Do you want to give your Aviator crash game journey a new experience? Then, it’s time to start crash gambling at BTC365. Aviator game has already proven its worth in the casino world. It has become the most played and preferred crash game by expert gamblers. Even it has become a popular option among beginners.

The aviator game seems simple, but there is so much to learn before starting the game. It is played by implementing specific gambling strategies. The player must understand the tactics to master the game. It’s always been a question from the players how to master aviator game. Here, we have brought a complete overview of the master strategies of the Aviator game. Also, you will understand how to use the BTC365 bonuses to play the game and witness massive wins.

Overview of Aviator Game

The Aviator crash game is a new-age entertainment for today’s generation of casino gamblers. It is a social multiplayer game developed by Spribe in the year 2019. The game starts with a plane that takes off with an increasing curve that can crash at any moment. When the game round starts, the scale of the multiplier will start rising high. The players must cash out before the plane flies away, disappears, or crashes. If the player misses out, all the winnings will be lost.

The aviator game lets the player win huge amounts of money with a 100x coefficient. Players enjoy the game to the fullest, and they also get the opportunity to witness huge cash prizes in no time. The aviator players can turn into risky pilots who take risks to reach higher for more successful winnings. The coefficient will multiply with the amount invested. When the player wants to cash out or withdraw the funds, they must quit the flight in time.

How to Start Playing the Aviator Game?

This is an image of Spribe Aviator Free Game on BTC365, the best crash casino.
Spribe Aviator Free Game on BTC365

Register at a reputed and trustworthy crypto casino site such as BTC365 to play the Aviator crash game. To play the game, you have to create an account. After registering, the player has to make their first minimum deposit and activate their account to play the aviator game.

The game arena has minimalist graphics with ease-of-use features. The complete game section is divided into three major sections. In the center of the game, you will find a small plane. It will take off soon to reach a certain height. The higher and longer the plane files, the higher the bet size multiplier raises.

There is a cockpit in the central part where the player has to manage their bets. Here, the real game interaction of the player starts. On the left side, you will find the other bettors. You can see when the players are withdrawing their bets. Here, you will also get to know the winning history.

Playing the game is very easy without any complicated process. You just have to choose your betting amount. Moreover, you can place a single bet or multiple bets at once. Watch out for the events before placing the bet. When the plane reaches a certain height you are satisfied with, immediately cash out your winnings. Waiting too long can lead to losing all your profits.

In casino platforms like BTC365, you will get free play mode to try the demo version of the Aviator game. It is completely free, and it guides you to learn the game. It is better to play the demo version before playing for real money. Remember, the best time to play aviator game is based on the strategy, not any time.

Take Note of These When Playing Aviator Game

Remember that the Aviator game is fast-paced. It is super fast and quick. Within a few seconds, the game will start and end. One demo is enough to know the game.

  • Place your preferred bet amount before the game round starts.
  • You will get around 20 to 30 seconds to place a bet. In the same round, you can place two bets or more than that at once.
  • Then, you will see the plane will take off. Along with it, the multiplier will start increasing. It will be visualized in a graphical representation.
  • When you press the withdraw button, you will get what you have won until the moment.
  • But if the plane crashes before you cash out, your bet will be lost.
  • The game is riskier too, and there is a huge possibility of losing higher earnings for waiting longer. At the same time, when you exit too early, you will lose rewards.
  • The bets can get multiplied by 30x, 40x, or more for the players who remain in the game a little longer.   

Top Strategies To Win The Aviator Game

Martingale Strategy

It is the most common strategy in casino games. It is necessary to research the past rounds. Based on the report, choose the multiplier where the plane files higher towards maximum winnings in around 50% of the cases. Place the bet size; remember, the bet size should be small. Large bet amounts will empty your bankroll soon. It also leads to a series of losses. You have to wait until the plane reaches the planned odds. You can follow doubling in case of loss. After witnessing a successful round, return to the initial bet. This strategic process is slow yet very effective.

d’Alembert System

d’Alembert Strategy is another technique to win the Aviator crash game. The strategy follows the principles of 18th-century French mathematician Jean Leron d’Alembert. According to this theory, every failure brings the winning chances closer based on his Theory of Relativity. Therefore, after losing one bet, there will be a potential chance to win the next bet. The tactic in the strategy is to increase the bet when losing and, when winning, decrease the bet size.

Multi Betting Strategy

1.5x +2x Strategy

Everything here resembles the single-bet aviator game strategy. Here, it is better to use the auto bet and auto cashout options. It will let you focus on the next bet. The second bet is manually set with a 2x multiplier. The player must check the statistics before placing bets after 6 multipliers less than 2x. Also, track your progress, and it is better to stop betting when the plane moves to a 10x multiplier.

2:1 Strategy

It is the most preferred and successful strategy. It is recommended for every player type looking for how to master aviator game. With this technique, the player has to make double bets in a 2:1 format. For example, after placing a bet of $10, the second should be $20. The strategy aims to cover the small size bet with the larger bet. The lower bet will receive all the profits with zero risk.

Single Bet Strategies

For single betting, there are several strategies to follow. It is based on factors such as temperament and the level of skills. The minimal risk-taking strategy is best for beginners. Moreover, it is also suitable for reserved and cautious players. Auto betting strategy is the ultimate solution for beginners. When you are not confident with your gambling skills, the software-based automated machine will do it for you.

