Do you want to master your aviator crash game? For this, you must learn expert-level strategies and tricks. With the evolution of online casino games, crash games have made their own identity with millions of fans. The aviator slot game turns out to be the most popular crash gambling compared to others.

This online casino game permits players to grow gradually with their winnings. The players need to execute every move strategically, reducing the risk of losses. Moreover, this aviator game technique lets you play with a small budget. When you want to maximize your winning chances, you must follow the tricks and strategy. The gambling authorities have developed strategic systems to guide the players.

To master the game, you need to learn the strategic systems and basic tricks. Here we brought you a comprehensive guide to learning the smart strategies of the aviator game.

What Is Aviator Game? How To Play It?

Aviator is the most popular social multiplayer. It consists of a rising curve that can crash anytime. This game is popular due to many reasons. The player is the one who can decide when to cash out the winnings before the plane crashes or flies. It is suggested not to be greedy and cash out in time.

The social aspect is the strong point of the game. Every player must bet on the same plane and can withdraw the case whenever they prefer. You will see a display screen on the left side with the list of current players. It’s all about your choice whether you follow up and cash out or take the risk of letting the multiplier get higher.

The aviator slot game is all about transparency. It has a Provably Fair technology-based algorithm to analyze and test fairness. Click on the green shield to see this technical fair feature in the game rounds. The game has a graphic display of the Random Number Generator (RNG). It is useful to determine the winning chances. It is a computer program that splits out random results.

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

How To Play The Aviator Game?

The player doesn’t have to be an expert crash gamer to understand the strategies or rules of Aviator. It is simple and easier compared to other casino game rules. Just try out the free plays or demo version and see how interesting the game is.

When you enter the game, you will receive a grid. You will see the plane across the grid. Based on RNGs, it flies higher up the grid. As the plane moves higher, your initial bet size will multiply.

You must place the bets before the game starts or before the plane takes off. Later, you have to cash out your winnings before the plane flies away from the screen. If you don’t cash out your winnings and the plane flies away, you will lose all your earnings.

Place your initial bet before the plane takes off. Also, withdraw the winnings as quickly as possible when the multiplier reaches a certain limit.

Tricks To Play Aviator Game – How To Apply The Strategies?

In the aviator game, the player chooses how much to win. When you have placed the bet, you must follow the aircraft’s flight. If the plane leaves, the game is over. So, you have to cash out beforehand. To maximize your win, there are aviator game tricks to master the game. Following the tricks, strategies should be applied.

The game may not seem complicated, but the money loss chances are huge. It can take off and fly away at any time. So, before you start, you must learn the tricks and adopt the crash game strategy. Here are the tricks to follow.

Decide On a Bankroll
Determine the bet size or amount you want to spend on the game. Start with a low stake so that you won’t regret it if you lose. Never exceed your bet amount to a higher amount.

Learn the Strategy at Free Play Mode
The free version or demo mode lets users practice the game for free. You will learn all the strategies here. It is suggested that beginners practice the game at the demo version before playing for real bets.

Watch How Other Bettors Play
You will find many experts in the aviator game. Watch out for how they play by applying the strategies. You can learn a lot from the aviator game win.

Low Volatility
Prefer to cash out at low odds. Take a look at the previous probability of the flight.

Popular Aviator Game Strategies To Apply And Win

Single Bet Strategies
Under these strategies, the minimum risk is the trick. It is a common and cautious way of playing the aviator game. It includes an auto-betting mode feature. It’s an ideal solution for beginners. This auto mode will help you when you are unsure about your betting abilities. Auto betting is of two types;

Automated Cashout
This automatic feature in the aviator game allows the play to cash out automatically at pre-determined odds. You just need to wait and see if the plane does not leave before it reaches your auto-set odd point. You can set this feature in the Auto Bet section, like the «Auto» menu on the «Bet» panel.

Automated Bet
To set the auto bet section, move to the «Auto» menu on the «Bet» panel and fix your bet amount. This bet size will automatically be set for each round. You must carefully follow the flight and click «Cashout» on time.

Double Up Strategy
With a single-bet strategy, the player can bet at any amount, but they should have a sufficient bankroll. You must check the statistics of the previous multipliers. It is also instructed to bet when you are sure about the flight. Before you pass the x2 point, you must stick to the rules. It is instructed to cash out when you reach this multiplier. It can give your 100% profit in the medium-risk phase. You must double up when you are used to the tricks.

1.5x Strategy
Based on this strategy, you need to place a small bet and cash out when the multiplier reaches 1.5x multiplier. You must continue this even if the plane flies further. This may make you rich quickly, but this strategy will guarantee 50% profit with very low risk.

