The online casino scene is witnessing a substantial transformation in gambling trends. However, a majority of casino enthusiasts still prefer to play traditional slot games, Roulette, Blackjack, Keno, Craps, etc. One of the most popular casino game trends today is the crash casino games, particularly Plinko online game.

The simple and straightforward game appeals to both beginners and advanced players. Plinko online game has become a leading game in the industry that combines the thrilling experience of Pachinko game. The Japanese Parlor game Pachinko has become Westernized to become the American gaming version of Plinko. The game requires only for the players to drop the ball and leave everything up to luck after betting with your crypto.

If you don’t prefer to rack your brain too much to start with an online betting game, then this game is for you. Just like Pachinko, the Plinko game is based on dropping balls onto a board game and watching as they bounce around and land in various slots. But compared to Plinko, Pachinko offers players to control the speed of the balls using the lever, where you can use your skills to win the game. But you can’t predict the outcomes of a Plinko game round. Now you can enjoy the online Plinko only on crypto casinos, which can enhance your chance of the game. Read this guide to gain more insight into how to maximize your winning chance with Plinko.

Playing Plinko Online Game with Crypto

The appealing aspect that Plinko enthusiasts love about the game is the simplicity of the game. The Plinko crash game is as random as slot games, but it offers a different game look and feel. Another aspect that new players can love about Plinko is its potential for winning big prizes, where you can win upto 1000x your bet size.

Its gaming mechanics are also entertaining as you watch the board auto-adjust so you can know your potential payouts by adjusting the number of rows and risk level you choose. So, how to play Plinko online? The game involves a provably fair online casino gaming system with a combination of pinball and slots. As the system only goes with cryptocurrency blockchain, go for a crypto casino platform to find the Plinko game.

The game includes a pyramidal structure created from pinball elements from the top. A player will drop the balls constantly for each betting round. Each ball will land in one of the several boxes with various multiples at the base of the pyramid. Your winning crypto wager amount is multiplied by the box’s value once the ball enters it. You can win up to 1000x your wager, which depends on the risk level you select. Here are the step-by-step betting options to follow:

Choosing a risk level

In the Plinko game, you can choose the risk level you want to play for each round of the game. You will have options like Low, Medium, and High. Your potential winnings amount for the Plinko online game can increase, or you can supper potential loss depending on the risk level you choose.

Select the Rows Number

After choosing the risk level for your wagering, you also need to select the number of rows the Plinko pyramid should have. When there are more rows in the Plinko online game, there will be more boxes on the sides. This also correlates to having even higher potential payouts. Depending on the Plinko game you choose from various developers, the number of rows changes between 8 and 16.

Start with the Autoplay Feature

You can press the wager button as many times as you like in Plinko, and a fresh ball will drop down the pyramid each time. Make it even more exciting by dropping a number of balls and making ways down to the bottom that doesn’t affect each other. Each ball here represents one bet. You can use the autoplay feature with just one click to enjoy the game fully. But if you want to enjoy the game without risk, you can try the Plinko free game in its demo version. The free game lets you get familiar with using its features before you try the real game.

Plinko Online Stake Features

As it’s a simple arcade-style game, Plinko online game doesn’t have many features. You can’t use the free games to earn crypto or play any bonus rounds. The game generally works on the concept of setting bets and waiting for the outcome. But here are some critical things new players should know before starting:

Variable Risk management

Players can have two ways to control the risk level on Plinko online game. Since you know the game board shirt each time you set your risk level, you can modify the odds. Either you tweak the risk level or the number of rows used in the field, and it can affect your betting outcomes.

For instance, if you choose eight rows and low risk, there would be the highest potential of winning score rises up to 5.6x your bet size. But when you choose a high risk for eight rows, the potential winning rise to 29x if the ball lands on the corner slots. It’s good to aim for lower risk as they offer better chances of winning, although less money. With high risk, there is a possibility of losing the entire stake.

Auto Play Function

The autoplay function enables you to automate your betting on Plinko online game. All you have to do is fill in the betting fields as required and set the number of consecutive rounds you want to play. Note that for each round, the bet amount would be the same with the auto-play feature.

Any strategy that works for the Plinko game?

The randomness of Plinko is extremely fun and offers a great thrill to such arcade casino players. Since it is backed by a provably fair game system, players can check each round’s outcome with this algorithm if they want, making players more confident about the game. There can be some games of chance where some strategy works, but Plinko doesn’t work with any strategy. This means the player can’t do anything about where the ball would land at the board’s bottom. For some players, the game’s lack of strategy is really the major attractive point. In other words, they can just place their wager and watch to see how fate plays out.

