delight to sense.

Mobile Compatibility

To grant the accessibility of playing the Plinko game irrespective of geographical circumstances, the game has been designed to be enjoyed on mobile devices. It allows the player to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. This Plinko casino crash game feature ensures that the players never miss out on the excitement, updates and, most importantly, the tournaments. 

Social Features

Plinko online games frequently include social aspects, giving the gaming experience a social component. Through leaderboards, gamers can engage in friendly rivalry with friends and other players, as well as post their accomplishments on social media sites. These social aspects of the game increase its interactivity and build a sense of community.

How To Play Plinko Game Online

Step-by-step procedure for the question on how to play the Plinko game online:

  1. Open your browser and visit a betting or online casino website, such as BTC365, which offers Plinko. 
  2. Sign up for an account on the website and deposit, if necessary, to start playing.
  3. Navigate to the Plinko game on the website and select the amount of money you want to bet.
  4. The gaming board will appear on the screen when you place your bet. (The Plinko board is a large vertical board with a series of pegs arranged in a zig-zag pattern.)
  5. You will have to choose where to drop the Plinko chip from a number of available drop zones. This will determine where the chip lands on the board.
  6. Once you’ve selected your drop zone, the chip will be dropped onto the board, automatically bouncing off the pegs on its way down. As it lands, it will enter one of several prize slots at the bottom of the board.
  7. The prize slots may offer different amounts of money or other rewards, depending on the specific Plinko game you are playing.
  8. You will be awarded the corresponding prize if your chip lands in a prize slot. It doesn’t assure you any compensation if it does not land in a prize slot. 
  9. Repeat the process by selecting a new drop zone and placing another bet, or you can choose to cash out your winnings and end the game.

Play Plinko on BTC365 – The Best Crash Casino

BTC365 has been designed to fulfil every requirement of the players. It offers a wide selection of Plinko games, each having its own unique features and variations. The versatility of the Plinko crash games is such that, at a particular moment, it can offer the player the traditional Plinko setup as well as provide the player with a modern twist on the classic games. The Plinko game of BTC365 provides an extensive collection with the ideology of serving the niche and requirements of each and every player, and they can enjoy their favourite game without any inconvenience. 

With the desire to master Plinko, the majority of people have turned pro at it with the simplicity of the gameplay offered by BTC365. The newbies to online casinos or crypto gambling find Plinko games as the most desired and user-friendly platform. The overall gaming structure and layout of the Plinko game are such that it binds the excitement and curiosity of the players. The exciting and thrilling gaming procedure and the capability to offer high potential rewards to the players in different payout slots make it attractive and appealing to the broader audience. Other payout slots provide varying reward levels, enabling players to plan their strategies and aim for the most profitable results. A further level of excitement is added to the game by the thrill of hitting a high-paying slot and seeing your profits increase.

The best part of BTC365 Plinko casino games is that it offers instant results. Unlike other casino games in which the player is supposed to wait for a span of time for the outcome, the player at this casino game gets a fast result after the minimal time of dropping the balls or chips. 

BTC365 Plinko’s outcome is determined by provably fair algorithms, ensuring that every result is unbiased and untempered. The game prioritises transparency, which embarks the trust and peace of mind of the players. Apart from fair gameplay, the game offers vibrant graphics and dynamic animations that can be enjoyed on a player’s mobile, tablet or any smartphone. 


We made an elaborate discussion of Crypto casinos along with the best crypto gambling game. To enjoy the multiple offerings of BTC365 Plinko games. Plinko, a dice tower game, is offered to the audience with multiple variations and different modes, i.e. easy, medium and complex, to facilitate the convenience of the player. The excellent user interface of the game escorts even the newcomer with the best atmospheric compatibility. 

The Plinko game has become incredibly well-liked by the general public. The game’s ease of play makes it perfect for beginners. This crash game is a must-play for professionals looking for an alternative to classic slots and casino games. As they become more adept at the game, players can potentially add more lines and pins to win larger payouts. Learn more about the Plinko game and its rewards and bonuses by playing it on the BTC365 platform. 

So, if you want to play the game for fun, go try the game and master it before marching for further battle. 

FAQs on Plinko Dice Tower

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a crypto crash game that originates from the show “the price is right”. The crypto gambling game is designed to provide entertainment as well as instant betting results in the form of cash. The maximum and minimum wager amount size in the Plinko game is $0.10 to $100. With an RTP of 97%, the maximum prize per game is $10,000. The maximum bet amount is 0.1 BTC if you place a stake with a minimum investment of around 0.00000001 BTC.

How do I play Plinko?

Plinko is the most convenient game among the other online casino games. With the desire to master Plinko, the user needs to develop excellent analytical and predictive skills. In this game, the player needs to play by dropping the ball from the top to bounce around and land in one of the several prize slots at the bottom. The players’ ultimate goal is to make the proper aiming of the chips or balls to maximise the potential win.

Can I win real money playing Plinko?

Yes, but only in terms of the specific version of the Plinko game. Few Plinko games providers strictly promote the game for entertainment purposes only. Fortunately, some Plinko games that are played online offer real-money prizes and require real-money wagers.

Are Plinko games fair?

Yes, Plinko crash game platforms use a random number generator (RNG) that ensures a fair outcome. Additionally, the fairness of the game is based on the design or the operation of the game. For instance, if the pegs are unevenly spaced or the slots are not of equal size, then the outcome of the game may vary, and it may turn out disadvantageous to the player. 

Are Plinko games suitable for beginners?

Yes, Plinko games are designed in the most convenient and user-friendly manner. The Player who is new to Plinko games or any crypto gambling can enjoy the games. The Plinko game is completely based on luck and the adjustment skill that helps the player land their balls or coins in the slot with the highest bet. 

Can I try Plinko games for free?

Yes, the player can play the online Plinko game for free, which is impossible with physical Plinko games. The online Plinko games stimulate the mechanics of a physical Plinko board that allows the user to drop balls, which pass through and land up the spot, which determines the score or prize money. 

Are Plinko games available on mobile devices?

Yes, the Plinko crash games are designed to provide convenience to the user with every gameplay. They are designed to incorporate features adaptable to mobile, tablet or any other smartphone. The player can enjoy the game from anywhere, regardless of geographical boundaries.