Multi Betting Strategies

2:1 Strategy
It is the most successful strategy to master the aviator slot game. The player has to make two met two bets with the 2:1 strategy. For instance, one bet was made at $10, and the other was placed at $20. The strategy aims to cover the smaller bet with the larger one. Therefore, the lower bet will get all the profit. There is zero risk in this strategy.

1.5x and 2x Strategy
This strategy is similar to the single bet strategy. The first bet is made larger, like $10 on 1.5x odds. It is better to turn on the auto bet and auto cash out. This will let you focus on the second bet. The second bet is manually chosen with a 2x multiplier of $5. Check the statistics before placing the bet. Place it after 6 multipliers in a consecutive order less than 2x. The player has to monitor the progress and stop when the flight reaches a 10x multiplier. You can repeat the strategies in the next round by studying the old statistics.

D’Alembert System
This is another trick to master the aviator slot game. It is based on the mathematical theory of 18th-century French mathematician – Jean Leron d’Alembert. According to this theory, each loss will bring the win closer. Therefore, the winning chance will increase in each failed attempt in the next round. You have to increase the bet size when you lose and decrease it while winning.

Martingale Strategy
It is a most common trick for playing games on crash gambling sites. In the aviator game, this strategy is modified. The player has to study the past rounds. Choosing the maximum multiplier at which the plane was flying in most rounds is recommended. Always start with a small bet to adjust your bankroll. Or else it will run out with a huge loss.

The player must wait until the plane takes off to the determined odds. Follow the double strategy when you fail and return to the original bet after a win. It is a gradual and effective process.

Preferred Crypto Site To Play Aviator Slot Game

BTC365 is one of the top gambling sites to play crash casino games. With the growing popularity of bitcoins, this crash gambling site was established in 2021. If you want to witness a thrilling adventure with a user-friendly interface, then you must start gaming on this site. This platform is a leader among crypto-exclusive sportsbooks. It is regulated with safety and security for the players.

BTC365 has grabbed the attention of casino players in a very short term. The site supports two languages – Indian and Chinese. The site will let you access your favorite aviator game instantly. It also offers a well-curated mobile application for a better casino experience.

It also offers 24/7 customer support to help the player when needed. The players can be part of the exclusive VIP program, and the payment accepted is crypto-only.

E-Gambling Montenegro has approved the platform to operate casino games. This is the safest and most exciting crypto-betting platform for crash games. You will enjoy playing the aviator slot game here, applying different strategic features.

Bonuses and Promotions Offered at BTC365

BTC365 offers exciting promotional offers and bonuses for users. The newly joined users also get a 100% welcome bonus on the sportsbook. It also offers slots up to 200 USDT. The users must click ‘Apply’ on the site to get the welcome bonus after the initial deposit.

The welcome bonus offer can be used only once for newly registered members. It must be utilized in the next seven days of the initial deposit.

The site also offers a No Deposit Bonus and 10 Free Spins. The spins are available on a video slot with a 0.2 USDT value. To activate this, the user has to visit the official YouTube channel of BTC365 Casino and subscribe to it. You must like a video and comment on it. Finally, take a screenshot and send it to customer support via e-mail. The agents will send the bonus to your casino account.

How To Sign Up To Play Aviator Slot Game?

Below are the registration steps to play aviator in BTC365.

  • Visit the site and download the application. You can also simply visit the official website of this platform.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ option to register. Fill in your details and read the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • After completing your registration process, click the Crypto Games section.
  • You will find the Aviator game by Spribe. Click and enter the game.
  • Once you’re in, try the free-play version without investing in bets. Learn the tricks and strategies before proceeding to play with actual bets.


It is all about the aviator slot game and its strategic tricks for a massive win. Every player must be aware of the strategies to master the game. Spending some time learning the tactics before entering the actual game section will be very helpful. Moreover, the aviator slot game is simple to learn. Only you should know the basic tricks and ways to apply the strategies.

BTC365 can be the ultimate platform to start crash gaming. You can enjoy the aviator slot game on their well-curated platform. Moreover, you will also be welcomed with exciting bonuses and incentives.


How to predict the aviator slot game?

It is challenging to predict aviator game outcomes. The RNG – random number generators or algorithms used to determine the crash point. These random outcomes make it difficult to predict the graph.

What is the best place to play the aviator game?

There are top-rated crash casino sites available to play the game. BTC365 is one of the best-recommended platforms for the aviator game.