If you are in search of what is new in the casino game platforms, this is the right place to find out about that. The recent trend in the market is all about crash games, and one popular game suggestion is playing the Aviator game developed by Spribe. It brings a new level of entertainment as players’ bets fly to new heights, with multipliers soaring along the plane’s rising altitude in the game. But if you are wondering whether you can earn that multiplied bet amount of money at the end of the game, it depends on your prediction of how high you get your winnings.

Since it is a game based on the concept of crash games, the player has to get as high a multiplier for the bet as possible before the round ends and cash out. In the Aviator game, the winning is determined by which multiplier co-efficient you have managed to cash out before the plane crashes.

Although this is a simple rule, there is still a risk of losing the game due to the unpredictability of the plane crash. That’s why you should know the basics of playing the Aviator game for real money before advancing. So read on below to learn more about betting on the Aviator game.

What’s the betting technique in Aviator to win real money?

Aviator is a revolutionary crash game based on a random number generator. It takes the form of a plane that player can control when to cash out before the game ends.
Crypto Aviator Game

While many other crash games are available in casinos, most players like to play on Aviator because of its simple gameplay rule without much complexity and strategy to follow, as it’s a complete game of chance. The RTP of the game is 97% with medium volatility. So chances are that there would be less house edge in the game.

The best part of the Aviator betting game is it’s accessible to players with all skill levels. All you need to do is create a Casino account and deposit your money into the account. Place your bet before the plane takes off. You have to cash out as the multiplier starts to rise and before the round ends. You have the option to withdraw your winnings or continue playing after receiving any potential payouts.

In this game, your aim is to get as high a multiplier as possible, and there is a chance it can reach a high above 80x with a maximum cashout possibility of up to 100x. Usually, the plane starts taking off with a multiplier of 1.0x and gradually increases as the round proceeds. Although you have the option to cash out at any time during the game, waiting longer increases your chances of winning big.

But the risk gets higher because the plane could crash at any moment. As the game uses provably fair technology, every round of the game is completely random. Once the round completes, the outcomes would be you have cashed out before the multiplier reaches its highest point, you are fortunate enough to manage to get one of the profitable wins in the round, or you failed to cash out and lost all your stake.

What features to know about in Aviator betting?

Auto Betting

If you don’t know, note that you can Aviator bet two times simultaneously. This gives each round an additional layer of risk and profit and lets you cash out in the best hands separately. It’s crucial that you stay on top of the action because aviator betting rounds are quick and intense. The Auto Betting option is useful in this situation. This allows you to set a pre-determined wager amount for each round, which will be placed automatically before the plane takes off.

Auto Cash-out

You’ll see that there is also an Auto Cash-Out option in the “Auto” section.  This enables you to configure the Aviator money cashout setting so that whenever the plane hits a specific multiplier, up to a maximum of 100x, you can automatically cash out your winnings.

Aviator game-winning tricks

Once you play a few rounds in the game, it will be easy to figure out how the game works. However, the game is completely random, meaning no Aviator predictor would effectively improve your gameplay strategy. However, you can still follow some tricks in each round to minimize the risk of loss and get the most out of your game.

Avoid looking for patterns

Finding patterns in the game’s results may seem simple, especially since the results of previous rounds are displayed on the screen. Although you can see some patterns, rest assured the game is completely random.

Start betting with small amounts

The most effective approach to take in the Aviator game is definitely this one. You will be able to get into the game and learn how to play it effectively if you start out small and with amounts that you are okay with losing. Some rounds may involve instant crashes where all players lose their bets. So betting a small amount means there is less risk. When you get comfortable with the game, you can increase your bet amount, especially when it’s a winning streak.

Start with aiming for a 1.2x multiplier

Although the Aviator game has the potential for some truly massive wins, the best way to increase your chances of winning big is to place small bets. You will be able to steadily accumulate substantial earnings over an extended period if you can maintain cashing out at a multiplier of 1.2x. When you feel confident, you can raise the auto-cashout co-efficient a bit more at a time as you increase your stake.

You can follow through the live statistics information to know how much other players have bet, what multiplier they got while cashing out, and the amount of money they won. It would give you an idea of how much you should bet and what multiplier to set auto cash out. You can try all these features on the demo version of the game before trying the real game.

The Best Crypto gambling platform to play the Aviator game with real money

The Aviator game has taken online casino platforms by storm due to its increasing popularity, simple gameplay, and 97% RTP rate. But BTC365 is one of the most prevalent platforms to play the Aviator Crash game. It is a legit platform that is regulated by E-gambling in Montenegro.

The online casino gives players the choice to deposit and withdraw payments using a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, etc. In the Aviator game, you can also play altcoins like Ripple, Dogecoin, Cardano, etc. It is recommended that beginners start playing its demo version first to get familiar with the game features before taking any money in the game.

