Crash gambling is earning more popularity over the years and is getting widely adopted by top online casinos that are extending their competitive edge by introducing crypto games. This variety of games is getting welcomed by all levels of casino players to bet and make easy profits. The winning possibility of the game goes with the concept that “the winner will take all, and the loser will lose all.” Crash game is a straightforward game that enables you to multiply your wagers and increase profits as you put in your money.

Crash gambling is no different than any other casino game. But new casino players may wonder, “Is crash gambling legit?” There is a fair chance of winning money on crash gambling, just like other casino games. Players can also lose their money playing with a crash gambling strategy that doesn’t meet their goals. Hence, knowing the methods  can meet players’ goals and risk tolerance is important.

No matter how straightforward the game is, it has a chance of winning. So, you need to consider the risk of loss before you proceed. Check the RTP of the specific crash gambling game to get a sense of the probability of winning. Read this guide to know about how to play the crash game to increase your winning probability.

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

How to play Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling involves placing a bet on a multiplier that keeps increasing until the game crashes. The player needs to cash out before the crash to win all the cash available at the time of cashing out; if not, the player automatically loses the entire stake. The game rule is similar to crypto gambling, which appears as trading in the stocks and forex apps where the line graph would represent the movement of the profit and losses in the market. When the online trading market crashed, the traders would record losses.

The mechanism is the same with crash gambling. There is no rule for avoiding risk by knowing when the game will crash. The game is fairly legal and allowed by licensed online casinos. However, the legality of crash casinos varies from place to place. Hence, in the casino you choose, make sure to know whether the platform is regulated and review the relevant state laws. So, how do you win money in crash gambling? You can only win money in a crash game when you cash out your stake multiplier before the game crashes. Once you have confirmed the stake, the game will begin right after the previous round is finished.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, the waiting time is rarely more than a few seconds. So you need to make a fast decision on when to cash out. You can exit the game at any time before the game crashes. Then your account would be credited with the winnings. Players need to learn what is the best method in crash gambling to cash out before the game crashes and they lose everything. Here are some strategic methods to follow to increase your crash game profitability:

Martingale Betting Strategy

According to professional casino players, the Martingale strategy works best where a certain amount of bet increases following every losing round. If you win, you get back to the initial wager. This implies that players can receive a refund for their losses and even make a profit on their very first payout. The idea is to increase your stake for the following round if you lose one game round. You should return your winnings to your initial stake if you win.

Anti-Martingale Betting Strategy

It’s the opposite of Martingale’s betting strategy to win in the crash game. The concept involves you should raise your bet only after a win and not after a record loss. This method allows you to benefit the most from winning periods while also allowing you to quickly grow your small deposits.


One of the easiest winning methods in a crash game is an auto-cashout strategy that enables you to decide when and how to leave a game in advance before the crash. For instance, when the auto-cashout feature is set to 2.5x, a player can win $2.5 for every $2 bet made for each round.

It enables you to not always keep your eyes on the multiplier line to make the decision for each round when to cash out before the multiplier crashes. You can increase the auto-cashout value to 5x or any other value you feel comfortable with if you’re not afraid to take significant risks. The most important thing to understand is that the more marks you select, the larger your earnings will be per round, but overall, you will have to settle for fewer winning rounds.

Trigger Bonuses

This majorly involves being the last player to cash out before the game crashes. Although very risky and can’t be predicted when it will crash, if you manage to do so, you can receive a bonus reward. In case the game reward would not go anywhere, then it would automatically move to the next round. Other bonuses you should keep in mind to maximize your benefits are:

Matched deposits

When you choose to play a crash game on a reputed crypto casino site, as a new player, you will receive up to a 100% matched deposit bonus. Some even avail bonuses on consecutive deposits. This bonus would allow you to make a higher stake in the crash game, which means more winning multipliers.


Since crash gambling games are highly volatile, one of the best bonuses you would look forward to triggering is winning cashback. This enables you to get a refund of a certain percentage of net losses.

Free Spins

Even though the free spins are not related to crash gambling games, most crypto casinos avail free spins as bonuses, so players can try out other games available on the platform. In case they win in other games, players may receive a bonus to wager more in the crash game.

No Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses to newly opened accounts. However, to cash out these bonuses, players may need to go through the KYC process.

Bankroll Limits

Another tip is to always be aware of your spending and put wagering limits. Hence, set your bankroll and wagering limits before playing the crash game to minimize losses. It’s best to establish limits in advance with Crash Games as you can easily become engrossed in the back-to-back game rounds. This will assist you in maintaining control and preventing overindulgence.

