Looking for the most convenient casino affiliate program? This is the best play-to-earn program in the gambling community. Looking for the right partner? Before you proceed with partnering, you must have a brief knowledge of the programs. Casino affiliate programs act as an intermediary between the casinos and players. You can simply say the program works in partnership with a casino platform for advertising. If you want to join the program on any of the platforms, do the necessary research on the brand. When you are a long-time player in the casino platform, you will explore its affiliate program. However, before investing in it, it is better to collect worthy information.

If you are not aware of this fact, then you must know that affiliate marketing programs play a huge role in the online gambling world’s business. The popularity of the gambling platform is driven due to effective advertisement. The casino websites try every possible way to run their Ads. Among all the ways, affiliate marketing has proven to be highly effective.

With the integration of crypto casino gambling, there are multiple ways for affiliates to earn profits. The crypto affiliate program will aid in monetizing the platform with a huge traffic rate. In this article, we will focus on casino affiliate programs and their importance. The below sections will give you a clear insight into BTC365’s innovative partnership model.

What are casino affiliate programs?

Casino affiliate programs connect casino publishers with affiliate networks that are related to casino services. The niche providers are capable of offering high-paying offers to generate high revenue. The affiliates have a tracking link, and they will get rewarded for new player registration on the platform. It will let you get a commission when a user clicks on the link and completes the transaction.

There are numerous advantages of Casino affiliate marketing. There is huge growth and higher ROI in this program. The income increases positively based on the revenue share plan. Gamblers are always highly engaged in playing with high stakes that generate revenue for the affiliates. The commission is very high, and it remains consistent in the long run. With the best efforts, a beginner as a casino affiliate can make a good profit.

How do casino affiliate programs work? How is it beneficial?

The affiliates partner with online casino platforms to run Ads for their products and services. They will be the middlemen between the casino gambling sites and gamblers connect them. The partners will get paid a good commission when the players visit the casino platform or make their first deposit to play games. Simply, it can be defined as a revenue-sharing arrangement between the affiliate and the merchant.

Before, these types of advertisements were only noticed in e-commerce platforms. But, later, it got extended to other sectors and entered the casino gambling world. Now, the affiliate marketing model is successfully used in the online casino industry.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing aids casino operators in identifying targets. They encourage the potential target to visit the casino site, play games and subscribe to their YouTube channels or newsletters. The ultimate goal is to influence the audience and drive website traffic. It will further increase the customer base and help in generating good revenue.

How to become a casino affiliate?

Now, most crypto casino sites offer affiliate programs. You can easily find reputed and licensed platforms to start your journey as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing and partnerships have become a vital part of the online gambling industry. This is why casino platforms are heading forward to employ partners or affiliates to enhance their potential reach in the market.

To become a successful affiliate, check out a casino platform with an affiliate program page. Do not forget to do research on the sites before registering. The partnership details and links will be available on the site. The platform will also offer you important information which an affiliate must know before registering.

The casino sites mostly offer free registration for affiliates. Then, you may get an affiliate link. Beginners usually go for the blog option and start their journey as casino bloggers. The links can lead you to online content such as banners, text links, pop-ups, and many more. Eventually, the affiliate will get an idea about the target audience. They will understand what sort of content the viewers are responding to and take action.

When you aim to become a successful affiliate, you should understand the mechanics and metrics of the website. You must have knowledge of the functions of various content types and the reactions of the audience. The affiliate should focus on combining these and putting the best effort into bringing out an influential online resource for viewers and players.

Which sources will help to drive traffic in the online gambling industry?

To enjoy positive ROI and maintain a balance between the advertiser and affiliate marketer, you must know which sources are best to get traffic.

Native ads are one of the trends in affiliate marketing. However, it is a fresh adaptation that needs running and testing to witness good results. It presents the advertisements to the readers in a subtle way.

Instagram is the most preferred source of traffic. In the online gambling industry, it comes in conjunction with applications. Facebook is also an option, but it is complicated due to the tightening of the rules to create advertising campaigns. YouTube is another great way to source traffic with high-quality gaming videos. Telegrams and email distribution are other preferred choices. Choose the sources wisely to boost traffic.

Join the Innovative Crypto Partnership Program at BTC365

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

BTC365is one of the renowned crypto gambling platforms. With a wide selection of crypto casino games, it has become the ultimate choice for gamblers. Gamblers and blockchain enthusiasts find BTC365 is the go-to platform to start affiliate marketing as a partner. The platform also offers top-class sports betting with 100,000 sports and esports contests.

BTC365 has two Esports and three sportsbook providers. It is regulated and controlled by E-Gambling Montenegro. It offers an innovative partnership program for its affiliates. Its model is completely different from the traditional affiliate model. Being the best I-Gaming site, its partnership model attracts affiliates to partner with them and enjoy Sub-affiliate deals and zero withdrawal limits.

The site offers two streams of commission income for the affiliates. They earn direct commissions from recruited members or with the override function, which lets them earn unclaimed commissions from sub-partners.

The Overriding feature of the partnership program makes BTC365 unique from other classic affiliate models. With this feature, you can earn high income directly from players and partners. The commission is up to 40% on the platform. Our well-designed and easily accessible user interface platform makes the process more flexible and easier.

