If you are a gambling enthusiast, you must have already heard of the popular Aviator game by Spribe. Aviator games have become one of the most loved online casino games, which permits players to steadily grow their winnings. If players can choose the right platform from the reputed online crash gambling sites and strategically compute every move, they can effectively minimize risks associated with financial losses. The best part of Aviator gameplay is that it allows players to bet with even a small amount of budget.

The concept here is for the player to place their bet on the growing multiplier plane, and the player has to cash out before the plane flies off, suggesting the end of that round. If you successfully cash out from the game before the game crashes, you can take your winnings with your betting amount multiplied by the multiplier value.

But if you fail to cash out, you lose the entire stake. Since it’s a game of chance, nothing can guarantee the winning prediction. However, players can still engage in a gambling strategy to maximize the chances of winning and minimize the possibility of losing the game. Read on to get familiar with some tips and tricks to beat the Aviator games.

Aviator gambling strategies for beating the game

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

Most of the online gambling platforms today can avail of their demo version of the game. Similarly, you can play a free bet Aviator game in its fun mode with virtual money. So before you start with the real game, it’s recommended to optimize your gameplay by understanding and implementing the below Aviator game strategies on the demo version of the game.  

Playing One Bet

The finest Aviator betting tip recommended for someone just getting started on the Aviator game is the one bet placing. This way, you can maintain focus and increase your chances of winning the wager. As the smallest bet amount on the game is 10 cents, you should deposit at least a minimum of $10 or an equivalent crypto amount in the account to play at least 100 rounds.

The trick for minimum risk game

The basic trick for Aviator game win is playing with minimum risk for beginners. The more you bet on greed, the more you lose. So it is recommended to bet with little money. It’s the best way to grow your bankroll until you have enough money to take bigger risks. Additionally, you can use such bets to enable the auto cash-out and auto-wager options.

The trick for moderate risk game

Once you get acquainted with the basic skills of how to beat the Aviator casino game, you can take fewer risks. So you can play the Aviator game at 2x to 3x odds. The winning probability in taking moderate risk among Aviator game tricks offers 40 to 42%. If you end up winning the round, you can save huge back amounts.

The trick for high-risk game

Embrace high-risk bets with larger potential payouts. Use progressive betting systems like the Fibonacci or D’Alembert to capitalize on winning streaks and manage losses. Here the odds are higher than 100 can drop in every one and a half hours, so skip an hour and start betting again actively to make a potential amount within a short time.

Playing Two Simultaneous Bets

Take advantage of the game’s mechanics and place two bets simultaneously. This strategy allows you to hedge your bets and potentially increase your chances of winning. For the first wager, use auto-cashout and auto-bet. Additionally, for this one, keep the multiplier at x1.2. Then, with the second wager, take a moderate risk and maintain a multiplier of 2x to 3x.

Use Automated Betting Options

Utilize automated betting features provided by the game to execute pre-set strategies. This approach saves time and allows for consistent betting based on pre-configured parameters. This way, you would not require to be extra attentive about when to press the cashout button and how much to set the bet amount for the 100 rounds you want to play.

Look Out for Volatility

Analyze the volatility of the game and adjust your betting strategy accordingly. Higher volatility may offer more significant wins but also increases the risk, while lower volatility offers steadier but smaller returns. If you know the plane is going off once the multiplier hits 1.10x or 1.40x, you can keep up with the odds and cash out within that range.

Follow Through Live Statistics And Live Bets

Stay updated with live statistics during gameplay. Adapt your strategy based on real-time data to capitalize on emerging patterns and make informed betting decisions. Monitor live bets placed by other players to gain insights into popular strategies.

Check out the most reliable platform to play the Aviator crash game to Win

BTC365 Crash Casino Online Bitcoin Casino
BTC365 | Best Online Bitcoin Crash Casino

If you want to bring maximum winnings with the Aviator game, then BTC365 is the best platform for crash gambling online. The platform has made significant progress in a very short time, bringing the highest winning possibilities crypto gambling gaming opportunities to its players. You can certainly find all popular games from well-known developers on its crash gambling sportsbook. Spribe Aviator game is one of the most popular games on this platform, with medium volatility and 97% RTP, offering straightforward gameplay.

It is a legitimate platform offering the flexibility of playing the game on the web or app. You can download the BTC365 app on both Android and iOS devices. It is governed by Montenegro’s e-gambling to maintain transparency with its casino businesses. The players have the option to deposit and withdraw money using a number of well-known cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. You can also play the Aviator game using altcoins like Ripple, Dogecoin, Cardano, etc. Before you wager any cryptocurrency on the game, try out Aviator using BTC365’s entertaining demo mode to get a feel for it.

Explore the top Bonus and Promotional features available on BTC365

Aside from its transparent operations and fair gameplay, BTC365 is regarded as one of the most reliable crash gambling platforms in many regions because of its attractive bonus features. This tempts players to try betting on the first few games without having to use their crypto deposits and get familiar with the gameplay and not risk losing their deposits. If they win more from the game, they can use it to increase their wagers.

A welcome bonus match of up to 200 USDT is available when you make a first deposit of at least 0.5 mBTC, 10 USDT, 0.08 LTC, or 0.01 ETH on BTC365. Once you’ve placed a 20x wager in any game on the website, you’ll be eligible to receive a 100% deposit bonus by Monday.

After that, if you want to cash out the total bonus amount, wager 1x of the bonus on any game. Note that it’s only available for new players. Make sure to withdraw the money before 30 days to avoid expiration. Join BTC365 VIP Club to increase your possibilities by triggering the bonus, cashback, and other promotional features.

Register Your Casino account with BTC365 to play Aviator

It’s very simple to register your account with BTC365 to access the Aviator game. Follow the below signup process:

  • Browse the official website on a web-based platform or download the BTC365 app on your smartphone to play on the go.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” option available on the homepage to start the registration process.
  • Explore all the details on the platform and agree with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Verify your email address and successfully create your player’s account and explore the offers and gambling features.
  • Make your first minimum deposit to play crypto games and win bonus offers.
  • Follow through the withdrawal process to cash out the bonuses.
  • Go to the Crypto Games Category to play the Spribe Aviator game. Before betting, first start with the demo game.


Mastering Spribe Aviator 2023 requires a combination of skill, strategy, and perseverance. However, note that none of the strategies and tactics mentioned above are 100% guaranteed. Many times being careful can also kill your chance of winning big. So it is always up to you to take a chance and win big. But if you can’t afford to risk losing your bet, it is recommended to wager a low amount and cash out early to get your winnings, even though it is small.

Players are also encouraged to try their own tricks and play as they find comfortable. BTC is one of the reliable platforms in the online casino industry that enables you to try this game in its demo version to practice your skills and get an in-depth understanding of how the game works.

You can advance your gambling abilities using its user-friendly layout and support for both web and mobile playing modes. Take advantage of all its lucrative bonus and promo features and play with the convenience and flexibility of wagering with cryptocurrency and maximize the winnings on the Aviator game.