Blockchain technology has become one of the best innovations of the 21st century. It tracks all transactions in a ledger, with each transaction being held as a “block” and added to the current chain, hence the word “blockchain.” It’s commonly used for virtual currency and incorporates Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT (Tether), etc.

With its secured transaction, it has revolutionized the gambling industry. Nowadays, online casinos have started accepting payments in digital currencies.

The emergence of blockchain technology has prompted several industries to explore and capitalize on the benefits of this burgeoning technology. Blockchain promises fairness, transparency, security, reliability, confidentiality, and many more benefits in the gaming industry.

At BTC365, we aim to provide a fun, and fair online gaming environment to our users and gambling with cryptocurrency helps our purpose. On our platform, we use three cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT). We offer peer-to-peer betting for all sorts of crypto casinos and games. Backed by industry experts and licensed internationally by E-Gambling Montenegro, we have over a decade of experience delivering rich I-Gaming experiences.

But why should you bet on our platform? We have listed down ten reasons for that. Read on!

Ten reasons why BTC365 is the best bitcoin gambling site for betting with crypto
Ten reasons why BTC365 is the best bitcoin gambling site for betting with crypto

1.Swift Deposits and Withdrawals: In traditional online gambling, banks and payment gateways are involved. That’s why every transaction has to go through the entire approval process of the bank. Depending upon your bank and government, each transaction can take a different amount of time. But crypto gambling is designed for the modern gambler. It eliminates the involvement of banks and the government. It simplifies our process as an online crypto casino platform – from deposits to withdrawals. On BTC365, transactions are completed within a few minutes. We don’t charge any fee on deposits and withdrawals but note that you will have to bear the usual crypto transaction fees when transferring your crypto to the platform.

2.Higher Privacy and Anonymity: Data privacy is a right of every individual, and its protection is a subset. Many gamblers are reluctant to play online for fear of data misuse. But the privacy of cryptocurrency offers us the opportunity to reduce the need for personal financial information because cryptocurrency transactions are validated quickly via public blockchain. This safeguarding of gaming users’ personal information reduces the risk of data theft even more.

One of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency is anonymity. Not only do you not have to provide your personal information, but you also don’t have to share any sensitive details, such as your credit card number or banking passwords. We don’t believe that anyone should be forced to share their private data with companies just because they want to play a round of betting on the latest football match.

3.Financial independence: There is no need for third-party permission for crypto-transactions when you deposit crypto online on our platform. Simply said, players have complete control over their digital currency: they can deposit and withdraw funds, blockchain instantaneously verifies transactions in real-time, and we will know if transactions were successful or not in a fraction of a second. So gamble your heart out and earn crypto.

4.No Geographical Restrictions: Are you worried about the legality of gambling in your country? On our platform, you can exchange cryptocurrencies without intermediaries as no governments are coming after you here. Once you set your VPN to the favoured location, crypto gambling is within your reach. No bank will freeze your account for an illegal transaction. No government will send you a legal notice for breaking the law. With digital currency, your transactions won’t be traceable at all.

5.Excellent Level of Security: If you are looking for the best crypto betting site, look no further. BTC365 provides a superior level of security, reliability, and anonymity to guarantee your safety in the world of crypto betting. We don’t offer peer to peer gambling and do not require any verification from your banks. You can be sure that you are in complete control of your money when you bet on our platform. All your data is encrypted, so it can’t be read by anyone other than you—not even by us.

6.Dual sportsbook and E-sports products: BTC365 was founded by bettors and blockchain enthusiasts to cater to new and seasoned cryptocurrency players. We create and implement ground-breaking features like Dual Sportsbook and Esports. Our Dual Sportsbook covers over 70,000 matches monthly, allowing all players to double their betting limits and winnings 365 days a year. If your interest is in Esports, we cover up to 35,000 Esports matches monthly and offer the most bet types with our Dual Esports provider.
Dual sportsbook and E-sports products

Our unique features, such as instant cashout, parlay, and live streaming of your favourite matches, will increase your excitement and winning chances! Furthermore, with High-Limit betting, we provide the broadest range of bet kinds and are unrivalled in the crypto gaming business.

7.In-House and External Games: We are dedicated to keeping our platform up to date with the most popular and fair games available. With BTC365, you will be spoiled for choice and will never be bored! Dice, Crash game, Hi-lo, Solo Crash game are just a few of the original crypto games we provide. All of our in-house games are based on “Provably Fair” cryptographic technology. This technique ensures that game outcomes are entirely fair. A third party can’t meddle with the game processor results with this technology.

8.VIP Lounge: You can gain huge benefits from our VIP systems. You will be rewarded twice when you level up to our VIP status. Fund your account with selected cryptocurrency. You may win NFTs, Genesis Tokens, iPhones, and other exciting prizes using a Mining Multiplier, which multiplies the quantity of BTC365 tokens earned each unit wagered. Choose a cryptocurrency to fund your account with. Your VIP level is determined by all valid bets placed on the BTC365 site. Check out your VIP progress on your Profile Page!

9.Cryptocurrency Dividend: On BTC365, we have a unique profit-sharing token to grow our user’s share on the platform. You can claim your profit share using your BTC365 tokens, which is our platform’s native token. By participating in various activities on the platform, you can earn more BTC365 tokens.

The dividend pool allows you to share in the revenue generated by our platform. The revenue is delivered to the players in ETH, BTC, or USDT. Players will be paid dividends based on the number of BTC365 tokens they have in their wallets. Users that own more BTC365 tokens, for example, are entitled to a more significant portion of the dividend pool. Take advantage of seasonal deals and wager on the platform to earn as many tokens as possible.

10.Profit-Sharing Partnership: We are the only I-Gaming site in the world to offer a Multi-Level Marketing Partnership model. BTC365’s partnership provides you with two streams of commission income: First, earnings from direct recruited members as a commission. Second, an overriding feature that allows you to earn all unclaimed commissions from your Sub-Partners. With unlimited commission overriding levels, you can create new money streams. Get up to 40% commission every month, with commissions paid out quickly and withdrawals processed within two business days.

A Short Guide to Bet and Win Crypto on BTC365

If betting with crypto gets you excited, then this is the right time to join our platform. Getting started with bitcoin gambling on BTC365 is easy. As an initial step, complete your registration. Select your cryptocurrency and load your crypto wallet with it. You can use your digital currency to wager on several games. We offer tempting welcome bonuses and charge nothing on withdrawals. Cash-out any time you want.

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