With the advent of the internet, the popularity of online gambling has changed the scene of how gambling works. However, it has become hard to choose a reliable online casino as many operators are mushrooming, making the industry much more competitive. In order to add more of that edge to their platforms, new casinos are making space for gamblers who want to bet with their cryptos. The most suitable way to make the most out of crypto gambling is wagering on crash games. Although playing crash games in a crypto casino is simple, it can be challenging to master. So players need to follow through with a strategy that matches their gaming style.

The concept here involves, after players wager using a deposit bonus, free spins, or bonuses during the brief time prior to the next round of the game starts, a chart with a multiplier grows for each crypto casino game. Players who win their game wager by using the “cashout” option in the provably fair crash crypto game at any moment throughout the game to guarantee the win.

It can be really exciting to bet on your favorite crash game using crypto once you choose the right platform for it and know how to place your bets to optimize winning chances. This guide will be in handy deciding on the trusted operators in the crypto gambling space. So, read on how to gamble crypto that will help you maximize each of your deposits.

What happens in a round of crypto crash games?

Placing a bet

The player has to meet the platform’s wagering requirements prior to the start of a gaming round. If you are a new player, use a bonus code for a bonus feature like a deposit bonus, welcome bonus, or a free spin. You can get started with a base bet wagering requirement. Check parameters like the “On loss” or “On Win” tab to see how much your initial bet size will grow or decrease on your chosen strategy. You can choose the same amount or all amounts at the same time. The strategy should protect you from excessive wages. Next, click on “Run,” and you can select the automated bets to begin.

Then the multiplier starts counting

Once the bet is placed and the game begins, the multiplier will start to run. It generally begins at one and increases consistently over time.

Next, the players can cash out

Players can pay out their state and leave the game at any time. Once the player has placed their bet, their wager will be calculated based on the present multiplier at the right time of withdrawal. In crash games, a player needs to leave the game before the game crashes to win. Many leave the game with their earnings at any predetermined multiplier through the auto-cashout feature.

Beginners Tips in Crypto Gambling

  • Choose a platform that is licensed among the crypto gambling sites that would ensure safe transactions. Compare the bonus and cryptocurrency flexibilities while choosing your platform.
  • Don’t miss out on cashing out your deposit bonus or welcome bonus. A simple and enjoyable method to have fun on crypto crash gambling is wagering small and cashing out your winnings. So keep an eye out for deposit bonuses and free spins, and you can win huge free cryptocurrency.
  • Consider having a recovery strategy for reducing crash gambling volatility. If you want to try out the game after a loss, first triple your deposit or loss before putting a wager of 1.3 or more for your give-out.
  • Since there are more winning possibilities with huge bonus offers on crypto casinos with simple crash gambling games, make sure to make the most out of the bonus to win free cryptos even though they are provably fair.

The Best Crypto Casino Checklist

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

Consider safety and licensing

As with any online gambling activity, it’s essential to choose a trustworthy and reliable casino to play a casino game. So the first thing to check while selecting a casino is its safety features and know whether the platform is licensed and regulated or not. So check the casino’s security features. The casino should prioritize the player’s privacy and security. The platform’s transparency should be visible. The platform should implement a provably fair algorithm to play crypto gambling crash games.

Cryptocurrency compatibility

While selecting a crypto casino, you need to ensure it supports your preferred cryptocurrency. Most platforms accept popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. So consider a website that accepts a wide range of digital currencies for deposit and withdrawal methods.

Consider various crypto games’ availability

The availability of various crypto crash games is another essential factor to consider when choosing your crypto casino. It is good to get familiar with other crypto casino games over crash games that offer bonuses to new players, such as slots, blackjack, and roulette. A reliable crypto-gambling casino should offer a diverse selection of games to cater to players’ different preferences.

Availability of payment methods

Except for cryptocurrencies, it’s beneficial to check the availability of other payment methods. So look for an online casino that supports payment options like credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. This would enable you to fund your account and cash out your winnings conveniently.

Customer support

Another crucial factor to consider while choosing a crypto casino is having reliable customer support, which is available 24/7. The casino should provide multiple communication channels like live chat, email, and phone support for prompt assistance when you encounter any issue while playing.

What You Need To Know Before Playing Crypto Crash Games

House Edge

Just like traditional casino games, crypto crash gambling also comes with a house edge. It is the percentage of the total bets the casino expects to keep over time. So the house edge is developed as an advantage that the casino has over the players. Some new crypto crash games offer a low house edge, providing players with extra benefits while playing their favorite game from a wide variety of crypto games.

This can vary from game to game, around 1% to 2%. It is a mathematical algorithm. So you should choose a casino with a low house edge. Low house edge means there is a low chance that the game will crash at 1.00x, which may happen one or two times out of every 100 rounds.

Auto bet and Auto cashout

Many crypto crash games have an auto bet and auto cashout feature. Auto bet allows you to set a predetermined bet amount and the number of rounds you want to play, and the game will automatically place bets for you. This feature is useful if you want to play multiple rounds without manually placing bets each time. The crash gambling site will automatically cash out your winnings if you hit that maximum. The auto option can also be useful to terminate the bet at a profit or loss.

