Wild West Gold: Best Crypto Betting Online Game In 2022 

Wild West Gold game by Pragmatic Play is your solution to all money-related problems! As inflation is rocketing, almost everything is constantly increasing in price. More and more people are falling into debt. Meanwhile, investment channels are basically not profitable. In particular, it is really a nightmare for crypto investors when negative fluctuations continuously appear. 

However, nothing is without a solution, Wild West Gold is here to save the day! This is a great online slot game on BTC365 from a famous reputable publisher – Pragmatic Play. You can totally make a new source of earning with your inactive crypto thanks to this game. 

So, what is it and what can you expect from this game? Let’s dig into this! 

Wild West Gold Slot Bitcoin

Wild West Gold: Slot Overview 

Game design 

First, before going any further, we want to talk about the interface of this game. You can find the entire American West at West Wild Gold! cowboy hats, guns, money bags and bounty boards, all are designed according to the old West style standards. These factors will definitely excite you if you are a fan of cowboys. 

In addition, the sound and music of this game are also memorable, you can clearly hear the piano sound, the crowd cheering, and the gunfights. These random noises play a vital role in enhancing the game’s strengths – vintage and nostalgic beauty, thereby improving the player’s mood. 

In particular, the game development team has really put their effort into designing this slot’s user interface. Besides basic elements such as colours and images, the arrangement of buttons is also quite smart and effective. You don’t need to learn much even if you are a complete newbie. In fact, you can quickly adapt to the gameplay even with no guidance needed. 

Game rules 

This game’s playing rules are quite simple. All you must do is choose the bet level (the default setting is $2), start spinning and receive money!  

Wild West Gold has a total of 5 reels, 4 rows and up to 40 pay lines (or speak alternatively up to 40 outcomes can earn you money). Normally, to get the bonus money, you would want the appearance of the three same symbols from left to right.  

However, different symbols can give different value to your wallet. In case you don’t know, there is a clear hierarchy in this game. For instance, alphanumeric symbols will all give you a low payout, money bags or guns will make medium amount and human-character symbols will bring you a high earning. However, all the above symbols are nothing compared to “Wild”. With it, you not only have the possibility to earn a lot of profit, but also obtain the opportunity to earn some free slots, which we will talk more about later. 

In addition, here is something you should know if you have never interacted with betting games before, there are some betting limits to one round: 20 cents at least and $100 at most for a bet. Especially, if you are lucky, you can absolutely get the highest reward of the game, which is 6750 times your bet. Have trust in your luck? why don’t you try it right now? 

Wild West Gold: Slot Features 

Result show 

Having a lack of knowledge of game rules is a huge problem for any slot game newbies. This may cause them confusion in some situations. For example, when they win too many symbols at once, they may not understand which symbols they have won. 

You are facing the same issue? no worries, Wild West Gold will help you with this! This game provides animations for all the symbols you win. Besides, it will also repeat the calculating formula one more time at the bottom corner of the game and it won’t go away unless you process the next spin. Thanks to these clarity and transparency factors, Wild West Gold has become one of the most preferred worldwide crypto casino gaming. 


This is an extremely suitable feature for those who are busy with work. You can continue to do your daily tasks and earn profit online at the same time since Wild West Gold will spin slots for you continuously. In the best-case scenario, you may unexpectedly get the highest payout while this mode is on, who knows!  

However, don’t forget to set up a suitable bet before going away. This will help you manage betting risks more effectively! 

Free spins

This is the most interesting function of this slot game. You can only enable it when collecting Wild symbols in some specific positions. 

For example, if 2,3,4 or 5 Wilds appear on the reels, you will be rewarded with 4, 8, 12 and 20 free bonus spins respectively. Especially, if during your free spin, you get this Wild symbol on reels 2, 3 or 4 of the slots, then it will stay there for the next consecutive free spins. 

As a result, you can continuously benefit from these Wild symbols in all the remaining free spins and earn a large amount of profit. In some cases, you are lucky, you might even get some extra free spins! Yeah, free money is coming! 

Especially! For those who are still wondering about the risk of Wild West Gold, here’s good news for you: There is safe betting insurance for all the free spinning rounds! In case you are too unlucky and only earn less than 10 times your bet, you will still get a bonus of 10 times it! 

Wild West Gold: Bottom Line 

As we said above, at present, in the context of the global economy is facing many difficulties, the crypto betting game on BTC365 is a good shelter for your money. 

With great functions (40 pay lines and free slots) and an attractive interface, Wild West Gold is definitely one of the most potential online money-making games this year. Especially, thanks to the low minimum budget requirement, you can participate in the game and earn huge profits even if you don’t have much capital. So, why don’t you try it?