The Best Casino Site To Play Crash Gambling Games

One of the leading online casinos for playing crash gambling games is BTC365, which offers a popular selection of crash games that are played using cryptos. It collaborates with one of the highly regarded crash gambling game developers, Spribe, offering popular crash games like Aviator, mines, etc., that can get you high RTP.

Moreover, BTC365 has featured its own crypto crash games in the category like a rocket, solo rocket, etc. It is the best site to try crash game online gambling to win money. BTC365 can avail you of a fun demo mode to try out crash games to get a sense of how the game works with virtual cryptos before making real deposits in the account for wagering.

Players can enjoy the flexibility of depositing and withdrawing cryptos, whichever they have in their wallets. It accepts major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, etc. No need to worry about whether the platform is legit as it is regulated by E-gambling Montenegro. The platform uses blockchain technology to further secure transactions. Players also have the option to play crash games on BTC365 using altcoins like Ripple, Cardano, Dogecoin, etc., in the pipeline.

Play Aviator Crash Game For FREE

Bonus and Promo Features of BTC365

Players can take advantage of a variety of enticing offers and rewards at BTC365. New players can look forward to receiving a welcome bonus of up to 100% on the initial deposit in their gaming account. Moreover, you may also receive a 50% bonus on the subsequent deposits.

Make a minimum deposit of 0.000BTC/0.5 mBTC to qualify for a reward that will double the amount you deposit up to a maximum of 0.015 BTC. You can earn free spins as a bonus to try out the various casino games available on BTC365 and also get cashback.

Sign-Up Process of BTC365 to play Crash Gambling games

  • First, visit the official website on the desktop, or download the BTC365 app on the phone to play on the go.
  • You can find the “Sign Up” button on the homepage for registration.
  • Provide a valid email ID and create your password to open your account.
  • Next, click on the verification link sent to your email address for confirmation
  • Start with BTC365 to play the game by making the first deposit into your account.
  • Go to the Crypto Games category to start with various crash games.


Crash games are the latest sensation in the online casino industry, which is getting popular in gambling at a rapid pace. It’s easy, fun, quick, and offers big rewards when you know how to play. They are very much legit to win you real cash. But remember to never chase losses that may get you into debt. If you are not in the mood for slot gambling or online trading that require many things to study, crash games are the new things to try out in a crypto casino that can win popular cryptos.

The best-recommended site to play crash games is BTC365, where you can get the essence of playing casino games with cryptos. You can find popular crash games on both desktops and smartphones to experience the shift of crypto casino gameplay. Make sure to follow the strategies accordingly to get more winning opportunities.


Can you play crash games for free?

Yes, when you choose to play with reputed and authoritative sites, they avail the players to enjoy the free-play version of the game. The free-play games are basically demo versions of the game where you practice gambling with virtual money before trying out the real game by depositing crypto into your account. It is highly advised to start with this demo version game to get the feel of the game before you start betting real money. If there is no free game, it’s best to just observe a few rounds in the game to watch how the game works and crash functions before you try.

Is a crash game suitable for beginners?

Yes, a Crash gambling game is suitable for beginners. The most attractive thing about crash games is that any type of player can make a profit with them, whether you are an advanced player or you have never tried gambling before. The game is quite straightforward and easy to learn. You can find crypto casinos availing features to play the game in free mode to practice skills. You can take advantage of the tutorials to learn the strategies to get the hang of it quickly to start playing the game for real money.

Can you make money through playing crash gambling?

Yes, you can make real money and crash gambling when you win. Crash games are generally played with cryptos, so investing in crypto can get you a higher winning amount if you cash out before the crash. When the game starts, the win multiplier increases with each passing second. Players need to collect their multiplier and exit the game at any time before it crashes. If they fail to cash out before the crash, they will lose the whole stake.

What different types of crash games you can play?

There are majorly four types of crash games you can find on casinos. They are

  • Line Crash: These crash games don’t have any graphics and only function though a rising multiplier on a graph.
  • Rocket Crash: Rocket crash games have rocket graphics that increase exponentially on a curve.
  • Plane Crash: These games simulate plane or jet crashes contain a moving object that keeps moving forward until it crashes.
  • Ball Crash: The objects in ball crash games rise straight up until they crash.

How long are Crash games?

The general length of a crash game can vary according to the specific type and player’s style. But usually the main story mode of the crash game can range from 6 to 15 hours to complete. This would depend on the difficulty level, the player’s skill level and the amount of time the player spent exploring.