Best crypto casino for crypto crash gambling

BTC365 evolved into one of the top online casinos thanks to its years of experience running eSports and crypto casino games. Along with its own in-house created crash games like Rocket and Solo Rocket, BTC365 also offers users the popular Aviator game. All of its crash games have high RTPs of at least 96%. This crypto gambling platform is regulated by E-gambling in Montenegro, this means you can play on BTC365 without having to worry about crypto scams.

With numerous flexible cryptocurrency options, players can deposit funds and cash out in their preferred crypto choice. Some of the major cryptocurrencies BTC365 supports are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, etc. Other altcoins you can use are Dogecoin, Ripple, Cardano, etc. What makes BTC365 more appealing to crypto gambling is the availability of a fun demo version of the crash games. So before you bet with your cryptos, have fun playing the game for free with virtual money. It is advised for beginner-level players to start with the crypto betting system to get familiar with the betting features, bonus, and strategy application to get a sense of the game.

Bonus features and promos available at BTC365

BTC365 is a well-known platform in many parts of the world when it comes to crypto crash casinos. It’s not just because the platform is licensed and offers secure and transparent operations, but it offers players the opportunity to take advantage of its fantastic bonus and promotional features. A minimum initial deposit of 0.5 mBTC/ 10 USTD/ 0.01 ETH/ or 0.08 LTC will qualify new players for a welcome bonus worth up to 200 USDT.

After wagering 20x on their first crash games, players can have the opportunity to get a 100% deposit bonus. Wager 1x of the bonus amount across any BTC365 games to cash out the bonus money. New BTC365 players should cash out the bonus before they expire in the subsequent 30 days. You can join the BTC365 VIP Club to boost your chance of triggering bonuses, cashback, and promo features.

Sign-Up process to play crash games on BTC365

Follow through the simple process of crypto casino login to open your account on BTC365 to enjoy crypto gambling. Get on with the below steps:

  • First, browse through the official website on your desktop device or download the BTC365 app on your mobile or tablet to play on the go.
  • Go to the homepage and click on the “Sign Up” button for account registration.
  • Provide your valid email ID and create a new password.
  • Confirm the mail for registration.
  • Make your initial deposit with your preferred cryptocurrency on your account to receive the welcome bonus.
  • Choose any games on BTC365 to start crypto gambling!


In conclusion, crash gambling with crypto can be a good experience for you if you want to get on with the trend to enjoy secure and fast transactions while staying anonymous. Crypto casinos are simply online platforms that allow you to fund your player’s account and play and withdraw your winnings with cryptocurrencies.

The site can either be hosted on a traditional server with some games provided on blockchain technology or fully hosted on blockchain technology. The games are easy to learn, with most of them having quite a low house edge. If you can find a strategy and stick to it, crypto gambling can offer much potential to make substantial winnings. 

It’s recommended to try crypto gambling on BTC365, which is the top crypto crash casino. You can opt to wager in your preferred cryptocurrency available on the platform at one time. Advance your gaming ability to the next level with its user-friendly layout and demo mode on both desktop and mobile app modes. If you want to maximize your cryptocurrency bets on crash multipliers, take advantage of BTC365 bonuses.


Are crypto casinos legit?

When you choose a licensed crypto casino platform, you can expect legit activities on it, just as any traditional online casino. It’s essential for you to do thorough research on the crypto casino you choose before depositing your funds. Legit crypto casinos are regulated by reputable authorities and have secure payment methods, and offer fair games with random outcomes.

What is Probably Fair gambling?

Crypto-based casino games enable players to see a server-side report for each game. The accuracy of one’s payouts can be demonstrated by comparing these reports, which reveal what was recorded on the server, to the outcomes displayed in the casino software. Provably fair gambling is based on this concept which allows the players to verify the fairness and randomness of the outcomes. It uses cryptographic algorithms and hash functions to generate these random results.

Do crypto casinos charge fees?

The best part of cryptocurrency use in gambling is that there is no middleman involved in charging service fees and taxes on each transaction. However, some crypto casinos may charge fees for various other services depending on what types of game you are choosing to play and what fund deposit and withdrawing method you are using. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand the fees associated with your crypto casino.

What gambling can you do at Crypto casinos?

Online casino games are no longer limited to certain traditional game trends. With the rise of blockchain gambling, the crypto casino game options have evolved tremendously. So you can easily access various new crypto games from leading developers like Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Spribe, etc. Some of the popular crypto games are Crash games, Plinko, Keno, etc. You can also play other traditional casino games with crypto betting, like, slots, roulette, poker, dice, blackjack, etc.

Does blockchain technology work on a mobile device to play crash games?

Yes, it’s possible to use blockchain technology on mobile devices for crypto gambling. Most of the crypto casinos are mobile device optimized as they understand your need for freedom and mobility while playing crash games on the go. So choose a reliable crypto casino with a mobile application to enjoy a fair and transparent gaming experience. It ensures that the app is secure and reliable.