You are a loyal fan of Candy Crush Saga sweetness, Willy Wonka’s miracle factory or maybe online puzzle games? Here’s good news for you, now you can enjoy a colorful world of sweets and have a great source of income at the same time!
How to do it? Try Sweet Bonanza – one of the best online cryptocurrency slot games from Pragmatic Play Slot on BTC365.
Besides the wonderful candy world, with Sweet Bonanza, you can also easily enter the crypto market – a trendy investment market with huge profit potential – after just a few simple steps. This is definitely great info for crypto investors as they can still make lots of money from their inactive crypto even though this market is currently in a big downtrend.
So, what exactly is Sweet Bonanza and how to make money from it? Scroll down to learn more!
pragmatic play sweet bonanza slot

Sweet Bonanza: Slot Overview

Game interface
As we said above, Sweet Bonanza is a sweet candy-themed game. You can easily see it appears to be quite similar to Candy Crush since some game elements like the slot, the background or even the notification are all very bright, cheerful and colorful.
However, if you are considering this game is just a copycat of the legendary Candy Crush game, then we suggest you think again. Although using a similar theme, this game still has its own creativity in design style. Typically about how it applies background songs and in-game animations.
We bet you will have a strong impression of this game’s music right after your first listen. It has a soothing and relaxing tone, which is a great elixir to lift everyone’s mood after a tiring working day. This factor has made a huge contribution to Sweet Bonanza’s user-friendliness and therefore help it become the top of mind for most online slot game players.
Also, if you are looking for a game capable of providing you with flashy animations, Sweet Bonanza seems to be a good choice. The development team must have put a lot of effort into building this game’s effects. We believe you will agree with us when you see how the candies fall from the sky into the slot, the way the candies in the game background glisten in the sunlight or the moment the colorful point bombs burn and beautifully explode.

How to play
Similar to most other Pragmatic Play Slot games, Sweet Bonanza is also quite simple to learn. In our opinion, you can easily adapt to its gameplay even if you have never experienced any online betting games before.
All you need to do is to place your bet by tapping the plus and minus buttons and then making a spin. All those controllers are in the bottom right corner of the screen. The minimum and maximum bets that can be selected here are 0.20 USDT and 100 USDT respectively, remember to consider the best number based on your budget before doing any setting.

Game rules
We understand that in some cases, there may be some people who have had bad experiences during their last play cryptocurrency slot games online since the winning rate of this game genre is quite low.
Yet, with Sweet Bonanza, this problem is no longer to be a concern since it has 6 reels, 5 rows and win-all-ways paylines. In other words, as long as you spin the same candies, you will definitely get the bonus, no matter if they have the same row or not.
Especially, since the symbols on the reels will be refreshed each time you claim the bonus, there is a chance that you get the bonus consecutively! Thus, in the best-case scenario, you could end up as the owner of Sweet Bonanza’s top prize, which is about 21,100 times your original bet! Really attractive, right?

Sweet Bonanza: Game feature

Chance increase
Most players who play crypto slot games online are especially interested in this feature of Sweet Bonanza as this is what makes it really stand out of the line.
Specifically, in case you are not confident in your luck, you can increase your maximum bet to $125 to double your chances of hitting the game’s hottest bonus.
When you buy this service, the game will automatically add more scatters to your spin, which is the most essential condition for triggering free spins. We will discuss this in more detail in the following section.
In case this additional 25 USDT is beyond your financial status, do not worry because this win-rate-increasing fee will be automatically adjusted to suit your bet. For example, if you bet the lowest amount (0.20 USDT), then you only need to add 0.05 USDT to activate this feature.

Free spin
Now it’s time for the best feature of every Pragmatic Play Slot game: Free spins!
Since Sweet Bonanza’s rules are quite different from regular slot games, we’ll explain a bit more about how you can get these free spins. By collecting 4, 5 or 6 lollipops, you will land 2,4 or 80 times your initial investment and 10 free spins. Also, whenever you land 3 lollipops or more on a single spin, you can get 5 bonus free spins! Watch out! Endless free spin is coming!
Finally, we would like to remind you that the values of bombs can be stacked together. This means if you get an x2 bomb and an x10 one, you will get a total of x20! Want the highest 21,000 bet times price? What are you waiting for? This is how you get it!

Bottom Line

In these tough economic times, money is more important than ever. From food to gas, everything has gone up in price. Personal finance is increasingly becoming a headache for people all over the world.
However, don’t worry if you are meeting the same problem because Sweet Bonanza is the answer to your problem.
With a generous reward system (win-all-ways mechanic) and the chance increase feature, we are sure you will earn a huge profit from this game even though the initial capital is not high. So, what do you think? Isn’t it sound like a good sense of investment?
Above is all information about Sweet Bonanza of Pragmatic Play Slot. We hope you find it helpful. Try your luck now on BTC365!