Want to bet on FIFA using Bitcoin on an esports betting site? Guess what, you aren’t the only one out there because many punters will start betting on FIFA esports using cryptocurrencies. BTC365 is one of the best crypto betting sites that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to allow bettors to punt on contests like FIFA esports.

Apart from that, we also offer tons of FIFA esports betting tips and suggestions to help you make a quick buck while playing such games. In this blog, we bring to you the Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about betting on FIFA esports in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Why should I bet on FIFA esports in the first place?
    When you can bet on the real football games of FIFA, why should you bet on FIFA esports in the first place? Now, that’s a very fundamental question. In real soccer games, a lot of random events can disrupt or change the whole course of a game. For example, sudden rain before a football match can have a huge impact on its result. Besides, there are no interruptions that can always happen in a real match. In a nutshell, betting on FIFA esports depends on only one thing – the performance of the selected players. Therefore, like a game of skill, it’s a much better option to bet on than real games.
  • How do I bet on FIFA esports on BTC365’s website?
    It’s very easy to bet on FIFA esports onBTC365’s website. You need a crypto wallet and an account on BTC365’s website to start betting on FIFA esports. BTC 365 supports a range of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). You can buy units of any of these currencies and deposit them in your crypto wallet. Using that, you can start betting on BTC365’s platform.
  • What kind of bets can I place using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on BTC365?
    You can place different kinds of bets on FIFA using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The most common is predicting the outcome of a match, whether Team 1 or Team 2 will win the match or perhaps it will end in a draw. The second common bet type is predicting the total number of goals that will be scored in a match. If you like punting on the goal-scoring ability of players, then you should place this kind of bet. Then, you can also place a handicap bet using cryptocurrencies. A handicap bet is structured in such a manner that there’s a level-playing field between betting on a stronger team and a weaker team. Let’s say Italy and Russia are playing against each other. Italy is perceived to be a much stronger team than Russia. Then, a sportsbook may say that Italy has -2 goals and Russia has +2 goals to begin the game. This means that Italy has to win the match by minimum 3 goals for your bet to return the money. If it wins by anything less than 3 goals, it won’t return your money. Conversely, Russia has to lose the match by less than 2 goals for you to win the bet.
  • Is betting on FIFA a pure chance or a pure skill game?
    Betting on FIFA esports is a pure skill contest. You win or lose depending upon your knowledge of the game, the quality of players you’ve picked, how they perform individually and how they perform as a team. Unpredictable events like rain or a sudden injury to a player don’t affect FIFA esports. It’s all about the team you form with the players you have. That’s the reason, it’s a game of pure skill.
  • When betting on FIFA, how do I know whether a crypto-gambling site is genuine or not?
    Checking the authenticity of a crypto-gambling platform is very important because there are a lot of fly-by-night operators in this industry. Besides, the concept of gambling in cryptocurrencies is still at a nascent stage. Therefore, bettors should always check whether a gambling platform has been recognized or authorized by a reputed body or not. At BTC365, we take this aspect very seriously. That’s the reason, BTC365 is licensed internationally by E-Gambling Montenegro, which is a well-renowned authority responsible for licensing gambling operators in Montenegro. Besides, we also have over 10 years of experience in the online gaming industry, which makes us one of the most trustworthy names in the industry.

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  • What are the most important factors to consider to select a site for betting on FIFA in Bitcoin?
    The authenticity of a crypto-gambling platform is one of the most important factors. The second thing you should check is whether a betting site works in your country. At times, a crypto-betting platform doesn’t work in certain geographies. Then, you should also check the betting odds and compare them across platforms. Needless to say, the more fair the betting odds are the more genuine a platform tends to be. Always remember that the commissions of a betting platform are built into the betting odds. That’s why betting odds reflect how genuine a platform is towards the bettors. Then, you should check bonuses and promotions offered by a platform before betting. Promotional offers, if rightly used, can end up having a huge impact on your net cash flows from betting. Therefore, it’s one of the most important factors before making this decision.
  • Is betting in Bitcoin safe?
    Whether you’re betting on FIFA esports or any other contest, the one thing you’d certainly like to know is whether betting in Bitcoin is safe. We’d like to assure you that Bitcoin is the safest cryptocurrency out there. Bitcoins came into existence in 2009. Over more than a decade of its existence, we’ve all seen that the network of Bitcoins is powerful at protecting critical information. Rarely ever you would see changes in the code of Bitcoins happening. If at all, they happen, they are backwards compatible. Therefore, Bitcoins are a safe type of cryptocurrency.
  • Is betting on FIFA in Bitcoin legal in countries, like Canada, Germany, Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, and Nigeria?
    Betting in Bitcoin on FIFA esports is mostly legal in these countries; however, we’ll always advise you to check the specific laws and regulations in your country. Also, you must keep in mind that cryptocurrency is still not a legal currency. However, in most countries, there’s no law, which says that you can’t bet using a cryptocurrency. At times, countries ban betting on “pure-chance” contests because winning or losing in such cases is down to your luck. But even such countries allow “pure-skill” games like betting on FIFA esports because winning or losing in such contests is a function of your skill.
  • What are the benefits of betting in Bitcoin on FIFA esports?
    While you can always use cash to bet on FIFA esports, betting in Bitcoin comes with certain advantages. First, transactions in Bitcoin are much faster than those in cash. Second, betting in Bitcoin allows a certain degree of anonymity, which betting in cash doesn’t allow. Typically, a bettor needs to fulfill a number of know-your-customer (KYC) requirements to bet using cash, which is not so much the case with betting in Bitcoin.

To sum it all up…
The future of bitcoin and eSports is bright. eSports and cryptocurrencies will be forever linked, so the sooner you jump in, the better it is! Watch out for this space because we’ll bring for you tons of football betting tips and suggestions to bet on other esports using cryptocurrencies.