If you ask us, ‘what’s the future of casinos?’, we’d say, crypto gambling is the future of the online casino industry.


The online casino industry is evolving as we write. Amongst the known players in the search for the best ‘Crypto gambling sites’ is BTC365. Online casino companies are in the quest to make gamblers’ betting experience a notch higher with attractive promotions that are backed by advanced technologies, including Blockchain.

This is the era wherein online casinos are widely powered by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. Cryptocurrency gambling is becoming extremely popular in recent years, and topmost gambling sites like BTC365 are encouraging transacting through Bitcoin with their customers.

The Buzz Around Crypto Gambling

The first successful cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, and it was released in 2009. Since then, many other cryptos have surfaced, including Ethereum, Doge, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. However, to date, Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency.

According to experts, by 2022 the global gambling industry will exceed $565 billion!. And on the other side of the fence, cryptocurrency already has an established strong relationship with the iGaming industry. Currently, 50% of bitcoin transactions are related to gambling only.

Can you imagine the craze of cryptocurrency? So, in this write-up, we’ll talk about the rise of cryptocurrency in gambling. So if you want to understand crypto casino, its benefits and why crypto betting is the future, keep reading this post.

Success behind Crypto Casino
Crypto gambling is the future of online casinos.

Cryptocurrency is most sustainable for gambling operators.

There is a continuous surge in crypto users, especially when Bitcoin’s value peaks. Just before the end of 2020, Bitcoin surpassed its all-time high since 2017. In 2017, its highest value was approx 20,000 US dollars. This year, it’s all-time high was 65,917.14 US dollars (as of 8 November 2021). Some experts predict that it could rise to 100k USD by the end of 2022.

This same uncertainty is what keeps people intrigued, wherein more crypto wallets are created every day. This means that more and more Bitcoin is circulating for people to use in online transactions like gambling.

Besides that, there are a few reasons why gamblers are shifting to crypto gambling. Here are some of them:

  • Anonymity- There’s no need to disclose your personal and financial details.
  • Safe and Secure- Bitcoin and other cryptos run on blockchain tech, so transactions are easy to observe.
  • Convenience- An excellent way for gamblers to avoid having gambling transactions in their account.

Difference between Crypto Gambling Vs Online Gambling

Here are a few differences between crypto gambling and traditional online gambling.

Third-party involvement: The standard payment methods for online gambling such as e-wallet. debit card, or credit card is through third-party association. On the other hand, it is different for crypto gambling.

You could choose to process online casino transactions by yourself or using digital wallets. It is essential to consider that some digital wallets have a similar working system to e-wallets. Nonetheless, you can set up an account to manage your crypto funds without the involvement of a third-party.

Fair Games: Crypto casinos probably have provably fair games which use blockchain tech. When it comes to provably fair games, players can verify whether the gaming results are not rigged. So, when there is randomization in the gaming outcomes, the games are considered just and fair.

Licensing: Commonly, online casinos are considered legal if they are licensed. The same way, BTC365 is licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro, so you could rely on us to gamble without worrying about losing funds to fraudulent practices. However, Crypto gambling does not require any approval from licensing authorities as crypto casinos need not get a license as third-party action is not required.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies

Using cryptocurrencies in gambling is the way to go; however, don’t just take our word for it, as we’ve listed some of the legit benefits a crypto gambler enjoys.

  • No hassle of additional complicated calculations.
  • No monetary transfer restrictions.
  • Increase the security of all your settlements anytime.
  • Only the owner has the track of funds.
  • Winning amount is transferred to the player by default.
  • Online gambling with cryptocurrencies improves the security of operations.
  • 100% encryption of operations.
  • Elimination of outside interference which creates profitable and safe conditions for gambling.
Why Gamblers Love BTC365 for Crypto Betting?

As explained above, we can conclude that the trend of crypto gambling will continue to dominate online gambling. BTC365 already accepts USDT, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. for new age crypto gamblers. So, without a shadow of doubt, we say that BTC365 is one of the best bitcoin casinos and crypto gambling sites in the world.

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