Bonus and promotional features of BTC365

Not just because of being a regulated platform with flexible cryptocurrency options but due to attractive bonuses and promo features, BTC365 is ranked high in many polls, which is the best site to play the Aviator game. One major benefit of selecting BTC365 as your crypto Aviator gaming site is being able to take advantage of a multitude of bonus and promotional features that may improve your chances of winning. With a minimum deposit of 0.5 mBTC, 10 USDT, 0.08 LTC, or 0.01 ETH, players can expect to receive a welcome bonus of up to 200 USDT.

A 100% deposit bonus is available if you place a 20x bet on any game on the site and get it by the next Monday. Simply place 1x of the bonus in any game on the platform to cash out your bonus. This promo feature is only accessible to new registered members for their first deposits on BTC365.

Note that you must use the bonus by placing bets on the games or cash out before they expire within the following 30 days. If you want to enhance your chance at winning the games available on the platform by using the rest of your money on the game, be a part of its VIP Club membership and get opportunities to trigger more bonuses, cashback, and promotional features.

Sign-Up process to play the Aviator crash gambling game

You need to follow some simple steps to register your gaming account on BTC365. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official website using a desktop device or open the BTC365 app on your phone to play on the go.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button to enter your basic information for registration.
  • Check the confirmation mail sent to you and log into your account on the platform.
  • Tap on the “Deposit” option to place your first deposit.
  • Link your crypto wallet with the site and select your preferred cryptocurrency and send the deposit amount you wish to play with in your casino account.
  • Now you are eligible to apply for the welcome bonus.
  • Next, go to the Crypto Games category to find Aviator by Spribe and start playing in the fun mode.


There is no way to predict when the Aviator game may crash. So, it is just a game of chance. But the game’s simplicity is what attracts players and fuels its explosive popularity. More casino enthusiasts can now earn real money and benefit from the multiplier game with generous winnings. So start placing your bets using crypto to win real money; it might become your next favorite game to play. Just keep in mind the above specifications while betting and enjoy the thrill of it.

One of the best-recommended sites for you to play Aviator is BTC365 to earn big wins. The site is regulated for safe transactions and transparent gaming operations to maintain house edge. BTC365 offers an easy-to-use gaming interface for Aviator in both web and mobile app modes. You can have the flexibility of using your preferred crypto and start betting once you get familiar with the game in the demo version.


How do you play Aviator and cash out?

The aviator crash game by Spribe is based on predicting the outcome of a plane’s flight. In this game, players bet on the outcome of each roundabout when the plane crashes and potentially win big payouts. This game features a multiplier that increases as the plane flies higher, and the players can cash out their winnings at any time before the plane crashes.

So to play the game, place your bet on the game available in a reliable Aviator casino platform and wait for the plane to take off. The multiplier will start to increase, and you need to predict and decide when to cash out before the plane crashes. As it’s a fast-paced game, its game can end within a few seconds. The system will calculate your total payout with a multiplied bet amount in your account, and you can withdraw it for real money or place another bet with it.

What is the minimum bet in Aviator?

The minimum bet in Aviator can vary depending on the online casino offering the game. However, in most cases, the minimum bet in Aviator is typically around $0.10. Since the game involves multiple rounds, you can wager twice in a single round. This means while the minimum bet may be low if you don’t gamble responsibly and bet within your budget, there is a high chance of losing money when you don’t exit the game when you meet the budget limit.

What is the highest payout in Aviator?

In the Aviator game, the objective is to cash out before the plane crash, so you should cash out in time and win your stake multiplied by the number displayed on the screen when you click the cash-out button. So, the highest payout value in Aviator can vary depending on your winnings and the online casino bet limits. However, you can win enormous payouts ranging from 1x to 1,000,000x of your stake.

How does Aviator count the winnings?

In the Aviator game, the longer the aircraft stays in the air, the higher would be the co-efficient. This increases every second. The punter can cash out from the game at any time, and the system calculates your profit and makes the payout if you made it before the crash. The final profit includes multiplying the amount placed by the co-efficient fixed at the time of cashout. For Instance, if you had placed $10 worth of crypto and cashed out when the multiplier was at 50x, you would receive a payout of $500. However, it is rare for the multiplier to reach 50x. It is best to bet low and cash out by 1.2x to boost winning opportunities.

Can you really earn money from Aviator?

Yes, it’s possible to earn money from playing the Aviator game, known as a money-making online casino game that allows you to benefit by increasing your bets according to the odds up to 100x. In the Aviator game, the multiplier can range from 1x to 1,000 000x, so the outcome varies depending on the game’s provably fair technology. However, you should keep in mind that it is a game of chance, so there is no guarantee that any player will win money, especially if they fail to predict the crash and cash out early.