The last few years have witnessed unprecedented growth in online casino players and betting in cryptocurrency. World over, people had started showing interest in online games even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, after the pandemic, which caused restrictions of several kinds, the number of people playing casino games online has skyrocketed.

And why that wouldn’t be the case. For one, it allows gamers the safety and convenience of playing from their homes. Two, online casinos have upped their game to provide a stunning variety of contests, amazing experience, and a whole lot of other features.

Within online gaming, betting with Bitcoin (BTC) has emerged as a popular trend. BTC betting offers many advantages, such as anonymity for players, a massive variety of games that is not possible for traditional casinos to offer, faster deposit and withdrawal of funds, and many more. However, not all online casinos that accept Bitcoin offer all the benefits players expect.

Therefore, the first step is to find out the platform that offers you key features for playing casino games with Bitcoins. If you make an error in selecting the platform, you may struggle to make money, and even the playing experience may not be up to your expectations. So, keep these criteria in mind while selecting an online casino for betting in Bitcoin.

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Things to look for in an online casino for betting in Bitcoin

  1. Reputation: First and foremost, you should check the online casino’s reputation. Online casinos operate in a world of anonymity, and therefore checking their authenticity and reputation can be tricky. Yet, this is the most important criterion because the last thing you want is for your money to get stuck with a fly-by-night operator. So, how should you check an online casino’s reputation? Check if the casino is licensed by a reputed international institution. For example, BTC365 is internationally licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro, which is a well-known authority that provides licenses for gambling operators in Montenegro. You should also check how many years a casino has been in operation. If a casino has been operating for a considerable number of years, then the chances are high that it provides a safe and secure playing experience to people. If your friends, family, or anyone else you know is into playing casino games in Bitcoin, then it’s a good idea to ask them as well. You may even check online forums, such as Quora, for casino-related reviews.
  2. Variety of games: We would never recommend you to get into the online casino space for only making money. This is because the primary objective of gaming is to have fun and enjoy the experience. If you are playing it only to make money, then you’re addicted, which is a concern that shouldn’t go unchecked. Therefore, while playing casino games with Bitcoin, you should prioritise fun over the obsession of winning. And, how can you have fun? By playing games you enjoy and by competing with other players from all over the world. This is possible only when an online casino offers a huge variety of casino games, jackpots, slots, etc. Whether you want to play live casino games or slot games, BTC365 offers you an impressive array of options to choose from. On its platform, you will find more than 150 live table games with exciting 3-D graphics and sound effects, in front of which the experience of a traditional brick-and-mortar casino would pale in comparison. If you want to experience multiple betting, you can do it as well on BTC365. Besides, it offers several “in-house crypto games,” like Dice, Crash game, Hi-lo, and Solo Crash, which are all based on “Provably Fair.” This cryptographic technology ensures 100% fairness in game results by making it impossible for third parties to interfere with a game.
    A lot of players love playing online casino and slot games using Bitcoin.
  3. Offers, bonuses, and promotions: Many online casinos offer prizes, bonuses, and promotions to attract players. You’d have seen online casinos offering a welcome bonus and retention bonus. As a player, you should read all terms and conditions (T&C) governing these offers. Before you start playing, estimate your cash flows for both winning and losing with and without bonuses and promotions. At times, an online casino may add conditions to make the withdrawal of a bonus a bit complex; therefore, you should know T&C in advance to have a clear understanding of their impact on your winnings or losses. For example, BTC365 offers a 100% first-time deposit bonus for a   You can read about T&C and how to redeem the bonus at BTC365’s website here. Notice that on BTC365’s platform, a player has to wager the deposit and bonus amount a minimum of 40 times to claim the bonus. Apart from it, BTC365 offers a 50% reload bonus on a minimum deposit of 0.0005 Bitcoin. In addition, BTC365 has come out with a
  4. Variety of cryptocurrencies supported: If you want to bet in Bitcoin, needless to say, you should check whether an online casino supports Bitcoin or not. That being said, you should also check if it supports other cryptos, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether (USDT), Cardano, Polkadot, etc. You may be wondering why you should bother to check if a casino supports these currencies if you’re going to bet on Bitcoin. If a casino supports multiple cryptocurrencies, it shows that its management is keen to attract a wide variety of players, which may require it to offer other features that can benefit those willing to bet in Bitcoin. Moreover, it may also happen that, depending upon the ups and downs in the values of cryptos, your preferred currency changes, or you may want to bet in multiple cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it’s good to check which cryptocurrencies an online casino supports. BTC365 accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies for online casino games, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether (USDT).
  5. Ease of making deposits and withdrawing funds: One of the salient features of crypto gambling in Bitcoin is the ease with which you can make deposits and withdraw your funds. Unlike fiat currencies and traditional banking, which require complex know-your-customer (KYC) norms, betting in Bitcoin allows you to transfer funds almost instantly and anonymously. That said, you still have to make sure that the online casino you’ve chosen supports fast deposit and withdrawal. If, in any case, it takes a lot of time to move your funds, then it will defeat the very purpose of betting in crypto. At times, online casinos have a limit for withdrawal and deposit of funds in a particular cryptocurrency, which means you have to withdraw or deposit a minimum sum for the transaction to get executed. It’s essential to know such conditions as well. BTC365 enables players to deposit or withdraw money within five minutes of making a transaction. Moreover, they don’t have to pay withdrawal charges to BTC365. Isn’t it a cost-effective way to play casino games and transfer your funds?
  6. Quality of user interface of the website and mobile app: Often, a complex user interface causes crypto betting sites to fail. Such an interface makes it difficult for gamers to play and explore online casino games easily and conveniently. While selecting an online casino platform, do consider how easy or complex its user interface is. These days, many people prefer to download mobile apps to play casino games. Such apps may have a complex interface as well. As a gamer, you should ensure that you can access a mobile app, switch from one screen to another, play games, and transfer funds with ease.
  7. Customer support: Given that a lot of people have only recently started using Bitcoin for casino games, it’s very likely that they will have doubts and concerns, which need to be looked into. Therefore, you need to know how well an online casino site responds to customers’ queries, what turnaround times are like, and the modes of contacting them. For example, some platforms allow you to reach out to them only through the “Contact Us” button on their websites; however, others have a Twitter handle for customers to contact them. On this count, too, BTC365 wants to provide the best experience to gamers. Its customer support executives are 24 X 7 available to chat with players for any gaming-related issues. There’s a “Live Chat” feature on BTC365’s website, which you can use to chat with its executives. Apart from that, you can also reach out to them using BTC365’s Twitter handle.
  8. Safety and security: None of the features highlighted so far would matter if a casino site is not safe enough. When selecting an online casino platform, you need to ensure that it keeps your personal and financial details safe and secure. One way to do that is to check if it’s licensed by a reputed authority (as we explained in the first point). The second thing to check is whether a platform’s website has an “s” in the URL. There are two kinds of URLs that start with an “HTTP” and those that begin with an “HTTPS.” The additional “S” in “HTTPS” stands for security. URLs with “HTTPS” are a lot more secure and safer than URLs with “HTTP.” Notice that BTC365’s URL – – starts with an “HTTPS.” It shows that BTC365 wouldn’t compromise the security of your data and is, therefore, a trustworthy site for online casino games.