The auto-betting mode includes – Automated Bet and Automated Cashout.

Automated Bet

You can launch this function by clicking on the «Auto» menu on the «Bet» panel. You have to fix the betting amount for every round. The amount is fixed and will automatically enter the game as your chosen bet size. Later, you must carefully track your game and click «Cashout» before the plane crashes.

Automated Cashout

This automatic feature allows the player to cash out with pre-selected odds. Select the Auto Bet option in the «Auto» menu to turn on this feature.

Play Aviator Game on the Top Crypto Gambling Platform

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

Give your crash gambling an advanced-level lift by playing at BTC365. It is an exclusive new-generation crypto betting site. So, there is no need for fiat currencies. You can enjoy playing the aviator game with cryptocurrencies in a safer environment. The platform allows LTC, USDT, mBTC, and ETH as payment options. It is also looking forward to integrating other digital coins. The transaction doesn’t require third-party involvement, as everything takes place in blockchain technology.

BTC365 crypto casino platform was created by Kamchiya Technology Ltd in 2021. Moreover, the platform is licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro. It ensures high security for the players’ information and funds. The BTC365 website is currently supported in two languages, English and Chinese. It has partnered with Spribe to allow its player to play the Aviator game. It will be the safest platform to start your crash gambling journey.

Bonuses and Rewards at BTC365 to Play Aviator Crash Game

BTC365 crypto casino platform offers a wide variety of bonus offers and rewards. You can play the aviator game using the bonus for massive winning. Let’s discuss the bonus in detail.

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

Welcome Bonus Offer

The BTC365 welcome bonus is for new users. It is immediately available for the player after completing the registration process. A minimum deposit of 0.0005 BTC / 0.5 mBTC is required to trigger the bonus. The bonus amount can reach up to 0.015 BTC. This amount will be used to play the aviator crash game.

Free Spins

The platform also offers free spins after your first deposit. You will get up to 50-150 free spins, which can be used to bet.

Promotion Offers

To get promotional offers, the players have to subscribe to the BTC365 YouTube channel. The player can earn up to 8888 USDT bonus to play crypto games.

50% Renewal Bonus

BTC365 offers other bonuses, such as a 50% Renewal Bonus. The existing player can get up to 50% of their next deposit of up to 150 USD.

Mobile Sign-Up Offer

After downloading the mobile application, you will get a bet amount of $5.

Sign Up At The Leading Crypto Gambling Platform

BTC365 has become the emerging crypto gambling platform to enjoy crash games. You are going to witness a fascinating gaming experience on the site with its user-friendly interface. If you are looking for the registration steps to create a fresh account, here are the simple sign-up steps.

  • Go to the official site of BTC365 or download its mobile application to create a new account.
  • Once you visit the site, you will find the Register option at the top right corner of the home page. Click on that to proceed.
  • Continue filling in the necessary details accordingly. Mention the username, mail address, password, etc, carefully.
  • Before proceeding to register, read the terms and conditions and click to agree with them for a successful registration process.
  • Click on ‘Register’ after submitting the details. Within seconds you will enter the platform as a player.
  • You will be welcomed with bonuses, promotions, and special offers to start your gambling journey.
  • Next, go to the crypto games to enter the crash casino world.
  • You will find the Aviator crash game there. Enter the game and try the free-play version before starting with actual bets.


Aviator being a popular crypto crash game, has high dynamics of development, which keeps the player engaged throughout the game. The right strategies will help you win a fairly large amount. The players have to be aware of the tricks of the Spribe’s Aviator game. They should also be aware of the bonus offers available on the casino platforms. In BTC365, you will have a great gambling experience playing the Aviator game. Join the platform today to win the rewards and play the crash game.


Q1. What is the aviator crash game’s concept?

The aim is to maximize the coefficient and boost the multiplier. Simultaneously, the player must figure out when to cash out. They have to cash out before the plan flies away or crashes. If this suddenly happens, the player will lose all his earnings. Moreover, its concept is very simple, and the game depends on the multiplier. But, it is different from other games in the online casino world.

Q2. How is the winning predicted in the aviator game?

The winning is based on specific master strategies. When the player doubles their bet size after each loss, it ultimately leads to a win. This strategy works well when the player is playing with actual bets and real money. The Fibonacci betting strategy is considered great for the Aviator crash game to win it.

Q3. Which algorithm does the aviator crash game follow?

The aviator crash game is based on an honest random number generator algorithm. The algorithm lets the player determine when the airplane will take off its path. The technique involves a value called server seed. It is then combined with other related data to develop a random value.

Q4. What is the minimum and maximum bet at the aviator game?

The minimum bet size of the aviator game is $0.10, while the maximum bet sizer spin is $100. However, with the smallest bet size, the players can trigger a maximum multiplier of up to 200 times.

Q5. How difficult is the aviator game?

The Aviator game is not difficult at all. It is quite easy to understand and control. Moreover, it is a straightforward game. For beginners, it also has a free-play tutorial mode which helps the player get habituated with the game and masters the strategies accordingly. The demo version assists the player well. The aviator crash game also features adjustable settings to tailor it based on your skill level. Overall, it is a challenging yet enjoyable game without any difficulty.