Special features of the BTC365 Crypto Partnership Program

The best gambling affiliate program offers great features for affiliates. It makes their partner’s journey seamless and flexible on the platform. Moreover, the platform is easy to access and navigate. You will find the best ways to start partnering here and start your journey as an affiliate. Below are the features offered by BTC365 to help the partners earn higher commissions with safety guaranteed.

Plethora of opportunities in different marketing channels

If you are freaked out or tired of the traditional affiliate model, then it’s time to join the BTC365 affiliate program. With a wide range of opportunities, you will never get bored with marketing. The platform has unique features such as BTC365 tokens, NFTs giveaways, loot boxes, dividend pool, DeFi Staking, and much more. These extraordinary features unlock multiple marketing channels for the partners. Here, the partners explore the channels and find various ways to advertise and reach potential audiences.

Witness high-rate commissions and quick withdrawals

BTC365 offers high-rate commissions to earn great profits. The partners can get up to 40% commission every month. The platform offers two exclusive commission revenue streams for the partner’s account. The revenue streams are direct and sub-partner revenue streams. It unlocks new revenue streams paid to the account.

Revenue Stream 1 – Master Partner recruiting direct players

Here, the BTC365 partner earns a commission of up to 40% through the player’s Net Gaming Revenue.

Revenue Stream 2 – Master Partner recruiting Sub-Partners

In this stream, the Master Partner takes advantage of the overriding function. It overrides the commission difference based on the sub-partners achievement.

Moreover, with a high commission rate, you will also enjoy quick payout and withdrawals. These processes are hassle-free and convenient.

Multi-level marketing

The platform gives a chance for multiple-level marketing. Partners can unlock the potential of their downline partners through the affiliate program. You can develop new stream revenue with limitless commission featured with overriding levels.

Licensed and regulated platform

The crypto gambling platform is licensed and fully regulated. It is internationally licensed by an E-Gambling Montenegro license. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your safety. Personal data and funds will remain highly secure on this platform. As it is a crypto-gambling site, it follows blockchain technology, making it highly trustworthy.

Partners can enjoy crypto gambling

You can bet with cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT. The platform will also bring ADA, DOT, BNB, XRP, DOGE, and much more in the coming days. The partners do not have to worry about paying an extra withdrawal charge. There is no involvement of third-party banking institutions to charge you fees. Therefore, the payouts and withdrawals are absolutely free.

Sign Up Steps to Register in BTC365 as a Partner

If you are willing to become a partner in the BTC365 platform, you have to first register at the player’s site. The registration process is simple and hassle-free. You do not have to worry about sharing too many personal details to create an account on the platform.

Follow these simple steps below to create an account successfully.

  • Go to the official player’s site BTC365.com for registration. You can register from any device. Also, BTC365 mobile application is available.
  • You will find the ‘Register’ option at the top of the home page. Click here to register.
  • The site will ask you to fill in some details. Mention them accordingly, and do not forget to read the Terms and Conditions. In the T&C section, you will also get the necessary information on the BTC365 partnership program related to commissions. Remember to re-enter the right password to proceed. 
  • Click on register to submit your details and complete your signup process. Now, you have entered the platform as a user and are ready to become a partner.
  • Next, when your player account is successfully created, switch to the “BTC365 Partners” tab. Now, you can proceed to register for BTC365 Partner’s account.


Casino affiliate marketing can be fun and exciting too. It will be a source of income with a high commission rate. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must research the platform before planning to join as a partner. BTC365 is the most trusted crypto casino platform to partner with and start affiliate marketing. You will enjoy great marketing opportunities here in a secure environment. Join the platform and start your journey as a BTC365 partner.


How much do the casino affiliates earn?

The revenue share plan can get up to 50%. Now, casino players are highly engaged in this role to play with high stakes. It also helps to generate more profit for affiliates. The commission rates are very high. It can continue for a longer time.

How is an overriding model better than the traditional affiliate model?

In the traditional affiliate model, the affiliate only gets a small percentage of the revenue. It doesn’t benefit the partners in any way. Sometimes, the revenue can be so little, with zero benefits. But, with the overriding feature, affiliates can earn great commissions. The overriding commission from sub-partners will maximize the master partner’s profits. They can earn up to 40%.

How do you enjoy benefits from casino affiliate networks?

The affiliates benefit from online casino affiliate networks in several ways. With the help of the best marketing materials, they do not have to invest in creating or developing products. You will get everything for marketing and advertising. No need for any external help or other unnecessary efforts. The affiliates will be welcomed with a wide variety of marketing opportunities. Moreover, these programs are a great way to start earning money from anywhere. And the best thing is you don’t have to pay for anything.

Is it possible to become a member of multiple crypto casino affiliate programs?

Of course, you can. There are no such restrictions in joining multiple casino affiliate programs or crypto casino affiliate programs. The affiliate programs may prefer to inspect your site before accepting you to join. This is because not all want to see their rivals’ or competitors’ advertisements.

Are the commissions transferred into the bank accounts?

This completely depends on the platform you have joined to start affiliate marketing. There are sites like BTC365 that only pay commissions in crypto. They will offer you a wide choice of crypto and fiat currencies. It is better to check out the terms and conditions of the particular platform to understand how they pay their affiliates or partners. You can drop a mail to the customer service to get more information about it.