Ready to play the Plinko game with real money? Earlier Plinko game was seen earlier on TV, but now players can enjoy it in online casinos. Real bets are more thrilling and exciting than the free-play mode. The most important thing is the player has to find a secure crypto casino platform to play the Plinko online game. With the right platform, the players can sit back and relax with real money rewards. Moreover, the game is not based on complex strategies and mechanics.

With actual bets, the players will get a chance to win up to 555x of their bet amount in this game. Before getting ready for the real game, it is advised to play the demo version to understand the gameplay. Continue reading the below sections to get a clear insight into playing real money on Plinko games safely.

Plinko Online Game: How To Get Started and Win With Real Bets

To start the Plinko online game, you have to choose the right platform which is well-reputed and safe. Especially the crypto casino platforms that are fully regulated and licensed are considered safe to play with real money. Third parties will not be involved in the platform, and every transaction will take place with cryptocurrencies.

This image is showing Plinko which is one of the famous online crash games.
Online Crash Games – Plinko

Start the game by placing the Plinko crypto stake. The player should place it based on the provided table limit by the game. After placing the bets, you can drop the balls on the pegs. Then, wait for it to land on any slots at the bottom.

In this game, you can witness the highest possible payouts either at the left or right of the board. While in the middle section, you will win the lowest bet. The Return-To-Player rate of the Plinko game is 97%. This translates to the player will earn up to 97% of their bet on average.

As you begin to play with real money, you must know that red balls are meant to result in the highest winning chances and high risk. At the same time, the green balls have the lowest winning chances and lowest risk. But it’s not easy to hit the red balls.

Overview of Turbo and Spribe Plinko Games

The most popular version of Plinko games is Turbo and Spribe’s Plinko. The players can play with actual bets and win real money in both versions. These versions are available on reputed casino platforms. Let’s discuss each of the versions in detail.

Turbo Plinko Game

Turbo Plinko online game is developed by Turbo Games. It is available on many reputed online casino platforms. Remember that this version is all about adjustability. And it is considered the most modifiable online Plinko version.

In Turbo’s Plinko, the players can adjust their bet amount as per their preference. The developer also allows adjusting the bottom rows between 8 to 16. Moreover, the players can adjust the volatility or risk in the game. You can change the risk level to low, medium, or high.

The best feature of the turbo Plinko gambling is it allows you to drop bulk discs. With this, it won’t offer any discount on bets, but the players can save time in this way. It lets you drop up to ten discs at one turn. It is worth watching the ten discs bouncing to let you win.

Spribe Plinko Game

The Spribe Plinko is the most famous version of the Plinko game compared to all other versions. It has automated features and fair gameplay, which influence players towards it. Recently developed in the year 2021, it is also the latest and most advanced version of Plinko. Spribe’s Plinko is well-curated and available on popular crypto casino platforms like BTC365.

Here, the players drop the discs into the pinned board and get a huge chance to win up to 555x their bet. Unlike Turbo, it does not have many adjustable options. But you can choose the balls based on their color, determining the game’s volatility. There are three colors of balls – green, yellow, and red with different risk levels. Based on this, you can make your preference.

Moreover, the number of pins can be adjusted here. For example, 12, 14, or 16. When you are ready to drop the discs on the board, tap the bet button for the desired disc you want to drop. Each dropped disc will cost you one betting unit. Therefore, the players need to be very careful while releasing multiple discs at once.

How To Play Plinko Responsibly With Real Money?

This is an image of Plinko casino game on BTC365, the best online crash casino

It is important to play the Plinko online game responsibly. The player must be aware of tricks, especially when playing with real money. A carefree game can lead to losses which can empty your bankroll.

The rules and gameplay features may sound easy, but you will never know when you will lose track and money. Maintaining a good bankroll can lead to a great start. It is always recommended to start with low stakes at the beginning. Expert gamblers recommend utilizing one or more gambling tools in the crypto casino platforms. It will help you win the game effortlessly. The platforms will have tools such as deposit limits, time-outs, loss limits, and session limits.

Every player is suggested to play the Plinko free game version before going for real money. When you are a beginner, you must understand the betting strategies and the gameplay well before starting so that you won’t lose your hard-earned money.

The Plinko free version is available on trusted casino platforms. You can watch a couple of rounds and the payout results. Here, you can try adjusting risks, choose different balls, and note down the results. It is a relevant way to understand the game before placing actual bets.

Enjoy Playing Plinko with Real Money at the Most Trusted Platform

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

For the casino players out there looking for a safe platform to win real money playing Plinko, BTC365 is the best choice. It is a completely strict crypto platform with blockchain technology. So, placing bets with real money becomes reliable and safe. The platform is known for offering various gambling services.

Besides the crypto and casino games, sports booking, VIP program, esports betting, and live dealer lobbies. Here, the platform lets you explore everything, including the latest online gambling integrations. It will let you enhance your casino gambling skills and participate in big tournaments and competitions.

The website and the mobile application are seamless to navigate with a great user interface. BTC365 is highly popular due to its original in-house and crypto crash games. It is available for different operating systems to let everyone enjoy online crash gaming. So, now you can safely play the Plinko free game and the real money game on this platform.

Exciting Bonuses, Offers, and Rewards at BTC365

BTC365 Crash Casino Online Bitcoin Casino
BTC365 | Best Online Bitcoin Crash Casino

BTC365 welcomes users with enthralling bonuses and rewards. You can explore different promotional offers to enhance your game. Plinko gaming journey will get exciting with the offers.

The welcome bonus is the most loved offer, with a 100% match bonus of up to 1.5 mBTC. To get this, the user has to deposit 0.5 mBTC. Free spins are also available after the minimum deposit. Players can enjoy up to 150 free spins based on their deposit amount.

The platform also offers promotional offers for promoting their YouTube channel. You will be rewarded with free spins after subscribing to their official channel. It prompted the players to like a video from their official channel and post a positive comment.

The existing users also enjoy bonuses in their gambling journey. The BTC365 offers players a 50% reward bonus, 50% reload bonus, and weekly bonuses to enhance their crash casino game journey.

If you prefer registering through the mobile application, you will enjoy $5 worth of placing bets. You can use it to play the Plinko crash game. There are many more offers to explore on the platform, which will help you win exciting cash prizes.

Open Your Player’s Account Today at BTC365

To start playing Plinko casino game real money, open your new account today at BTC365. The registration process is effortless and takes just a few minutes to complete. Here are the easy steps to complete your new account registration.

  • The user can create their account in two ways –from the web-based platform, visiting BTC365, or from the mobile app BTC365 version 2.0.
  • Proceed for new registration by clicking on the Register button.
  • Mention the necessary details (username, email address, password) appropriately.
  • Read and understand the T&C to know the regulations of the platform.
  • Review and submit your details to create a BTC365 player account.
  • Apply for bonuses and rewards by making your first minimum deposit.
  • Visit the crypto games page, and here, you will find the Plinko online game. Enter the game and play with real money.


Start playing the trending crypto crash game – Plinko online game with real money today. Spribe’s Plinko version is highly recommended to enjoy high winning chances and fair gameplay with its Provably Fair Technology. Moreover, the auto bet and auto cash-out features will be more helpful for the players. BTC365 is the right platform to start playing the Plinko crash game. The platform gives access to play Spribe’s Plinko version with exciting bonuses and rewards.