Are you new to crash gambling games? Wondering how it works and how it is played? Take a chance to explore the popular crash gambling games. It is incredibly simple yet exciting compared to other casino games. Being new to the casino world, the crash games reached the benchmark and became the most popular casino game.

The crash games were originally introduced in the mid-2014 for the Bitcoin community. It has quickly caught the rhythm and pace and become a hit. Among the crash games, dice-based games dominated the crash cryptocurrency gambling market.

The crash games are very simple. You have to place a bet and wait for the multiplier to go up. Then, the player has to cash out before the multiplier crashes. This is what the crash games are. However, there are various strategies involved with mathematical advantages. The players must understand the strategies before placing the bet and know the tactics to maximize their payouts. In this post, we will discuss crash gambling in detail. The below sections will help you know what is crash gambling game and its tactics.

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What are Crash Games? How to Play Them?

Crash Games are the latest sensations that are progressing at a rapid pace. The game is full of fun, quick, fun, and rewarding. Crash gambling can be defined as a crypto casino game that consists of a graph and changing betting odds. The line on the graph represents the changes in odds over time. Once the game is started, the multiplier rises, and it can crash at any time. So, the player has to cash out before it crashes, or else the wager and complete earnings will be lost.

Crash games involve real-time betting. The players are advised to carefully place the bet and maximize the payout to increase their winning chances. Remember, no betting plan will ensure a financial gain. Therefore, to maximize the crash games odds, the player must follow the techniques and customize their approach to win the game with crash strategies.

When you have entered the crash games, you will notice the line which rises against the graph. There is also an indicator showing the multipliers. You will get some time to place your preferred bet size and start the round. In each successive round, you have to place the bet. Then, the game starts, and the multiplier will go up.

When the multiplier rises high, the players have the option to cash out at any desired point. Remember, it is a game of chance where the ultimate objective is to cash out at any time before the multiplier is crashed.

When you reach the multiplier or above, you will win. But, if it crashes before reaching, you will lose your earnings. The ultimate aim should be to cash out the winnings before it reaches the crash point. The crash gambling rounds are too short, so it is recommended to cash out and exit quickly or strategically. This is how the game is played.

Strategies to Master and Win the Crash Games

Before you enter the crash gambling world, there are some strategies and tactics to implement to master the game. The strategies will be extremely helpful for gamers new to crash gaming. Let’s have a sneak peek at the basic strategies.

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Martingale and Anti-Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is the most preferred strategy by expert gamblers. It is implemented in high stake gambling games, where the bet size is large. But, the strategy is not complicated. According to the tactic, the gambler raises its wager or bet amount after each loss. And they return the initial bet amount after a win. This strategy will help to make up for the losses with large bets. However, while placing large bets, it is instructed to be very careful and frequently check your bankroll.

Veteran casino gamblers follow this crash betting strategy. They boost the winning odds as more bets can lead to lesser gains. This strategy offers long-term advantages in crash gambling. It is suitable for gamblers who want to win with big profits. Also, future losses will not affect their balance.

The Anti-Martingale tactic is the opposite of Martingale’s strategy. It is also a successful strategy for gamblers. The crash gambling session involves both hot and cool streaks. The risks associated with this strategy are similar to the Martingale method. The gamblers increase their bet amount after their win and lower the bet size after a loss. This strategy allows for enjoying profit when the player is on a good run. They can also cut down on their losses during cold spells.

High Cash-Out Multiplier

Expert players prefer to go beyond to place bets. They also prefer early withdrawals on high stakes. According to the High Cash-Out Multiplier strategy, the player can gain a high amount when they withdraw at a low multiplier after placing a bet. The low multiplier is utilized with a chance of 1.35x. Remember, with this strategy, you will risk your money. The plane can crash early at times.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is the safest crash gambling strategy. To apply the strategy in the game, the player has to start with one and then add the other two numbers which came before it. This strategy is not impervious to losing streaks. If the player is not attentive, they will lose all their earnings and bankroll. It is in the player’s hands to implement and adhere to master the strategy and stop the loss limit.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert strategy is simple among all. The concept of Martingale is quite similar to this strategy. However, it has a significant difference. When you compare it to the forceful doubling of the Martingale strategy, the D’Alembert concept’s bet progression is gradual. It is straightforward without any complexity. This strategy is great to implement at the starting point to develop the initial betting plan.

Labouchere Strategy

A Labouchere gambling strategy is a well-organized approach. The player has to implement it right to enjoy its benefits. The player has to turn a profit if they find that they win more often than they lose. If the crash games are played according to Labouchere’s steps, the player will successfully avoid long-losing streaks.

