Crypto Sports Betting in 2021

The past 20 years have transformed the way people bet on sports. With the growth of technology and the rise of the use of blockchains, sports betting has changed from a simple activity of predicting the next score to something more exciting.

Blockchain has now become an essential technology. It enables anonymity, security, and safety for transactions. It can be used for almost any type of transaction, not just cryptocurrency. One example is the betting industry. Plenty of individuals place bets for entertainment or to make money, but blockchain technology offers a far more secure alternative to the current system. It enables the industry to have decisions that are fast, transparent, and efficient.

Sports Betting on BTC365

With cryptocurrencies being more fluid and easily tradable, there is a new way of betting that is purely digital and safe from hackers. If you enjoy the thrills and excitement of sports, join BTC365. We feature an exciting selection of games, as well as a Dual Sportsbook and Esports provider. Internationally, licensed and regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro, we provide world-class sports betting software by IM Sportsbook and IM Esports catering OVER 100,000 Sports and Esports matches every month.

Here are two ways you can start sports betting on our platform.

  • Dual Crypto Sportsbook: Every month, our Dual Sportsbook covers over 70,000 matches, allowing all players the opportunity to double their betting limits and winnings 365 days a year. Our unique features, including instant cashout, parlay, and live streaming of your favourite matches, will increase your enthusiasm and winning chances. Furthermore, we provide the widest range of bet kinds with High-Limit betting, making us unrivalled in the crypto gaming business.
  • Dual Esports provider: If you enjoy Esports, BTC365 is the perfect option because we cover up to 35,000 Esports matches per month and give the best types with our Dual Esports provider. You may wager on all kinds of sports, including football, soccer, rugby, horse racing, and more, using the Moneyline, spread, and props. Players may now increase their cryptocurrency betting limits on their favourite Esports matches as well! Enjoy something that no other cryptocurrency gaming platform has to offer!

Cryptocurrency to use for Sports Betting on BTC365

Cryptocurrency to use for Sports Betting on BTC365
Bitcoin: Bitcoin, also known as BTC, is an encrypted digital currency that offers an anonymous way to make transactions. It is an open-source and great technology that is used to make transactions without middlemen. The blockchain that Bitcoin employs has a big impact on the sports betting industry as it provides a solid and verified digital ledger of transactions, which can’t be tampered with. This enables full transparency across a digital industry.

Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the betting and gambling industry online. Ethereum is distinct from its major competitor, Bitcoin, in that it uses its token, Ether, to power its currency. It also enables extremely secure alternative contracts and applications, offering Ethereum a lot more versatility in terms of what it may be used for. It even has its programming language, which adds to the cryptocurrency’s versatility.

Litecoin (LTC): Mining is also used by Litecoin to generate new currencies. It is based on Bitcoin and has certain distinct characteristics. The biggest distinction between the two cryptocurrencies is that Litecoin was created to be significantly faster than Bitcoin. Litecoin generates a new block every 2.5 minutes, rather than every 10 minutes like Bitcoin. It can confirm and execute transactions significantly more quickly and in a bigger volume.

Tether (USDT): On a 1:1 basis, Tether’s reserve mechanism is treated as real money. This means that in a reserve system, the market value of all Tether currencies is always held in real money. This distinguishes it from other purely digital cryptocurrencies. This has the benefit of tying the money to the US dollar, making it a much more stable cryptocurrency.

The encryption component, which is common to all cryptocurrencies, is another major benefit of using Tether when betting. This means your money is encrypted and safe from hackers in a decentralised system. Transactions with Tether are also much faster than with fiat money.

How to start sports betting with cryptocurrency?

Sports betting is on the rise and the benefits of cryptocurrency have attracted even more people to the activity. In this digital age, starting sports betting is an easy task. All you have to do is find the right bookmaker that deals in cryptocurrency and offers sports betting on several games and tournaments. For example, on BTC365, we cover over 70,000 matches every month and empower all players to double their betting limits and winnings 365 days a year.

As a second step, you should register on the platform with your Gmail id or via Facebook. Once your account is verified, select your cryptocurrency, recharge your crypto wallet. If you’re familiar with your favourite sports, placing bets will be easy for you. Just don’t make any random guesses. Research and bet responsibly.

Advantages of Betting with cryptocurrency
  • Security: Blockchain technology is decentralised, and it comes with built-in security. On a distributed ledger, each transaction is validated and acknowledged. Its secure feature enables the gambling industry to safeguard its customers and casinos against online fraud. There is no need to verify your identification or enter your credit card information. When you wager on sports with bitcoin, you are not putting your personal information at risk.
  • Anonymity: For online sports bettors, data privacy is a major concern. When betting online, almost all major betting companies request your personal information for each transaction. As a result, many individuals are hesitant to begin online betting. However, cryptocurrency gives bettors the ability to keep their transactions private. This safeguarding of gaming users’ personal information reduces the risk of data theft even more.
  • Instant Transactions: Blockchain technology can provide its users with efficiency and instantaneous payouts since no centrally approved organisation inspects the validity of a transaction. It not only speeds up transactions but also reduces the cost of transmitting cryptocurrency. You gain complete control over your digital money.

The advent of blockchain technology has transformed how people bet on sports. Furthermore, betting with cryptocurrency has piqued the curiosity of thousands of individuals, as well as spawned a fan base that opposes online betting with fiat currency. If you’re one of these people, join BTC365 and get set to place a bet on Esports or Sportsbook and win some cryptos.