Given the huge popularity of FIFA games worldwide, it comes as no surprise that a significant number of punters have started betting on football with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Playing with crypto provides them with a number of benefits, like anonymity, faster KYC norms, quicker deposits and withdrawals of funds, and a lot more.

Besides, FIFA games are constantly improving, which helps attract gamers from several categories. For example, FIFA esports allows gamers to build their own squads by picking current and retired players and see how they fare against teams picked by other gamers.

In this blog, we will talk about how to play FIFA games using cryptocurrencies on BTC365 – one of the biggest crypto gambling platforms and sports betting sites in the world.

Want to start betting on the FIFA World Cup with Bitcoin and other cryptos on BTC365’s platform? Here’s how you should go about it:

Start betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022 with Bitcoin and other cryptos on BTC365’s platform

1) Sign-up on BTC365: It may sound a tad too obvious, but you cannot play FIFA games on BTC365 without registering on the platform first. So, this is, quite understandably, the first step in the gaming process. Signing up on BTC365 is way too easy. Just visit this link, follow a few steps, and you are ready to play!

2) Select a cryptocurrency you like: If you want to bet in a cryptocurrency, you’ve got to select a crypto you like. You may even select more than one cryptocurrency if you wish. You may be wondering: how to choose a cryptocurrency? We’d advise you to select a cryptocurrency with sufficient liquidity in the market. There are too many currency tokens floating around, that promise you the moon. Be careful and select a trusted cryptocurrency to bet on FIFA games. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether have sufficient liquidity. You may pick any other crypto as well after doing your research. Do pay attention to how the value of that cryptocurrency has fluctuated in recent times. For example, Bitcoin’s value in terms of Indian rupees has fallen by over 18% in the last year. Such pointers will help you decide which crypto you would like to use for betting.

3) Check FIFA betting options on BTC365’s platform: Having signed up on BTC365’s platform and selected a cryptocurrency, the next step is to see what options BTC365 offers to those willing to bet on FIFA games. For this, visit BTC365’s website, go to the E-Sports tab, and select BTC365 Esports. You would be able to see FIFA on the vertical panel on the left. Click on that, and you will be able to see all the betting options for FIFA offered by BTC365.

4) Learn about various types of bets you can place on FIFA games: There are tons of bet types on BTC365 on FIFA games. As a gamer, you will have to figure out which bets will give you the thrill of playing and hopefully also a reward. The most common bet types include:

(a) Moneyline Bets – This involves placing a bet on a match’s outcome. For example, in a match between Brazil and Germany, which team will win.

(b) Outright Bets – As the name suggests, it involves punting on which team will end up being the outright winner of a tournament. To predict a tournament’s winner requires you to know a sport in and out. So, you should wager an outright bet only if you think your knowledge of FIFA is second to none.

(c) In-play Bets – Also known as “live bets,” this betting type allows you to wager once a match has started. For example, let’s say England and Sweden are playing, and England is already 2-0 up, then you can place a bet on whether Sweden will win the match or not.

(d) Handicap Bets – Such bets are structured to create a level-playing field between a stronger and a weaker team. Suppose that the world cup champions, France, is playing against a relatively weaker team like Iran. Then, a handicap bet may be created in a manner that France has -3 goals and Iran has +3 goals, to begin with. This means in order for your bet on France to pay off, France will have to score at least four goals more than Iran.

(e) Accumulator Bets – This option allows you to punt on multiple outcomes. You win only when all of your predictions turn out to be true. Conversely, even if one of your predictions does not turn out to be true, you lose. An example of an accumulator bet can be: In a match between Team A and Team B, betting on which team will win the match, who the leading goal-scorer will be, and whether Player A will score more goals than Player B.

5) Check various bonuses and promotions offered by BTC365’s website: Do check about the bonuses and promotions BTC365 offers for FIFA Esports. Typically, you will see a welcome bonus, which can give a boost to your first-time deposit. For example, if you notice a 200% welcome bonus on BTC365, your initial deposit will be tripled. Bonuses and promotions may change depending upon several factors. So, do check on BTC365’s website from time to time.

How to win while betting on FIFA games?

You will find tons of FIFAonline betting tips, but nothing beats researching the sport and players. Follow the teams and players you like. See how they have performed in recent times. Have they got injured, or have they improved their play? There is nothing like researching a sport yourself, so spend as much time on it as you can.

When it comes to placing bets, do not wager on all options available. Instead, choose the one most suited to your skill and temperament as a player. Find events, including big and small, which offer lucrative betting opportunities. Apart from FIFA eWorld Cup, there are smaller events as well with a lot of potential for bettors.

Last but not least, keep track of all important news and developments about FIFA. That will help you in making informed decisions when playing.

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Visit BTC365 and start betting on FIFA with Cryptos

For more exciting tips and insights into the world of FIFA games online and FIFA world cup 2022, do visit BTC365 on a regular basis. BTC365, one of the leading online soccer betting sites and sportsbooks, offers tons of options for those keen on betting on soccer and games like FIFA.