The Best Crypto Casino Platform For Playing Plinko Online

This is an image of BTC365 homepage, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto
BTC365, the best crash casino with Bitcoin and crypto

If you are in search of a high-paying casino game, Plinko can be a great option for you, which has become a popular crypto game with a 99% RTP. You can find the game on almost all reputable crypto casino platforms. BTC365 is the best crypto casino for playing Plinko. So, if you have liked the Japanese Pachinko game, this crypto game will surely trigger your interest. BTC365 partners with Spribe, a leading name in the gambling game developer zone, to offer a safer Plinko casino game betting experience with its user-friendly features.

Spribe Plinko enables players to play with confidence without losing a bit by placing smaller bet sizes which can give the lowest maximum payout at 55,000 coins. Further, the platform is regulated by E-gambling in Montenegro to ensure the platform operates transparently and conducts fair play.

Players can have a flexible choice of cryptocurrency to make deposits and cashouts. Some of the major cryptos it accepts are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, Ripple, Cardona, Dogecoin, etc. You can also access its entertaining demo version of the game to place virtual betting sizes. Get familiar with your own gaming style before using your own cryptos.

Bonus and Promo features are available on BTC365 to play Plinko

The top bonus features of BTC365 are another appealing component that separates it from other crypto casinos. New players can make an initial deposit of 10 USTD, 0.5 mBTC, 0.08 LTC, or 0.01 ETH to be eligible for a welcome bonus to get a welcome bonus match of up to 200 USDT.

You can apply for the 100% deposit bonus once you have used the deposit and bonus amount of 20x in any game by next Monday. Make a wagering of 1x bonus amount in any game to be able to withdraw the bonus amount. You should withdraw the bonuses or use them in the game before they expire. Increase your chances of triggering bonuses, cashback, spins, and other promotional benefits by joining BTC365 VIP Club.

Sign-Up Process to play Plinko on BTC365

  • Browse the official website on your desktop device or download the BTC365 app on your mobile device to play the Plinko crash game.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button on the homepage to register your account.
  • Provide it with a valid email ID and create a password to register.
  • Accept the confirmation mail sent to you to successfully register on BTC365.
  • Now make a minimum deposit on the account with your preferred crypto into your account to get a welcome bonus.
  • Go to the Crypto Games category to start with the Plinko game.


As an advanced player in the crypto casino scene, if you are looking for an exciting gaming experience, Plinko can suggest one of the best options to try on in its online casino game version. This is a chance worth taking because of the straightforward game mechanics and the potential to earn up to 1,000x for your wager.

Now that you have known its unique characteristics and exciting winning opportunity, start by registering in BTC365 Crypto casino to play with your preferred cryptocurrencies. Its lucrative bonuses and promo features make it suitable for you to try out the bet before you start using your own cryptocurrencies. You can enjoy Plinko on BTC365 on both desktop and smartphone devices. If you want to play the game for fun, try its demo version for free before betting on the real game.


Is Plinko a Fair Game?

Yes, Plinko can be a fair game when you use a reputable crypto casino that uses the provably fair system to ensure the fairness of games, whether it is Plinko or other games available on the platform. This advanced algorithm technology ensures each outcome of the game is completely random and unbiased. The player can verify the fairness of the game by checking the game’s hash value, which is generated before each round and cannot be tampered with. Moreover, players can be confident that the results are purely based on chance.

What is the Maximum payout you can get from Plinko?

The maximum payout on Plinko in a casino can vary depending on its game rules and various payout options. But the highest payout option is typically the jackpot prize. Usually, the minimum and maximum bet amount size in casinos is $0.10 and $100. The largest payout per game is $10,000, with RTP 97%. If you are placing your stake with a minimum bet of about 0.00000001 BTC, the maximum bet amount is 0.1BTC. So you can win a maximum prize of up to 5 BTC. Note that the odds of winning the maximum payout are typically very low as it’s a game of chance.

Can you use any strategy to win at Plinko?

While the Plinko game is mostly based on luck, some players can consider using a betting system or pattern to try and increase their chances of winning. Since it’s a game of chance, the outcomes for each drop of the pin are entirely random. Each time the player drops the ball or disc, it will bounce off the pegs and land in a slot.

So, there is no way to predict where it will go. There is a high possibility that the ball or disc dropped through the middle of the top can statistically get you big wins. Insert the chip three or four places outside of the center. Consider dropping your chips instead three to four spaces to the left or right of the center entry slot.

What is the probability of Plinko?

The probability of winning in the Plinko game depends on the casino’s payout structure. At each peg, the ball in the Plinko game has a probability of 0.5 to move either left or right. This probability outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator between 0 and 99. So if the number is between 0 through 49, then the ball moves left. Similarly, if the number falls between 50 and 99, then the ball will take a fall to the right.

Is Plinko a normal distribution?

No, the distribution on Plinko is not normal. The normal distribution represents a bell-shaped curve where the majority of data points cluster around the average value. But in Plinko, the outcomes for each drop involve determining the physical interactions of the disc or ball with the pegs on the board, creating an unpredictable and irregular pattern of bounces and movements. Hence, the distribution of Plinko outcomes is a probability distribution making it unpredictable.