The progression of the Labouchere method is not as severe as Martingale’s strategy. It decreases the impact of cold streaks. Therefore, the player will not increase the wager every time they witness a loss.

Enjoy Crash Gambling at the Popular Crypto Casino Site

Are you looking for the best crash gambling sites to enjoy crypto crash games? BTC365 can be the ultimate casino platform with its well-designed interface and features. It has been listed among the top-rated crypto-gambling platforms. Even if it is new, it has successfully become a great platform for crash games. You can explore here a wide variety of crash games developed by Spribe and the platform itself.

BTC365 is regulated and licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro. The platform is known for its reliable features and enhanced security. The developers have designed it with beginner-friendly features. Experts gamblers also find this platform best to enjoy crash gambling. Here, the players get the desired flexibility to place bets using bitcoins. The platform also has demo versions of its casino cash games.

Moreover, the platform has a 24/7 customer support team to solve queries. The platform is easy to use and enter the crash games. Its theme is a competitive advantage that is loved by all its users. The developers have also developed a mobile app to offer an enjoyable crash gambling experience. So, if you are searching for – where can I play Crash for real money? BTC365 will be the right choice. The registration process is also instant without any hassles of time consumption.

Promotional Offers, Bonuses, and Rewards in BTC365

BTC365 is famous for its broad promotional and bonus offers. For the new users, a pleasing bonus page is also awaiting. The BTC365 sign-up offer is several. Apart from these, there is a 100% deposit match bonus for sportsbook markets and slots. The platform also offers a 200% welcome bonus for r unique crypto crash games like Aviator. The users can use the sportsbook offer across all markets.

The platform offers an exclusive VIP Program. This program comes with various incentives, such as cash bonuses, birthday bonuses, and much more. It also offers free spin for subscribing and watching its YouTube channel videos and competitions. The users will get 5 UDST rewards when they sign up for the application. Join the platform today, and explore the bonuses and promotions.

Register at BTC365 to Play Crash Games

The BTC365 platform can make your crash gambling experience exciting and thrilling. With a simple registration process, you can enjoy top-rated crash games here. Follow the sign-up steps below for hassle-free and successful registration.

  • Visit the web-based platform or download the BTC365 app to start registration.
  • In the home page’s top right corner, you will find the ‘login’ and ‘registration’ options. New users should click on the registration. Existing users who already have an account can simply log in.
  • During the registration process, fill in the required details carefully. Go through the Terms & Conditions before final registration.
  • Next, after successful registration, you will enter BTC365 World. A section for ‘crypto games’ will be on the home page. Click on that to explore the available crash games.
  • Enter any of the games, for example – Aviator, Mines, or Plinko.
  • Before playing with actual bets, try the demo versions to understand the game. 
  • Finally, choose your first deposit, place your bets, and enjoy crash gambling.


Online crash gambling games are modern casino games developed specifically for cryptocurrency lovers. The crash games, in various ways, imitate the trading markets. These games will be a great choice for today’s generation of gamblers and traders. The game is full of excitement and enjoyable, lasting for a shorter period. However the game may seem simple, but the winning chances are not. The players must be aware of the strategies and tactics to master the game to maximize their winning. Learn to master the games at the demo versions to enjoy profits.

BTC365 has introduced crash games on its site and mobile application for gamblers. The platform has the best features along with easy accessibility to enjoy crash gambling. Visit the platform today and explore the crash games.


What is the best strategy to win crash games?

Auto Cashout Strategy is one the best strategies to win crash games. This tactic is the simplest and greatest to win crash gambling. The player has to pick an automatic-cashout figure like 1.5x or 2.5x and receive the rewards at that value.

How to win in crash games?

The players must understand the strategies to win the crash games. It depends on the crypto casino platform you play at. The house edge ranges from 1 to 2 percent for luck-based crash games. This shows that the players have excellent possibilities to win.

What is the house edge in crash casino games?

The House Edge is a featured term to describe the mathematical advantage the game has for the player. It results in a percentage that assures you to return to the venue with time and an assured loss percentage of what the player bets.

Are crash games suitable for beginners?

The best thing about crash games is that they are suitable for every player type. It is the best crypto casino game for beginners who have never tried anything on casino platforms. The crash games are easy to learn and straightforward. Even the strategies are easiest to understand and implement. There are top crypto casino platforms that offer crash games in tutorial mode.

What is provably Fair gambling in Crash game?

The provably fair game in common terms mean the results generated through the game are not by one party such as the game operators but through multiple participants. Crash games use this method for generating game outcomes. Here all game inputs are hashed and shared before determining the result.

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