As the concept of gaming in cryptocurrencies is becoming popular with every passing day, a number of new crypto-gambling platforms are emerging. While many new entrants have started offering online games that allow gambling with cryptocurrency, there are very few betting platforms that are providing what the bettors really need.

However, BTC365 is a betting site that scores on all the counts. Whether supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, safety and security of platform, variety of online casino games to punt on, and unique ways to reward players, BTC365 is second to none.

BTC365 has focused on three pillars of providing an ideal gaming experience:

(i) Safety and security of transactions (no amount of features and games will help if players don’t feel safe and secure in a gaming portal)

(ii) Huge variety of games (only a few games are bound to make gamers feel bored, so when it comes to offering casino games, the more the merrier), and

(iii) A user-friendly experience for gamers (by recently launching the mobile-app, BTC365 enables users to play on-the-go).

Here, in this blog, we’ll further explain what makes BTC365 the best crypto casino site for gambling in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

BTC365 accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether for betting

When it comes to betting in cryptocurrencies, your choice is not limited to just Bitcoin at BTC365, as the platform supports a number of other currencies as well, such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The idea is to enable bettors to gamble with a variety of cryptocurrencies so that they can diversify the currency risk. Remember that a cryptocurrency’s value is subject to wide fluctuations. Say, for example, a platform allows you to bet on games only in Bitcoin, then it exposes you to risks associated with fluctuations in Bitcoin’s value. If you can’t bet in any other cryptocurrency, the risk is too high. However, if the platform allows you to bet in other cryptocurrencies as well, then you can choose those currencies if Bitcoin’s value fluctuates a lot. Simply put, betting in multiple currencies diversifies the currency risk. This is what wise folks mean when they say, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. BTC365 has recently started accepting betting in Litecoin (LTC) as well. Soon, it’s expected to support other cryptocurrencies. So, keep checking on its website.

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Plenty of live casino and slot games to play

BTC365 offers a wide range of options to choose if you want to play live casino or slot games. You can pick from more than 150 different live table games. Want to play Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Video Poker, etc? You can do it all at BTC365’s platform. Besides, you can also enjoy multiple betting, as BTC365 offers multiple-table betting also. Over and above, BTC365 offers ‘in-house crypto games’, like Dice, Crash game, Hi-lo, and Solo Crash game. All its in-house games are based on ‘Provably Fair’, a cryptographic technology that ensures 100% fairness in game results. Thanks to this technology, it’s impossible for a third-party to interfere in a game and influence its results. When you play at BTC365, not only do you get a huge range of gaming options, but you’re also sure that you’re betting on a fair and transparent platform.

100% welcome bonus, 50% reload bonus, and many other offers

BTC365 provides a number of lucrative bonuses and offers for first-time bettors as well as seasoned punters. At its portal, you can make a first-time deposit with a minimum of 0.5 mBTC / 30 USDT. Then, go to the ‘Promotions’ page and apply for ‘100% welcome bonus’. This bonus is a great way to increase your deposit without putting too much money yourself. In 2022, BTC365 is allowing new bettors to gain up to 300 free spins with their first-time deposit during the promotion period.
Click to view other terms and conditions to avail bonus.

Almost instant deposit/withdrawal of funds at BTC365’s platform

When you’re betting on an online platform, the last thing you want is to wait endless hours to deposit or withdraw funds. This is why BTC365 allows you to deposit/withdraw money within five minutes, which means there’s almost an instant transfer of funds at its website. Besides, you don’t have to pay any withdrawal charges to BTC365, which makes it a cost-effective way to transfer funds as well. By simplifying the fund-transfer process, BTC365 enables crypto-bettors to play easily and safely.

Safe and secure online crypto casino

BTC365 is one of the safest casino sites for betting in cryptocurrencies. It has an international license to conduct its business by E-Gambling Montenegro, a well-known authority which licenses gambling operators. Licensing by such a well-renowned authority further strengthens the fact that BTC365 is a trustworthy platform for crypto

BTC365 has an ‘s’ in its URL (HTTPS (https://) – The ‘S’ in ‘https’ stands for secure. There are a lot of crypto-gambling sites with a URL starting with ‘http’ and not ‘https’. Such websites are not secure; therefore, betting on them is a risky proposition. On the other hand, BTC365 is a safe and secure platform for crypto-bettors. It also has more than ten years of experience in the online gaming industry. It’s simply not possible for an operator to be in this business for so long without giving a safe gaming experience to crypto players. The fact that BTC365 has been in this business for so long shows the faith gamers and other stakeholders have in its ability to deliver a cutting-edge gaming experience.

Dedicated customer support

BTC365 is extremely serious about providing round-the-clock support to bettors worldwide. The portal knows that gamblers around the world are betting on its platform at all times and in different time zones. This is why its customer support executives are available 24 X 7 to chat with bettors facing any kind of issues. In case of trouble, you can chat with its executives using the ‘live chat’ feature on its website, and they will help you in the best possible manner. You can also reach out to BTC365 on its Twitter handle for any concerns while gaming.

BTC365’s mobile-app provides the best gaming experience
BTC365 has launched a mobile-app to help gamers play their favourite casino games and bet on-the-go. With its superb user-friendly interface, it provides an ideal gaming experience to punters. The mobile-app allows you to bet on sportsbooks, live casino slots, BTC365 mini-games, and a lot more. You can scan the QR code below to download the app, which is available in both Android and iOS versions. That said, if bettors aren’t keen to use a mobile-app, then BTC365 offers a user-friendly experience for gaming on its website as well.

Download BTC365 APP for iOS, Android and H5!

Unique profit-sharing model through dividends

Hardly any crypto-betting platform shares its income with players, but BTC365 is an exception. BTC365 has a unique concept of a profit-sharing token. Players can earn BTC365 tokens by playing games on its platform and participating in all kinds of activities. The platform has created a ‘dividend pool’ from the revenues it generates. Using tokens, players can earn a share of the dividend pool, which is based on the number of tokens they have. The players are paid a share of revenue in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether. BTC365’s core team understands that it’s important to market the concept of crypto-gambling by rewarding enthusiastic players. That’s the reason they have taken upon themselves to create a win-win platform for the platform and the players.

A VIP Lounge to reward players

BTC365’s VIP Lounge is a great way to reward players. As players visit BTC365’s platform to play games, they are awarded a rank. As they play successfully, they are promoted to new levels, wherein new ranks are unlocked. Upon reaching a high rank within the VIP Lounge, they become eligible for bonuses, rewards, and prizes. They can win free non-fungible tokens (NFTs), generis tokens, iPhones, and much more.

BTC365 is the only crypto-betting platform that offers multi-level marketing partnership

BTC365’s partnership program allows players to earn two streams of commission. First, existing players can earn up to 40% of the revenue generated by the platform from the referred players. 40% is a lot of money, and it yet again shows that the platform is committed to share the revenue from operations with the players. Second, BTC365 allows players to earn all the unclaimed commissions from their sub-partners or referred players.

With its features, BTC365 is certainly among the best crypto casino sites out there. It provides a huge variety of casino and slot games. It’s safe and secure for playing and transferring funds. Plus, it shares its revenue with players to create a win-win situation.

Besides, the portal is improving at a fast rate. For example, it has recently introduced betting in Litecoin. It has also launched a mobile-app. Few other platforms can match the level reached by BTC365 over the course of the last ten years. So, if you’re keen on gambling with cryptocurrency, then BTC365 is definitely a platform worth checking out.