Esports Betting with Bitcoin

Esports, which consists of video games that people can watch and bet on, is a booming industry. Estimates project that there are over 200 million esports fans around the world and close to $3 billion in betting volume for this year.

In recent years, the number of people wagering on esports has been increasing exponentially. The increase in esports betting is due to the accessibility of online sportsbooks and sites that offer live betting on gamers’ matches.

However, governments  in several nations have  yet to legalize internet betting. In such situations, Bitcoin has shown to be of great assistance to modern bettors. It provides a new way to bet that is free of banks and governments.

The introduction of blockchain technology has prompted a number of sectors to explore and profit on its advantages. Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, online casinos have begun to accept digital currency payments. In the gaming sector, it provides fairness, transparency, security, reliability, confidentiality, and many other advantages.

And, crypto betting is not just for professional sports bettors anymore! You can even bet on your favorite game with Bitcoin, which offers a convenient way to place wagers without having to use cash.

But how does this work?

Let’s find it out in the article that explores how to bet on esports with bitcoin on crypto casinos and discuss the benefits of using bitcoin for esports betting.

Benefits of Betting with Bitcoin

Esports have become a hot commodity for many companies for many reasons. However, it’s been difficult for esports betting sites to offer their services to players who don’t want to use traditional payment options like PayPal or credit cards. This is because they fear the liability of these transactions. Bitcoin has solved this problem by offering its users an easy-to-use cryptocurrency that doesn’t require any personal information and has lower transaction fees than traditional methods of payment.

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, which means it’s a digital currency that doesn’t rely on banks or the government. Bitcoin was created by an unknown person or group of people back in 2008. It has no centralized management, so any transactions are carried out between users directly. It has become popular because it’s decentralized and unregulated, meaning there are no restrictions on who can use the currency. Bitcoin is different from physical money because you can use it to purchase items remotely without having to physically hand over your credit card or cash. On a plus side, it also secures your financial information and provides you with anonymity of all the transactions.

Here are some more benefits you can get when gambling with bitcoin online.

  • Betting with Bitcoin eliminates the need for banks and governments. Thus, your transaction will not have to go through a time consuming approval process. With crypto betting, you can enjoy swift deposits and withdrawals. Your transactions will be completed within seconds. Cashing out will become easier with no bank charges.
  • Anonymity is an important aspect of bitcoin betting. Cryptocurrency transactions are completed on a public blockchain and it allows the user data privacy. You don’t have to share any personal information regarding the transaction.
  • The blockchain technology is completely decentralized. No one controls it. This provides you an unprecedented level of security, privacy, and anonymity. All your data is encrypted, so it can’t be read by anyone on the internet.
  • If online betting is illegal in your country, you can easily install a VPN and start betting on the right platform with Bitcoin. With digital currency, your transactions aren’t traceable at all.

    Best Bitcoin Esports Betting Site

    Betting with Bitcoin is a thrilling experience with the right mix of sports and cryptocurrency. With so many benefits, plenty of cryptocurrency-accepting betting companies are springing up online. BTC365 is one such sports betting platform that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin (LTC)and Tether (USDT) as payment methods.

    We have a team of industry specialists who have delivered amazing I-Gaming experiences for over a decade. We aim to deliver the safest and most exciting crypto betting platform possible, and E-Gambling Montenegro has granted us an international license.

Double their crypto betting limits on your favourite Esports matches on BTC365

If you enjoy Esports, BTC365 is the perfect option because we cover up to 35,000 Esports matches each month and provide the greatest betting options with our Dual Esports provider.

Players can now increase their cryptocurrency betting limits on their favourite Esports matches as well. This is something that no other cryptocurrency gaming platform has offered yet.

How to use Bitcoin for Esports Betting on BTC365?

Esports betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is quite simple. Once you are registered on our platform, all you have to do is load your virtual wallet with some digital currency. Since on BTC365, we have four  cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (LTC) and USDT  (Tether), you have a choice to select the currency you’re most comfortable with.

On our website, you can currently purchase digital currency using Coinbase, Binance, and MoonPay. We’ve included tutorials for each choice for your convenience.
Purchase Bitcoin for Esports betting through Binance, MoonPay and Coinbase.
You can bet with your digital currency on a variety of games. You are free to play as much as you like. With the same virtual wallet, you can withdraw your winnings. You must first confirm and verify your email for  your account on the platform. After that, you’ll be able to swap your cryptocurrency for legal tender. We don’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals on BTC365, but you’ll have to pay the standard crypto transaction costs when transferring your cryptocurrency to the platform.