BTC365 offers an unparalleled experience for playing online games with Bitcoin.

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Want to get the best casino experience with Bitcoin? Visit BTC365

If you want to get the best experience while playing online casino games with Bitcoins, then BTC365 is where you should be. This platform performs exceedingly well on all the parameters listed above. Be it licensing, security for gamers, various casino games, exciting bonuses and promotions, user-friendly website, and mobile app, BTC365 offers everything you need for playing online casino games with Bitcoin.

Moreover, it has recently launched a mobile app so that people can play their favorite casino games from anywhere, anytime. What sets BTC365 apart from other online casino sites is its unique business model, which shares its profits with players. BTC365 creates a dividend pool from its revenue.

Based on players’ playing history and activities, it offers them profit-sharing tokens, which they can use to earn a share in the dividend pool. It also has a VIP Lounge to reward the players. This is a rank-based system, wherein players are awarded ranks based on their winning record. If they end up getting a high rank, they can get amazing bonuses and prizes, including free non-fungible tokens (NFTs), generis tokens, iPhones, and a lot more.

BTC365 also has a multi-level marketing partnership program, which allows existing players to earn up to 40% of the revenue generated by the activities of referred players. These initiatives clearly show that BTC365 is committed to rewarding players in various ways, making it among the best crypto casinos in the world.